Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Grandma's Hall Of Fame (Part 1)

I started this blog since July 2008 and my year old anniversary has passed without realization. I was too busy at work and shifting house lah. Let me tell you a bit about my blogging stuffs and history.

Please remember that BLOGS are mere illusions and you will be surprised that the real personality self of the bloggers are so different. Some looked like real monkeys with foul breaths when they actually posted their Tom Cruised faces in the blogs! I am what you see and hear in this blog, maybe worse in reality. Ask Anton and the rest who have *faint* spells after seeing me. LOL

I started getting involved with a Blog Forum in a Bangkok online newspaper by accident while looking up some news about my Thai actress niece. The forum is a crazy site which is still active till now with mostly foreigners vs Thais in a war of words. Of course I excelled in the blog wars BUT got banned eventually along with some foreigners for bitching against a Thai ex-prostitute. She was bitching against the "farangs" (foreigners : also mean potatoes) So we used the most vulgar words that could tarnish the Thai newspaper's name too. Worst of all, their hits escalated to thousands per day after our blog war news appeared in the UK's newspaper. Why?? I was shocked to discover that one of the blogger in my gang was a diplomat based in BKK and was ticked off for patronizing the Soi Cowboy and Soi Nana joints! See grandma is a famous old bitch in overseas, kan?

I have been bestowed countless blog awards but I didn't "frame" them up in my blog. I don't even know how to frame them up, so put them aside lah. Here, I will share my honest opinion about all the linked active bloggers which are too many but I will post them in 2 parts.  I never planned to pass on any blog awards as I felt it was unnecessary. Everyone has their own good styles, creativity and great humour. One blogger even gave multi orgasm awards until the recipients became H2N2 till H10N10 spammers! You know what I mean?

 In my earlier days, I only had few excitements, here and there in My Hall Of Fame... below

A long time comrade and buddy who has stood by me through the tsunami. I started reading his blog only and later clicked all the links from there to discover more screwed craps and merry excitements as well. 
Lifebook could often write just 5 lines and received easily over 10-20 hit comments!!! OMG!

Many a times, I wanted to buy him the Websters for his birthday, Christmas and Valentine's but never had the guts. LMAO!!

Michi being a straight As student since a kid and currently studying at OUM and UM, I am truly a nerd and illiterate when compared to her big brains. She loves Physics and Chemistry which I am ashamed to say I got F9 for both in my SPM. I am still learning daily from this genius teacher.

At the beginning, I was only getting active supports from both ET and William H (He evaporated!) I have seen ET blogging from JB till getting into the republic with a PR of Singapore! I wished I am the one getting the PR instead! I'm happy for ET, his luck and career has been riding UP smoothly since his flip flops were being played by ghosts outside his door. LMAO!!!

Like others, I was impressed with his talented writing skills where I often had to read 4-5 times to get the picture. I salute Savante's innovative thoughts! He was always blogging about someone mysterious like Agatha Christie's horrors and I had to open my torn dictionary often cos he used too many "BOMPLASTIK" words. You know a Grandma like me only blabs in foulest languages. Don't believe, ask Anton who gets my online face-masks coated with my phlegm saliva always! LMAO!!!

I was attracted to SK's style of writing in bi-languages! Now that takes up lots of patience and I could feel that he has a very kind heart to reach Grandma who is only a banana literate. Dunno how he became my Thamby along the way and the rest is history..... Kuch Kuch Hota Haiiiiiiiiiii. 

I love to read Fable Frog's blog so much and admired his fantastic photos coz no one could be more daring and creative than him on this planet! Agree????? He was the 2nd guy to give me a Blog Award for all my Grandma Ramblings! So now you know who gave me this name, ya??? Niak Niak Ribit! Ribit!

I just wonder if he knew that I stalked his blog for a long time when he used another blog name. His way of writing was too innocent that struck a chord in me. Then he went to open another blog and didn't notify me! Bluek! Luckily someone shook me of his new blog cave and I have been here since. I can't wait to see him become my personal GP someday! I am serious!

