Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What is Enlightenment?

I went away last weekend without my mobile phone and lap top which have become inseparable & addictive nicotines of my life. The Lord Buddha had shown us, that, to attain enlightenment in life, we need to practice non attachment to everything, including our emos, body and possessions!

So I left behind some worldly belongings to visit the ancient ruins, faraway. What is left behind there, are mere illusions of the glorious past where the old capital once stood.

To have "non attachment" is a big word, yet it is easy to achieve but many failed to practice due to our hearts.

Most beings be it alive or parted still carry much anger, greed and selfishness. Words uttered are polluted and even in prayers, the heart could still crave for greedy wishes. I just cannot believe for what I had heard in some prayers lately.

What we see in our fellow beings may not be what it seemed to be. Everything we see today are mere illusions, so we ought to just let go and our hearts will be lighter & happier. Tomorrow will bring another day's sunrise and sunset.

Over 3 trillion beings have attained enlightenment as being written in sutras. Our journey in this life is the path that we have chosen. One can change them to the way we wish, depending on one's determination.

Once an illustrious capital city of an ancient kingdom, it has become a lifeless city filled with memories carved in the minds.

A young Cinderella dancing and playing under the skies would someday be part of the history of illusions. 

Often being said that the journey to a thousand miles begins with the first step. They could do it and so can we, too. Put aside emotions with focus instilled, we can emerge from any darkest tunnels easily. The other end of the dark tunnels will always be the illuminating rays of light waiting. There is always hope in everything.

Two lovely dovey foreign birds chuckling away teasingly under the attap pavilion overlooking the huge levels of water pool beneath. Life may not always be a bed of roses but the simplest form of happiness is always around us to appreciate.

Lovely sights to behold for this moment becomes illusions and happy memories for me now. I had the yummiest breakfast buffet inside and suffered multiple tummy upsets and flatulence for my greedy binge. Served me right!

A unique Mediterranean house with attap roofing housed the most delicious Italian food I ever had in my entire life that night.

It was so cosy, neat and proper Italian settings with Mafia chefs in the kitchen dishing out my orders. I bet Pavoratti would swoon and squeal in delight if he dined there too.

This was a starters which was complimentary from the kind chef from Milan.

I have forgotten the long name of this seafood pasta but I licked the plate very dry after that.

A king sized bed in the longest suite I ever slept in my life since the last luxury stint at Marriot Marquess - Times Square in New York city back in the 90s.

The huge and private balcony where I relaxed and reflected back my whole life's journey. It was a very great weekend and I shall return.


  1. looks like dear Grandma Arumugam has been so enlightened aside being so enjoyed throughout the trip.. how come didn't sing and run around the stupas chasing the young cinderella?? vanakam~~

  2. So glad to welcome you back to bloggerland.


  3. I agree with you about

    "What we see in our fellow beings may not be what it seemed to be. Everything we see today are mere illusions."

    That's why it's so important to cultivate good mental thinking and not be misled by appearances. Hence the importance of thinking positively all the time. :D

  4. Bet you had a great trip. BTW, where is it?

  5. Eeeh best nyer!

    Which hotel was this btw? Looks very nice for honeymoon.

  6. wow~ twinkle papa have a nice trip with god mum? :) so sweet...

  7. A well-deserved break i must say!

    The place looked familiar. Old city of Ayutthaya?


  8. oh you went to the ruined kingdom of Ayutthaya~ that place used to be so GRAND~ ya totally agree with your inspirational write up~ different from your usual~ must have found lotsa peace while in Thailand~

  9. With such posh resorts/hotels and delicious italian cusine around, how not to ignore unattachment, sigh...


  10. SK Thamby - You bet and I did chase Cinderella around the ruins & stupas. So she hid amongst the bricks and sat like a statue. I have long way to achieve enlightenment. I think you are Buddha now from your looks! Sawasdee Kap!

    bengbeng - Oh thanks for welcoming me back to the warmth of the blogsphere! Sawasdee Kap!

