Friday, August 21, 2009

Full Of Shit

Hello Everybody? You hear me? Thanks for coming to read even when I have not been able to update my blog. Honestly, I dozed off every night with my lappie on the deck chair like a Grandma whenever I tried to blog.

After shifting to the house, I was tied down with the project for Chengdu, China and followed by a property launch in Puchong. Hell no, I was roped in to handle another bigger project in Jakarta!

Help, I need A BREAK!

I am also tired of hearing all the shit smeared in the political arena around us with that Khir Toyol saga. Yeah, Toyol is Indon devil. Then suddenly I saw something when I parked my car in the office basement.

Oh God, the sewage pipe leaked! Have you ever seen shit falling from the sky?

I swear I saw someone just flushed the toilet water upstairs.... eerr I guess from Kam Lun Tai Restaurant. BOOOM! All the chunks of shit fell onto the floor. So many cars kena sai or call it Kanasai. LOL

Yiaksss! Blueekk! This is fresh human shit just being excreted out live telecast and witnessed by Grandma! You know what? I dare not buy 4-D numbers for whole week. Sure tak boleh kena lah! The shit fell from the sky for almost 2 fucking weeks and nobody bothered. Life is really full of SHIT sometimes. Ha ha ha ha!

Then I got paranoid with the H1N1 when some colleagues started wearing masks inside the office! Chiibaaiii! So I would bring a plastic bag to cover my head instead. That got me worried and now I stocked up all the hand wash sanitizers, vitamin Cs and Yomeishu! I better not take chances!

Then Michi's birthday came along, nothing big and no dinner whatsoever! How cruel of me, yeah!

I have booked the trip to Phuket to celebrate her birthday this weekend instead with friends from London and Bangkok who would fly in on the same day for the week-long Michi-Birthday Festival. I think she deserves a good life as her childhood had been nothing but again, shit! Oh, the TV was given by my parents who adore her like a kitten...

I never took her to watch sleazy Thai Tiger shows, so we will watch Elephant Show instead which is world famous in Phuket. I heard the cats, ducks and chickens could obey the circus trainer too! Why sometimes humans cannot obey the law of karma? Animals are always safer than some humans these days.

Have a good weekend and I will be flying off this Sunday. I hope to find my grandparent's house in Phuket where my mum and dad got married over 50 years ago.

Phuket Here I Come! 
(Will there be a tsunami?)


  1. Lucky you weren't standing below! But you know what they say, "shit = wealth".

  2. mr twilight, u so busy one, what's ur job btw?

  3. The title itself is worth me checking your blog :P

    Have a great honeymoon to Phuket. Apart from Phuket Fantasea, you may wanna try that day canoeing trip. It's wonderful!

  4. Shit = money... Wah! no wonder Twilight Grandma so rich... :p

    Have a nice vacation eh!...

  5. well shits happen... but in the car park? i bet it really stink in there!! OH gosh! and OMG! that guy in plastic! LOL

  6. eeeeeewwwww....


  7. Wiliam - Sawdee Kap! Who the hell said shit is wealth? I didn't know this wor.. Why don't you keep all your shit for me? LOL

    Vincent - Sawadee Kap! Adoi my profile clearly shows I am in advertising line, doing stuffs for clients to sell their million dollar homes and condos all over. Study well and be a doctor or gigolo, don't work in advertising unless you love stress!

    Gratitude - Sawadee Kap! What honeymoon? This is more of a discovery trip to check some roots there. I still have plenty of unknown relatives alive after tsunami there. Ke ke ke... Canoeing is good idea and we will check it out. I plan to go rifle shooting if possible. Michi has taken your advice to rent a car to ronda ronda. Any more tips?

    TZ - Sawadee Kap! Who the hell said I am so rich? I am laden with debts more than you cos I am grandma la. Thanks for your kind wishes!

    Fable frog - Sawadee Ribit Ribit! So miss you here in my blog. You busy shooting tadpoles? Muahaha! The shit stank for 2 weeks and that was an eye opener for me each morning that life really stinks!

    Medie007 - Sawadee Khun Mor! (Greetings to doctor) What EEeewwwww?? I thought seeing blood and organs are more scary. No meh?

  8. HahahHAhahhahHAhHAhHHHahhHHAhhahhahahahHAHhahhaHHAHAHAHahahahhahAhHahahhahahHAhha.... ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    LOL at this too: I dozed off every night with my lappie on the deck chair like a Grandma whenever I tried to blog.

    loved reading this post entry. really funny :)

  9. Eeee yerrr. Why so gross one! People eat while reading ur blog wan ok! eee yerr~ Take picture of the "leakings" some more..

    First I saw nice food on TZ's blog. Now come here see shit. =.=''

  10. the da bian photo really disgusting!!!! LOL and tsunami will attack phuket again, nope, it attacks the hotel you stay only LOL

    remember to "enjoy" massage at the boyztown LOL

  11. where did u see that shit falling from the sky? i want to make sure i don't park there or near to it too

  12. K Twinkle, recently you love to post disgusting stuffs lol!!!! That smell, that scenery, that wetish floor... Every step is like a land mine.. Tayar kena also habis, worst than dog shit..

    Anyway, enjoy your trip with Princess ya :D

  13. This post strikes a chord with me somehow. At times when I am sleeping I would dream of shit and dirt everywhere on the toilet floor, and the worst part in these dreams is I had to step on those shit!!! I am not joking. So I wake up thinking life is full of shit, even when u sleep. Shit.

    Anyway! Have an enjoyable trip!!!

  14. yr post doesnt surprise me, the inaction of the authorities to do something abt it fast..ken's comment surprises me though

  15. Take me with you to Pucket! :D I would join if you opened a contest to win to join you two holidaying in Thai ;)

  16. yerr...shit everywhere? walao~ complain complain !!!

    hey, i'm going to phuket on october leh~ when r u going?!?

  17. bro...i am wondering wat work u r here and there and more into property development?

    u better get some rest !

  18. Hope you have a great time ... u guys deserve it. Take k.

  19. Oh grandma, thanks a lot for you blog. When I think my life is being so shit lately, now I know someone out there is as shit as me...HAHA...
    No BIG present for Michi, but I think having you would be her greatest gift of lifetime. Enjoy your phuket...and remember to buy 4D if happen to be a tsunami there.

  20. The show in Phuket is great. I went there before. Something like culture show. Actually shit always happen to us. HAHA. Have a great time.


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