Friday, July 10, 2009

Inside My Closet

Recently, SK shared with us his interesting food grubs and adorable toys inside his drawers and I shared my under wears in return. Now Keenyee has shocked the blog world with his alcoholic spree Chivas botol in his office drawer! OMG that danced my eyebrows for many seconds to hear this first class camwhore aunty is also a mabuk kaki botol. Oh I really like his weird personality and imagined him running in marathons with a bottle of Chivas! LOL.. Ha ha ha.

Now let me show you my closet, nothing great to brag except that my taste has changed over the years. During college days, I used to buy shirts from Ralph Lauren & Christian Dior factory outlets in New York suburbs coz they were dirt cheap and I merely aped the Koreans friends who had stereotype dressings.

When KL Fashion Week started getting hot in KL, I got invitations from Malaysian celebrity designers like William Liew, Daniel Cho and Jonathan Cheng to watch their shows many times until I learnt something new and discovered my own taste. They were all very good and talented designers with pretty wide range of interesting top notch men's wear for all seasons. I admit that I never paid attention to our local genius designers until I watched their hunky models paraded and sashayed on the catwalks.

They were all truly brilliant and fantastic Pret-a-Porter designs that were at par with those in Milan, Paris or New York. I would encourage you guys to visit the row of designer boutiques inside Sungai Wang to appreciate their high quality clothing at very affordable prices.

I have changed my taste since then, after discovering that most of their fabrics used are very suitable, nice, crispy and makes me look slimmer with confidence for sure!

Somehow I got hooked to William Liew's range of shirts instead which suits my needs to look relaxed yet different at dinner and social functions. His simplicity creations and style does not offer gaudy and shocking colours, so that suits my taste perfectly.

You can buy them at clearance SALE prices under RM50 or RM150 -200 at normal prices, depending on your budget. I would not invest on SEED or SODA which are not cheap yet they are so mass produced.

I have been buying his shirts and realised I had no time to wear them all, so I am sharing my all guilt here.

This shirt is my favourite with pinkish & yellow bands coz the stylish cutting never failed to attract attention.

This is the humble designer William Liew for today. Next time I will share more collections by Edmund Ser, Jonathan Cheng and Key Ng.

Happy Dressing Guys!


  1. Never see this label before, even am freq flip your collar.. :P

  2. hmmm, thamby didn't just recently revealed his food stock and toy collection lah, did that long long time ago lor, haha!!

    and wow, so surprise and unexpected that Grandma Arumugam has such a trendy fashion sense leh, wearing local designer brands, salute salute!! thamby only goes for those mass production and 70% discount piles in the basket during mega sales.. paiseh paiseh

  3. my budget for any shirt is RM150.. above that i will have to evaluate liao.. i dun mind RM300 Armani shirt la.. lol..

    Anyway, why I buy SEED shirts is because I can get it cheaply.. like RM50 odd a piece during sales period (and like RM90 after staff discount? for new arrivals..), and I wear them as they just fit my body type perfectly.. and also it's disposible so you wont feel the pinch of discarding old SEED shirts..

  4. Just my kind of post! Fashion! I am intrigue by the fact that these local designers does produce quality stuff and affordable. Our sg designers who made it worldwide like Raoul & All Dressed Up are not cheap, their prices are on par with established western brands. My fashion sense have always been Armani Armani and Armani. Fucking vain I know. Perhaps I should look at other worthy brands that does not burn too deep a hole in my pocket.

    And nice shirt there. The colored stripe does attract attention.

  5. i have to stop looking at fashion. for now.

    my bags are exploding.

  6. granma twilight your taste is... errrr... errr... LOL

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Wah! so glamorous our Granny YAB.
    *visualizing Granny Twilight in a William Liew & catwalk wobbling wif a tongkat ali*


  9. surprise tat those local designers can design such a good design. next time will pay more attention.

    PRL? one of my favourite brand since my secondary school. but its not thatcheap in spore.

  10. where is your bikini collection?

  11. First it was LifeBook with jam mahal, now you baju mahal.

  12. Wow, grandma can become a catwalk model de. I like the pinkish & yellow bands shirt wo. Anyhow, I do agreed that our local designers are quite talented though. In fact, I have some shirts from KeyNg and Jonathan Cheng. need to announce to whole world about my Chivas la. :)

  13. hey tz...aiyoh, my taste is normal one ler...just try once how the ayam penyet food, then i know...if u ask me purposely go back to makan again, i wont lah unless ppl belanja or friends wanna try.

    aiyoh, my closet got nothing to shout out like urs...hehehe

  14. ohh.......i love clothes!....although i have particular labels that i fancy, i still got 1 or 2 pieces that i not usually buy. Lately I'm kinda addicted to Calvin Klein....sigh...

  15. This blog is expired almost beyond salvation. Quick Quick ..... seek divine intervention!

  16. Busy shifting house and abandoned your blog!!! EXPIRED!!!

  17. hmmm.... Grandma Twilight has been Inside My Closet for quite sometime ... when will Grandma Twilight come out from the closet and proceed with new entry ... kakaka :p


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