Sunday, June 14, 2009

Spell Of Bad Luck (Updated)

I sure have the traits of a superstitious old Grandma and would always avoid anything that brings me bad luck. The skies have been so gloomy for weeks with haze killing my eyeballs each day. I felt no good with the gloomy skies and blamed everything to it. So many people kept telling me the end of the world is coming! Gosh! When? When?

Haiks! I was so damn 'soei' in a series until I became tired and frustrated. Nevertheless, I just consoled myself and refused to allow the bad luck to dampen my spirits.

I drove the silver coloured car over a deep hole and got a flat tyre! Damn it, the rubber was torn beyond repair, so I had to change it myself under hot weather, perspiring till my underwear. So I had to spend RM200 for the new tyre and refused to purchase a pair under the foreman's insistence. I told him that I am so heavy on one side of the car, so no need to balance, cos his theory won't work.


I was trapped inside my condo's elevator while getting ready to go out for late dinner. After 1 hour, I climbed out from the metal box which was stucked in between floors at 11pm!


 I drove the black car and hit a sharp cornering side pavement. CB! CB! CB X 1000!
The Bridgestone tyre ripped and flattened again ! Poooh! I had to change tyre once more, wearing a tie, long sleeve shirt and boots. Sure hell, I looked like an idiot and perspired again to my socks.
 I had enough and have terrible phobia after paying RM250 for a new tyre. I am so phok-kai and too-lan at the same time now. Why am I so bad luck or so careless?

Time to change my glasses coz my eyesight must be pretty bad now to cause 2 punctures. So grandma invested another RM880 today to get new gleaming glasses! I am so broke now. Sob! Sob! (wiping my tears.... boo hoo)

I really need to 'buang soei' and decided to 'mandi bunga' as I so badly need to see the clearer skies with rainbows.

I wonder if you guys had the same spate in recent weeks like me? I have phobia now when driving cos the white SUV's tyre is too heavy to change and costly to change. Now I drive so damn bloody slowly and freaking carefully on the road, making sure there's no pebbles beneath the 4 tyres.

This tyre is bigger and no joke man. Good luck guys and teach me know other ways to 'buang soei'.


  1. A new pair of glasses and a long deserved holiday for you to rest and recharge from the stress and exhaustion from work.

    Take k my friend

  2. wahh....real life version of Series of Unfortunate Events

  3. i know someone who had 3 punctures in 3 consecutive weeks. and i had battery dead twice in 4 weeks.

  4. Are you born in the year of the ox or goat?

    When it is bad enough, the good will come. Dun worry. Good luck!

  5. hehehe... i know one person can teach you how to get rid of the bad luck... he also have the leaves ... I got that one months back... I meant the leaves after i broke my camera filter...

    You know the person too... :) He's our frenz...

  6. sbanboy - Need to take another break soon. Where should I go now?

    Paul J - Very drama kan? Let me recall what else I left out.

    Medie007 - 3 punctures in 3 weeks is ok. Mine is 2 punctures in 3 days guar!.... Kaneeneh la.

    STUMPO - I will wait for the good to come. I understand that Good luck and Bad Luck are neighbours.

    TZ - Oh that bomoh? I might eat the leaves or blend them into juice to drink for better effect. LOL

  7. Wah your driving very geng hor... But I don't think it's bad luck la. Stuff like these are meant to happen so that we can be thankful for the good things! :)

    Just for the fun of it, you could throw salt over your shoulders! Hehe. I do that all the time. :P

  8. hmmm~ i think u need to come and look for me... i will chant, and pee on ur head... then the bad luck will be shoo away~ :P

  9. lol
    go shower and wash away the suooey. STAT!

  10. try 'buang soei' with 'mandi kencing lembu', not only you will see the clearer rainbows, you can even smell the rainbow~.

  11. take a few plates, speak your suey luck onto them, and then throw them one by one onto the floor.. ping plang and there goes all the suey luck shattered in front of you..

  12. It is known as Murphy's Law - "If anything can go wrong, it will, it can, and at the most inopportune time". Ah well, the worst should be over. Things can only get better from here onwards. ;).


