Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ahmad and Ah Sei

After a spell of bad luck week, I had another very tiring weekend to cap it. For the first time I had to become a "Driver Ahmad" and my manager became the "Ah Sei". You see, our Hong Kong's BIG BOSS flew in with his famous Tai-Tai to make a survey. Our client has requested us to handle the high-end property roadshow for them in Hong Kong very soon.

So BIG BOSS had to come and I had to pick them up from KLIA in the morning. I was grumbling and murmuring nonsense for becoming the driver which would last till late into Saturday night. 

Then I saw this poor old man struggling to push his cart into my way. He stopped and picked empty cans after wiping his sweat away. I was in the air con car with old canto rap music by Got Man Fai blaring away. I stopped complaining after seeing the old man who must be in his late 60s. Why are we always complaining daily? Time for me to shut up and get real.

BTW Got Man Fai, the famous icon was the Creative Director in our Hong Kong's HQ office. It was the big connection of Man Fai and my big boss, that promptly allowed us the privilege to tour inside the Hong Kong's TVB studios at Clear Water Bay to watch real life filming sessions and the entire editing studios before lunching with the stars and crew in their private cafeteria. Next time, I may post the unseen photos of the TVB studios, if my angin permits.

Here, my big boss, his Tai-Tai and Ah Sei listening to the brief of this high-end condominium in KL's Golden Triangle which would be launched in Hong Kong.
 Our agency specialises in property advertising and marketing all over Asia and Far East, having used many TVB stars to endorse them. The first icon was Simon Yam who was stripped to his G-string to swim and pose all over one luxury condo in China, many years ago. I am too lazy to rant the other movie stars we have engaged.

My big boss is really a big man in the HKG scene and his only son (above) starred as Andy Lau's son in "The True Mob Story" about 10 years ago. This boy was blinded by the rival gangs and made Andy Lau cry his heart out. Anyway, just a fake soap story lah. Well, in reality, this young boy has grown up and just graduated from the prestigious St.Martin's College in London. Now back to Hong Kong, he is appearing in front of the camera lights again. I saw him recently and he looked bigger than me with such a handsome white porcelain face. Next time, I will snap his close up and reveal his identity to share, ok. I am sure he is on the way to become the next top movie star.

I saw this interesting bathroom at my client's showhouse where the bathroom has step-in tub to soak. I just fell in love with that step-in style and imagined myself immersed and soaking in a jungle of fragrant smelling flowers to 'buang soei'.. Ha ha ha.

Next we headed to Sheraton for boss to check in and he was taken aback by the queer interior of a 5-Star hotel. I think that was the first and last check-in for him. He cheekily asked me whether we have the W-Hotel which is now world famous 6 Star class hotel. I replied, not yet, maybe another 20 years time. He laughed - Muahahahahahahaha!

I waited inside the car for 1 bloody hour!!!!! Sigh! What were they doing inside the room? I thought just dropped the baggage only wor... Sigh! I opened the sun roof and yelled at the top of my lungs! Waaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

I drove a few hundred kilometres inside Klang Valley in 1 day and passed this condo near Jalan Kia Peng. I was so stunned to see bodies swimming in the glass pool! So shiok kan?

We paraded into the Gardens to show big boss the concept of Mid Valley City being built into a mammoth development which its size is not available even in Hong Kong. They loved Kaya so much, so I bought the Blue Pulut Rice with Kaya. I told them it is called "Lam Fah Fun". Boss punya Tai-Tai just burst out - Muahahahahahaha! Did I sound vulgar? I know my Cantonese is cacat, don't laugh hokay!

Buy! buy! Buy! Bai! Bai! Bai! Seee Baiiii.
They went inside Campers and were shocked to see the big sale of outdated shoes! Bingo! They actually loved the out dated design which has disappeared from the Hong Kong shelves. So they bout 4 pairs, almost RM2,000!!! Kaneeneh!

Big boss loved to snap photos every 5 steps and I think he shot 500 photos on the first day!

He boasted that this camera is so fucking light and costs only 10,000 HKG dollars. Is that cheap TZ? I mean Nikon D9.

We were shocked to see the long beeline of gluttons outside the Japanese restaurant. I heard Dr. Bling Bong has RM10 voucher?? Give me if you are not using, ok.

My poor Ah Sei, whole day carrying bags and bags of the Tai-Tai. LOL..

Can you see the face of this famous Tai-Tai now? Guess who is she?
I took them to Ming Tien to try locals and they ordered 9 types of FOOD!!!!!! Scared the hell outta me! They loved the Star fruit juice and Curry Fish Head the most.

After that SS2 - to eat the Durian buffet! Gila, my tummy oledi bloated like hot air balloon and no space to eat durian. They still whollaped all the durians like Yum Yum!
That's all folks!


  1. Aiyo Twinkle, ini tak suka, itu boh soong... Relax la, complain this that, later Twinkle become Wrinkle lo...

    Come come, drink some Ginseng Tea first LOL...

  2. YAB Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Granny Twilight aka Arumugam aka HSK aka Ahmad aka Kaypoh aka Twinkle aka SwearKing aka Ah Sei balls-lifter.

    You'd have to get bigger namecards. :P LOLZ

  3. wah.. now only i know my ex boss so "wai sui"..
    so regeret.. if i stay, mayb now in TVB ady.. y u din tel me b4, damn u twilight!