I read his blog from the front till the back but never saw his face coz he posted the back of his head only! LMAO! The topics he wrote often went well with my morning coffee at my office desk till now. When his angin is blowing, he blogs! So I hardly feel much angin these days. LOL

This terror lady and Grandma have so much in common! We have the same inferno temperature when our lava spewed out ashes and fire! So don't ever step our tails in the dark! She gave me the first ever Blog Award which boosted my interest to carry on till now. GOSH! Where has she been to? Her blog has severely expired with maggots multiplying eggs! Anyone knows? Hello Perky?!?!?!?!?!

I also stalked his blog for a while before I posted comments. I couldn't help giggling at all his photos as he was always flashing his colgate teeth in the happiest mood! He made me think that his world never had any sadness or frustrations! What a brilliant actor! I loved the Camwhore Aunty nickname that has been etched on him forever. Seems like all straights and bents love his eyes! So electrifying kan! Seeing is believing!

I read his post as it was rare that I could find my hometown kid blogging anywhere. He who baptized KY with the Camwhore Aunty's name should be a Camwhore Queen instead if you ever had the chance to read his other closed-down blogs. He so pandai pose and pose like a chinese Salman Khan with his hamsap eyes! Wow! Peeeet! Peeeeet!

This is truly a "My Diary" blog style which never failed to amaze me with her very innovative & special effect photos taken by a mere Samsung mobile phone! Like her talented designer dad, Edmund Ser, the creative blood still runs in his family. I enjoy the company of her mum and siblings!
I love this Lau Niang blogger coz he really made me laugh till my tears came out. His current style has changed to a safe-sex mode. LMAO!! You should have read his previous blog which could make corpses roll inside their graves with laughter for his silliest camwhore photos! Ke Ke Ke Ke!!

This kiddo was a silent reader at first. I think I pushed him to blog and he did just that. Now he has become good buddies with BengBeng and TZ till he even got a present. I was so damn jealous wor!!!!!! Now he doesn't even bother to drop comments in my blog anymore. Just like Kacang Lupakan Kulit. LOL..

That is all for today and stayed tuned for PART 2. Remember that Blogs Are Just Illusions!


  1. Wah....Granny Twilight aspires to be inducted into Transparency International's Hall of Fame for bloggers ka? lolz *tabib tabib*

  2. and here i thought u were a blogger since yearrrssss ago... :P

    thanks for honoring me into grandma's hall of fame! :D

  3. speechless too....

    but LOL in my heart~! He is just like his style

  4. Wow! today i'm so popular ... my name appeared in two blogs... Grandma and Jerry :p

  5. where gt kacang lupa kulit @@
    recently just being too busy... and lazy :| *speechless*

  6. quick get medicated oil. swoon,.... swoon, pengsan. i am not mentioned on twilight's walk of fame :)

  7. ooppss, you just missed your first anniversary, what a shame.. :D

  8. it won't use up much of your time if you have had ideas of what to write in the post.. i always write in chinese first, and then continue to translate into english.. well, for the sake of more readers, i'm more than happy to do that..

  9. if not mistaken, i've somehow left a comment using Tamil (which i just simply copy and paste from google).. guess that's when the Thamby and Arumugam war began~~

  10. Bf already complain about my angin, so I'm trying VERY HARD. lol. Anyway, if you look hard enough, you can actually see my face in virtually every post. Happy treasure-hunting!!!

  11. when mine will be in ur hall of fame...kekeke...just kidding.

  12. Gratitude - What the heck? Me just speaking some sane words for once. Wait for the Part 2 when lava spews!

    Lifebook - Did I say something wrong?... (scratching balls)

    Medie007 - I am a newbie in blogspot. I was blogging in foreign forums and stalking you since the beginning. Your topic coverage has vastly expanded as you matured along. Well done man!

    Michi - Ssssshhhh! P&C in bank's vault.

  13. TZ - You are naturally a popular icon! Part 2 is coming soon!

    Vincent - Nah! You were sibuk for almost 1 year ka? Ke ke ke ke!.....