    JL - You are a wise man indeed. We often forget to cultivate our heart and mind by allowing the distractions of 5 poisons to erode us. Sawasdee Kap!

  11. KEENYEE - Well you have seen the answers below that it was in Ayutthaya, about 1 hour away from Bangkok. I wanted to ask you guys to guess but no chocolates, so I just left it blanks. Sawasdee Kap!

    Perky - The hotel was Cyber Lodge and it is lovely for relaxing & meditating. I plan to sleep there once a month! Sawasdee Kap!

    Medie007 - Yes both Thai and Cyber mixed trip at one go. Just like you jetting to KT & Pg. Sawasdee Kap!

    kenlin - Oh great, first time I hear you mumble a Buddha's name! Next time I would be address you as a Buddha too. Sawasdee Kap!

    LeuBoy - Yup Papa & Mama went for honeymoon while you sent the bridal couple for honeymoon in Penang. LOL Sawasdee Kap!

  12. ::Anton:: - Oh smart enlightened being like you knows every inch of this planet. Your roving eyes are like moving radars. Sawasdee Kap!

    Fable Frog - I bet you have been there too and I am ashamed to say that I have not even visited Sukhothai, Phuket and Chiengmai... Sawasdee Kap!

    A Common S'porean - Wow you are so smart to identify the cravings that got me so attached and hooked to. I have started throwing stuffs away lately. Sawasdee Kap!

  13. Simply Lovely.

    We all need moments like this.

  14. Let me tell you a secret; I was a Buddhist before conversion to Christianity. Yes, it's right; deattachment will make us more enlightened. As the Bible says too; condemn the world materials as they bring a lot of sufferings to mankind. It's the sins and material attachments that make us suffer. Which I find true in both teachings. Very, very true, indeed. I have gone through such life before. And yes, I have been to Buddhist classes before too.

  15. Wow! What an enlightenment!

    Now can you pls enlighten me why you are called Arumugam and SK called Thamby?

  16. i thought grandma twilight is free thinker... mana tau a buddist...

  17. Your blogspot is in a state of deep shock ...... coz it is severely expired!


  18. Ops...Anton was earlier than me. EXPIRED lor granny...:)

  19. There are patches of mould and fungi on your blogspot!


  20. Haha! LOL at Anton's comments! Yes, I'm still waiting for some enlightenment from you regarding my question!

  21. Accumulation of "realizations progress" is enlightenment. But most tempted by earthly desires and five- poisons.

    Life is such a bitch! lol

  22. Twilight Zone, What did you reflect on as you sat in the big balcony ? Did you have wine ?

    Om Mani Padme Hum

  23. William - Yup 3 trillion and it's logically true.

    Sbanboy - Hey you seem to have more getaways than me lately. I bet you are happier to eat peaceful breakfasts alone sometimes. LOL

    Mannpriedo D'saintner - Thanks for telling the world your secret and you were such a good Buddhist! What made you change? Will you cross over to Buddism again when you get fickle minded again. LOL

    Foongpc - You see SK Thamby is my younger brother. Arumugam is his older brother and both fled from the poverty stricken village in Chennai. Look at SK Thamby now, so prosperous and round after making 2nd trip to Europe. Very rich kan?

    Willy Leng Chai - Since when I said I was a free thinker? What is wrong being a Buddhist when Richard Gere is also one. Are you a Christian or Muslim? LOL

    Anton, KY and Foongpc - Hey don't laugh okay as I was severely busy and busy like army ants.

    Plusmy - life's a bitch? LOL.... I curse these lines daily too.

  24. Master Lynn Yap - Wow! I am so honoured to see you here. Suddenly my spirits and mood got lifted up higher. Well, I forgot to bring Red Wine and the hotel charges so HIGH. I was thinking of your Merlot bottles and wished it would drop from the sky onto the balcony. Now I know the reason you get away so often - Quality Time To Think Alone :)

  25. Huh? I'm not sure I understand! Not enlightened yet : )


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