Monday, August 3, 2009

5 Lorries Later

Well, I am here again after a long silence. As you had guessed that I was busy moving to a house from my condo. So many things happened and I am not sure where to start now. I was so busy still packing my stuffs even the minute the movers were carrying things out of my condo. I had so many-many boxes that I still have not finished packing up at my condo unit after moving out 2 weeks ago! What a crazy grandma!

Lorry Driver - I have been moving houses for many years.
Twilight - Okay tell me how much you're charging me...
Lorry Driver - I must tell you this if you don't mind la.
Twilight - Arrrr.... I can guess what you gonna say now.
Lorry Driver - I'd never seen a condo with so MANY THINGS!
Twilight - CB X 10,000 !!!

Well, you know Michi's books alone 1 lorry and Michi's clothes alone 1 lorry.

Then hell broke loose, I was tied up by a Tan Sri to do his proposals for the China's Chengdu govt and I was like working full Saturday and Sunday. Worst of all, the street protests started and the jams everywhere drove me crazy!

I found a clever idea and parked the car 1 kilometre away and walked all the way to client's place across the overhead bridge. I was taking the photos of the jam below happily!

I really love this "Prison Bars" poster held up by this lady! I looked at it as a lovely ART piece.

This human-locked barricade looked like a marathon. Can you spot Keen Yee and Anton in the crowd?

3 against 1 ..... that's not fair man!

I didn't know that tear gas had colours! Anyone breathed and cried there before?

Then our famous icon passed away the week before. So much gossiping was going on in and out of my office! Many were shocked in disbelief, read below.

May her soul rest in eternal peace!

I will be blogging again tomorrow night! Stay tuned!


  1. Aiks! I wuz not in this marathon ler. My marathon had no Muslims, coz it wuz a babi-stuffed bakuteh eating marathon. :P

  2. Today's (3/8/2009)news said the traders had lost millions. As usual, it mean the street demo. But then, we know well that the road blocks is the main culprit.

    The officers just chit chatting at the side, and bottle-neck the roads. Who has the answer why politician always think the people is a fool.

  3. granny, i didn't see anton in the crowd... but i think i saw you LOL

    i'm sure the artistic photo will be nicer if they use your picture

  4. Lol... Welcome back Twinkle... We meast you.... How's the new house anyway? Comfortable? Getting use to it?? When are you doing the house warming :D

  5. 5 lorries.. Hebat hebat.

    ... and 1 lorry for Twilight's underwear collection.

  6. Grandma, told you not to announce that I was there!! Books and clothes took 2 lorries? Michi...YOU ARE TOO GOOD!! May Yasmin RIP.

  7. finally u r back! tot what happen to u, suddenly MIA...

    so, how is ur new home?

  8. Gratitude - Hey what happened to your own lovely name? Aw come on, don't chicken out bcos of one 1 Canadian asshole! Hope he reads this! Chiibaaii his face!
    Hey it's time you join marathons! It's fun man.

    Plusmy - I always spent time pondering over the street protests and reasons I didn't join them when my heart has been flaming.... I guessed that it was not worth taking the risks in this country when you could be thrown off the building anytime. It;s best to have no attachment to problems at all costs.

    Willy Boy - You pandai nye to spot me in the crowd! Where got Khun Yai in the crowd? LOL I did take one from the cell at Alcatraz Prisons in San Francisco.

    Jerry - I moved to an old house as old as me which happens to be old and dirty with falling ceiling boards & blah blah etc. I'm broke and so no house warming geh....

    Evann - I missed the chance to meet you. Next time I hope that host won't sms me sooooo last minute unless it was planned to be that way. Just kidding la.. Hope you guys had fun.... I just counted my underwears and it is over 50 pieces in rainbow colours.

    KEENYEE - Which will be your next run? My legs and knees are hurting badly now, so semi-retirement for me. Michi is a real bookworm and used to write books for Longman before teaching and quitting to stay at home now.

  9. William - You must have experience moving books to say this! It was SO DAMN HEAVY to carry up the stairs! So many shelves some more, alamak...

    ET - I am still alive la. My house is old and worn but quite comfy with 2 oldies on both side neighbours. Old people love to gossip just like grandma here! LOL...

  10. Wow... it's really a he! But anyhoo, i salute her, i really really do salute her.

    and you went to the demonstration! hahaha. passing by even, but wow, didn't the tear gas affect you?

  11. waaah.... moving into a HOUSE! :P... and Michi's got sooooooooo many stuff!

  12. hehehe... grandma finally came out from the closet and blog again :)

    Lorries of clothes and books ... you must have a very huge condo which equivalent to a bungalow ;p

  13. yasmin ahmand fainted in my company..
    bad thing just keep happen to good people..

  14. i think ur underwear would be one full lorry! ;P

  15. really feel like laughing when u say godma's things took up 2 lorries to move~ lolz...

  16. My next run? Just registered for Penang Bridge Run (half marathon) and Putrajaya 12 hours Walkathon. Still considering for Mizuno Wave Run. Let me know if she's thinking to donate her books someday...hehe.

  17. Hi! It's been a while :)

    Can't believe you have so many things! You must have had a big condo lol

    May I have a trip to your house some day? :) Where should I sign up to be a member of MiChi's library? :p

  18. I dont want to start commenting on yr long absence becos my blog is even worst.

    I look forward to more of yr posts.

    And have a great and wonderful stay at your new home!

  19. blog more please. missed ur posts lots. but i also seldom blog nowadays lah. Benghui hogs my computer reading comments to his posts :)
    i been worried setengah mati with his health

  20. wah...shift to bungalow house from condo...congrats to of stuff u got there....

    anyway, the restaurant sam you...will belanaja u next time when we meet...and if i strike lottery...kekeke

  21. Oh, you have not been blogging? I long time didn't drop by here. Lucky me, otherwise I will start complaining why no updates! haha!

    Hey, Gratitude = Anton is it? So long didn't drop by his blog. Whatever happened to him?

  22. Hi, noticed the feed link is not adjusted yet. Please do update the link again. Sorry for the inconvenience. :)

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