Monday, May 18, 2009

To Abuse or Be Abused

When Grandma meets up blardy folks at gatherings, my eyes would often popped out with dropped jaws. So many hot & shocking gossips about maids who got abused or were abusive. Lately so many YouTube emails have circulated showing how the maid abused the employer's child, without suspecting the hidden cameras capturing.

I have seen excellent maids who could dish out delicious gourmet food of international standards and at same time, kept the master's house tidy like a 5 Star hotel, spick and span. I had seen my own brother's lazy maid who took naps on his luxury Macy's Sofa at 11:00am with a hand still holding a dusty broom and the other hand inside her panties. Dunno what Si-Ham or Lucky Dip she was looking for. She never guessed that I had to enter the house in the morning to collect documents.
Case 1 : My friend's poor son was being slapped by the maid for being mischievous and noisy! Oh kids are kids and the maid went to jail & slapped with a fine for many incidents of child abuse. Take note, some maids love to pinch the legs of small kids and they look like the child having small knocks or fall. Many maids were known to play with the boy's genitals too, like Mattel toys coz 1 nephew told his mummy to play his genitals during his bath. He was told his wee-wee was an underwater monster! Need to whack and pull the urchin sometimes.

Case 2: One boss told me that his friend tipped the maid RM5 and she would scrub and clean him thoroughly during his weekly bath when the missus went to work! For more services, they adjourned to the master bed, only to be caught red handed when the wife rushed back home from KLIA to bring her passport which she had forgotten.

Case 3: My Tai Koo's maid was extremely kind to both the employers at home and promptly made hot cuppa of Kopi-O for them, without their request yet they obliged to drink to give her face. Later my rich aunt would always give her cash upon many requests, only to wake up to her senses that the Kopi-O had been laced with charms. A clairvoyant confirmed the Indon maid added charms into the coffee to make them obedient! At night they slept obediently at 8:00pm nightly, only to discover that the maid would lock herself inside the room with giggles and moans nightly.

My Tai Koo, now alert about the charms, quietly poured all the Kopi-O into the potted plant each morning. She could stay awake past 8:00pm for a few nights and tip toed to the maid's door at night to investigate. She was horrified to hear different men's voices nightly. She promptly picked up her courage one fine night and banged the maid's door at the peak of their sessions. The maid refused to open the door, so Tai Koo used the spare key to unlock it!

Whooooa! She saw a huge sized Benggali man complete with a nice turban standing stark naked behind the door. I am sure my old Tai Koo had a shock to see such a big Willy dangling like grapes! The maid was fired instantly for operating her nightly brothel and prostituting herself.

Case 4: My cousin who has a young daughter and set of identical baby twins being placed under the care of 2 Indon maids at home while he flies frequently overseas. The wife was a PA to a listed company's CEO, hence she was hardly at home too. Everything at home was great, in order and the kid & 2 crawling twins were well pampered and cared for.

One night, my cousin was browsing his PC to tidy up the files when his senses prompted him to view the CCTV recordings which he had never bothered to check since the micro cameras were installed.

He had the rudest shock of his life to see the frequent repeated scenes on his living room's floor. One older maid would lie on the carpet and seduced the other maid, till they started to peel off their clothings with Pavoratti's opera crooning behind! Taa daaa! They would engage into the Lesbo Drama with added cucumbers thrown in. Worst of all, at the height of the climaxing dramas, the 2 innocent twins would crawl towards the naked mannequins on the floor and climbed their way up the Everests to rejoice victory! There would be added giggles and shiokalingam to their torrid acts. 

Oh my cousin has been mentally scarred since, for his lifetime after firing them the next day.

Well, all maids are just humans too and have desires, tantrums and emo like any bloggers we know. Some maids are naturally retarded, so are some bloggers too. We just need to control all situations and not allow the situation to control us!

If we pay peanuts, we get monkeys, so the saying goes. In Hong Kong, you can see the well heeled paying the Filipinas higher wages, so the maids who are mostly graduates could perform their domestic duties professionally at home including teaching the kids to speak beautiful English!

In US, the maids carry testimonial letters and domestic certificates as well to qualify for more lucrative income. A lady I know, works as a maid in Manhattan for a young Japanese family and lived in, to just mind for their only small boy. Her annual wages was so high, with family vacation trips and she got to sleep in air conditioned room with a personal Estima MPV to drive so that she could send the kid to nursery while she runs grocery errands.

Well, I am not free to go on with more gory stories about maids who were also being abused like the growing cases in Singapore. I just hope that you guys would be more alert and sensitive to the maids, as they could be good and bad ones depending on your fate and peanuts you pay.


  1. There's few videos I saw before about the maid abuse the child, throw the baby to sofa like some dolls only...

    I've got a maid too, this maid had been with us for like 9 years, all her tails are fully grown.. She got her own temper and sometimes do things she like, wan cook then cook , lazy cook then no cook.. Power rite... May be because it's my aunt who pays her, not us.. zzz

  2. Wah why all your friend got so "interesting" maid stories one? Must advice them to hire good Filipino maids and pay them well too. Keke

  3. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha I truly enjoyed this post .... "hand inside panties", "underwater monster". Comparatively, yours must be the loch ness monster. lolz


  4. indonesian maid are evil sometimes... i dun really like them, they r cruel~

  5. Someday if I'm jobless, you can consider to hire me as your maid lo. Since I'm a degree holder, how much $$ I can get ler? I can even do the scrub thing also...FOC somemore. All inclusive in a package!!! Keke.