  13. Evann - You sound so Mat Salleh, must be Aussie tricks. I will do it anyway since my surplus salt is hardening in the jar. Thanks dude!

    LeuMao - Yiaaks so disgusting cat's pee. bluek! I will transfer all my bad luck to you, okay?

    Medie007 - Just shower won't work. Need to bathe flowers, lemon leaves and blessed fragrant water maybe.

    Kenlin - waah so dirty mouth you have, asking me to mandi kencing lembu!!! Phiak your mulut...

    SK Thamby - You Indian drama queen asking me to break plates! Let me go to your house to use your plates ok. LOL

  14. IcyFire - So you are the mysterious Anon surfacing from Down Under. What Murphy's law, I dunno wor! My law is to change it now for the better. Today seems better already. Heeeee thanks!

  15. then get all those curry leaves and wat not lor. :P

  16. I didn't mean to laugh at you but I did when I was reading your post. I am so sorry. Just want to be honest. U really damn soei!!!

    But you are twilight right?!! The master of feng shui! Wheel of fortune spins again, I am sure your bad luck will go away soon!

  17. Ommalimalihum .... there you go.... all your negative black smoke out from your rear-end orifice!


  18. kencing lembu is holly water in some countries, very "Ong" 1 ^_^

  19. Wat happen la Twinkle, u step until dog shit or kena people's flying curse.. Go temple pray pray sikit.. Enchant urself with the essence of josstick..

  20. Medie007 - Who on earth thought you to use curry leaves? That Kalng's bomoh A? LOL... LOL... LOL...

    A Common S'porean - Oh you are so damn honest and that what makes you so popular with so many bloggers! I think I have released all my bad luck into this blog! Wonder who picked it up? LOL
    BTW your MM idol went to my hometown and bumped into our CM in the loo but ignored our CM!! Siao Lang!

    Anton - Your mantra worked! I think the black smoke went into other blogs! LOL

    Kenlin - Go get me the Holy kencing lembu! I wanna strike TOTO quick!

    Jerry - I guess everyone has the turns to see dry and bad spells too. Okay will pray pray often.

  21. wah buang soei....go temple and pray and make a sincere donation....

    anyway, hope u r feeling lucky now...

  22. I dont know what to say...

    good luck? :D

  23. Twilight zone, finally u r back! no updates from u for a long time.

    dont worry, after all the "soei" thing gone, the good luck will come to u!

    RM 880 for a pair of glasses? wow! u r damn rich hor!

  24. Ops...mandi bunga can buang soei? Maybe I should try lo. Whatever bunga also can ar? The flat tyre thingy wasn't that bad la, I had flat tyre twice (same tyre) on the way to/back from Cameron last year...damn soei ler. No worries, sky is getting clearer now without much shall see the rainbow by now.

  25. u so rich !!! use so so much $$$$ for glasses

  26. Oh really!!!

    He's old lah. The last time I saw him on the news, he's quite feeble, walking rather slowly.

    Eh, I am not popular lah. I just have a bad mouth.

  27. vialentino - Thanks bro for your advice but I am so broke now. How about making merits by donating for me??? Heee heee

    Rad Sujanto - Thanks for your kind wishes! Sure Indons have better buang soei remedies. How about sharing? Why you hardly blog these days? You have GF now?

    E.T - What expensive? Hi-index lense with multi focus for an old granny like me. That was the cheapest on the shelf wor... Sob! Sob!

    K|E|E|N|Y|E|E - oh yeah your flat tyre thing also jia lat haar. Yeah mandi bunga by going to the market's florist to buy. She will pack over 10 types bunga for just RM1. The beautiful and fragrant frequency would definitely over ride the soei frequency for a while unless we mandi daily.

    vincent - Gosh! I am shocked to see your comments! I must buy lottery tomorrow cos Vincent came to comment la... Ha ha LOL... Thanks! I am not rich man...

    A Common Singaporean - Your MM is so determined to do his best till the last. That is inspiring indeed not to retire and rot away. I truly admire and respect his style & iron fist. Just over lunch today, I was shocked to hear that there was a blanket ban on him to visit many states in our country until recently.


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