    Bengbeng - Part 1 was the first 3 months of my blogging wor. Father & son coming up next.

    SK Thamby - You and me confused so many people! Thanks for reminding me the sequence! I was so blurr and forgetful till you recap the Hindi movie. I am so glad I met you!

    William - I hired a private eye who showed me your hansem facebook!!

    Vialentino - Nanti lah, got Part 2 drama coming up soon. Stay tuned man!

  14. Stay tune stay tune... I didn't even notice you made this hall of fame lol.. Don draft it for too long la, it's consider posted (posting time) as long as u draft it...

  15. Talk about the first 3 months when u started blogging.. I'm so not in here yet haha... That time still wondering in the woods, finding for something....

  16. Until Ivan intro-ed me about blogspot and nuffnang thingy. He told me that he earned Rm 20 and few movie tickets the first week after he started blogging... In my mind, the first thing was "wow blog can earn that much money" ... So that's how I started

  17. But hey, it's great to know most of the bloggers here... Though I haven met most of them yet...

  18. Hello newbie Spammer Jerry, You looked silly with multi orgasm comments. LOL.. Will get used to it.
    You know how much work I had to do to post this topic? That's why grandma took so long la.
    I didn't get any cash or free movie tickets at all. Where got such free-lunch? Got meh? I have only met those you met, no one else la. I'm already thrilled enough got ppl can be friends with garang old grandma.

  19. I became your reader when you blog about the passing of one of your friend. It is good to be able to blog with your own style. You actually took a picture of all the blog instead of screen capturing with MS paint? LOL Good effort. If you want, you can write a review of my blog and I don't mind. :P

  20. wow... most of the teenagers nowadays too addicted to this blogosphere ya... i was one of them too when i was studying in japan...i have started blogging since 7yrs ago already... hihihihi... and have been meeting lot of nice buddies...

    okok erm...who wanna extent the invitation?? just leave me few lines on my blog after the comment for my post =p sorry... i rarely check my old posts so i didnt notice the comment you had left

  21. I thought you have been blogging for years already! I also started blogging around the same time as you last year.

  22. It's fun to blog and to read other blogs. Although sometimes I don't know why I bother as I have more important things to do in life!

    But I agree with you that blogs are mere illusions : )

  23. Wow, I'm in the hall of fame? With electrifying eyes somemore. I'm sooo gonna wear sunglasses next time meeting grandma. BTW, I'm not using Colgate lo..

  24. WOW... your blog really tells up a lot of interesting articles... by the way...pretty long time din went to your blog for reading as well...haha...too busy working as well oh... year time really pass through very fast as well...juz make full use of your time will do lol... a human... juz be positive so that your life will be great le oh... haha...ur articles tells out different kinds of attractive to me le...wish i can read their blog as well le... haha...

  25. i come to read ghost stories only

  26. The list sounds fun.

    I will take time to read some of those in yr hall of fame that I had not visited.

  27. By the way, shouldn't you give a "spamming" award to the Foong guy. His spamming habits have got us all contracted with the bug!

  28. Thi blog is so expired, it's filled with fungi and other slimy thingys. And the spam virus has multiplied too. :P

  29. why always hamsap eyes? cannot use a better word meh?

    such as... "seductive", "attractive", "incredible"...?
    see? :D

  30. haha, lucky me...i saw will i am face b4~ yay... :)

  31. well, since everybody is leaving so many comments here to boost up your blog~ i also kia-su and leave u at least 3 comments here la~ hahaha

  32. OMG~ was this posted so long ago? and have i been away for this long? LOL i have been a*hem... busy. i giggle when i looked at the photos of the blog pages you took with your camera/camera phone... nobody do that anymore lah.... lol, memang deserve the title Granny~ LOL :P

  33. I was scrolling down to read your older posts and boom! Terkezut I see myself land on your hall of fame!

    Thank you thank you! :))) Terharu nyer merk!

    Yeah can't agree with u more that my blog now has cucu maggots ;)


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