  4. wow! what an eventful day for u! i bet must be damn tired, but it seems fun to me! :p

  5. Haha...what an "Ahmad"!! I love the idea of "step-in tub" too, maybe I should do that in my future house. Anyhow, I don't know who is that famous Tai Tai wo...is she a celebrity?

  6. wasai...
    become like orang gaji for them dy. lols.
    wonder when i can get ppl to treat me like that lor.

  7. kesian lo u... LOL free orang gaji

  8. Actually you have a very interesting job. Really.

    You get to see many things small studios like us can never see. In lots of cases, we are the sub sub contractor so we only deal with bigger media houses without all the glamor action.

    That is not to say I don't sympathize your "Ahmad" position in this case. And if they are using your car, I sympathize with you further. They should rent you a BMW 7 series lah. Like that you drive also shiok right!!?

  9. LOL at bodhisattva ant's remarks~ hahaha

    btw, i heard LV is opening at the Gardens Mid Valley~

  10. suddenly make me feel like there are so many "legendary" people around Arumugam's life.. fuyoh~~

  11. Wow this is so fantastic !!Real eventful day..Great one..Unseen Rajasthan

  12. Hahahahah good that you can complain too... I thought you were that too-kind of person :) no offense

    anyway what if ur big boss reads this blog post?? haha I can't wait to see his reaction


    hot swimming pool anyway! haha

  13. That tai tai looks damn familiar. Don't tell me she's from TVB too? XD

  14. I was never properly intro to u. Many thanks to Anton for intro to YAB Tan Sri Dato' Sri Dr. Granny Twilight aka Arumugam aka HSK aka Ahmad aka Kaypoh aka Twinkle aka SwearKing aka Ah Sei balls-lifter. :p

  15. This blog is EXPIRED! reeks of putrid fermented sewage, toxic mould and fungus!!!!!!! :P


  16. Haiz, complaining doesn't do any good. Calm down and relax. But then hor, looks like you have a boss who loves photography. Can snap up to 500 photos a day hor! Wahsei, his hands must be tired snapping pictures all the time.

  17. I can smell this EXPIRED blog from miles away...

  18. finally i get to comment on another expired blog.

  19. wah, interesting day wor... but as ah sei... sigh~~~ demand for salary increase lar... :P

  20. Hi Jerry - Yeah I know I am very grumpy always. That is why bloggers won't call me Grandma for nothing! I earned it... LOL

    Hi Anton - My title seems to get longer each week from you, so I will design my new name card soon. Since I was in primary, I have been given many cruel nick names till now. Strange character I am.

    Hi Kenlin - WTF? I told you so much stories but only $$ could lure you to migrate. You made a wise choice anyway coz they won't share their wealth with you or me. Your ex dept was browsing your facebook and the 2 ladies roared in thunderous laughter at your studio taken photos. So gaya like a groom!

    Hi ET - My days at work is always eventful and dramatic. Stress kills, so better retreat sometimes. Your work boring meh? Always shopping one ET...

    Hi KEENYEE - You can change your house tub and invite us all to step in la! My condo cannot hack the floor below nia.

    Hi Media Bong - I am really orang gaji like Indon maids. When you become a specialist surgeon, we will serve you lah.

  21. Hi Vincent - Study hard now and don't end up an orang gaji like me. Be a BIG boss hokay!

    Hello "A Common S'porean" - It sure sounds interesting coz I made it sound that way. In reality it's blood puking sometimes and I am not afraid to say knowing my office reads every single line of my blog. I drive the company cars everywhere la, so not bullied here. I am so daring even at gunpoint to rant.
    You are fortunate coz Singapore is the best choice to live besides San Francisco! Kaneeneh leh KL.

    Hi Queen B - Curtsey my ass. Oh yeah this Anton is the next curry mouthed listed in the food menu besides Grandma and Devil's Curry. He is a nice mentor you have to run your Queen's Fuckingham Palace too. LOL..

    Hi SK Thamby - I know I am blessed with fames asses around my life but it's meaningless cos I don't share their fame or $$. Yengga Porreng Ngeh!

    Hi Unseen Rajasthan - Oh I will visit Rajasthan someday and have an eventful day with you ok!

  22. Hi Rad Sujanto - I think you get to see many such swimming pools in Singapore - Your 2nd Home!
    If my boss reads my blog, he should hopefully wake up!

    Hi JL - Yeah the Tai-Tai is fames diva from God knows where! I will be shot if I take her pixs closer.

    Hi Bengbeng - Now onli you know this Grandma is so fames for curry dishes ha. Pity you didn't want to meet me but eloped with TZ. LOL

    Hi Anton - kaneeneh leh, cause & effects kena me wor. Nowadays I've phobia when expiry date looms over mu head coz I know 2 Blog Hell Officers will curse me. Oh that is funny indeed. LOL

    Hi Mannpriedo d'Saintner - My boss' punya arms is so muscular and his 6 abs can grasp the camera in between! Not kidding la.

    Hi KEENYEE - You live so far and yet can smell my pong? Haiks! Time to change my shower gel.

    Hello Again "A common S'porean" - Now I have 3 Blog Hell Officers harassing me. LOL

    Hi Willy Nong Chai - Can I fly over and work for you with better pay? I can be your chauffeur since I know Taipei roads quite well.

    Hi Johnny Ong - Eerr do you eat camels now? I am curious.

  23. i almost got my hands on the camel meat in one of those out of town trips (in sudan of course)


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