  6. and i heard a spooky one from my friend.. his cousin's indon maid got controlled by her granny's spirit, and SHE demanded the cousin to gave her blood to ease her hunger and also wanted them to send HER home immediately.. the family immediately locked her at home and ran away to the in-law's house for the night, quickly buy airticket and sent her home..


  7. Jerry - Your maid is like the boss of the house! Snip her tail or tie a knot by inviting troubles to her. She will quit right away. Is the maid your aunt's lover?

    JL - My friends are worst gossipers than me, so got cerita panjang. Anyway Filipino maids know their rights too much and need weekly off, so they are not favoured. You got a maid?

    Anton - Ha ha ha ha ha ha! I didn't realised it was so funny cpz they are true la... Loch ness, no la small reptile.'

    LeuMas - Why got Indon maid waylaid you with bad memories ka? LOL

    KEENYEE - Fat hope you will never be jobless! Anyway I wont mind hire you to be a camwhore queen.

    SK Thamby - You watched too much pontianak shows la. Better watch Slumdog Millionaire la. I have heard similar gory stories about indon Maids dabbling with black magic and boiled their soiled panties in the soup for the employer's family to drink! Bluekk!

  8. "Whooooa! She saw a huge sized Benggali man complete with a nice turban standing stark naked behind the door. I am sure my old Tai Koo had a shock to see such a big Willy dangling like grapes!"


  9. That's why i have to constantly remind myself, never to "assume" anything for eg. our elderly or very young loved ones being in good hands at all times. Life can truly be full of surprises.

    If downright calloused & heartless acts/surprises can be dished up by the very person(s) we care about the most, let alone someone who happens to be part of the family purely on a monetary reason.

    Btw, i almost had a heart failure from sudden & excessive "heart fibrillations" - due to seeing your boss' maid's photo in Case#2. Isn't he courting for trouble?? Phew... ;)

    Pls kindly enlighten me on your reply to my comment in "Horrible Beings" - "Hey Anon, it's time to show your flower." My flower? What flower? FYI, I'm a guy lah (can be a "kwailan" one too). Can't be deflowered lah. 100% straight guy. Hahaha ;)

  10. i like this one, really twilight zone.

  11. This read like some horror stories. But I believe they are true cos I have heard horror stories from close friends and relatives.

    My own sister's Indo maid tried to commit suicide in the house once. Lucky my sister discovered and sent the maid to hospital in time. She swallowed one bottle of sleeping pills! After that incident, my sis stopped using maids!

    In my neighbourhood, some of the Indo maids flirted with the guards patrolling our neighbourhood and ended up having sex with them! So much for security!

    And if you think Filipino maids are better, let me warn that they could be worse. That's because they are wiser and smarter so they can do bad things without being caught so easily!

  12. This is a very funny post although the educational value is very high. hahaahahah.

    Currently we are very lucky to have a good maid in the house, or not..? oh.. I better be on guard and check for missing cucumbers..

  13. @Twilight
    Not now. Had a few before. I knew about the filipino maids being more expensive and demanding more perks, but at least they do get the job done. And they speak English and can go to church together with me. Lol. If you can afford them then better right? No need to be scared by the indon ones lol. XD

  14. Just to add on to your post, ppl should also be mindful of recommendations by relatives.

    When I was a baby, my mom was advised by my dad's family to take on a maid, who was highly recommended by our relatives. So mom hired her & she stayed with us for almost a year... one day my mom found out from our neighbor's maid that I was being pinched & slapped at by our maid.

    My mom fired her immediately and since then has not hired any maids to take care of us.

    So yeah, be really careful with maids regardless of who recommends them.

  15. Queen B - Yeah nice view with dropped jaw! Her dentures fell out too.

    Anon - Hey dude, I never bothered whether you are crooked or straight, all are welcome to be friends as long as they are not Retarded Bloggers! You know who I mean? I have seen you "Anon" dropping sweet comments in many blogs and definitely anyone would be curious about this flower. Well your presence has got tongues wagging and fingers pointing NSEW which was amusingly fun to me. Keep coming dude & thanks heaps.

    blog for money - Thanks dude and you blog for money???? Teach me and i can teach you how to make Adsense disappear from your enemy's blogs!

    foongpc - Aiyah I missed posting the story of a maid trying to commit suicide too, by locking herself inside the car's boot with a dog. Well, you have more experience than me in their woes.

    A Common Singaporean - All maids look like angelic but you better install CCTV which might give you rude shocks too. Just play safe. One maid tried the mistress' clothes everyday and smelled the master's soiled undies! LOL

    JL - I always found the filipino maids smarter and intelligent as mostly are degree holders. They could give home tuition to some kids too hence their pay went higher! Going to church with you sounds fun! You must be a Roman Catholic? Have a good day!

    Perky - I am glad you are still in good shape today. Your mum must be the one who suffered from this ordeal though you were the helpless victim. Take care lady, now it is Mat rempits...

  16. Thats gross! If thats true, then its so disrespectful to my EA undies!! whahaha.

  17. I wish i have a maid and I wish I am not the maid in my home :)

  18. YOUR BLOG HAS TERRIBLY EXPIRED! Dun wait for it to die a slow death


  19. nowadays many families depend on the maid. in my younger days, most of the mom or frens' mom don't work


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