Saturday, September 19, 2009

Grandma's Hall Of Fame (Part 2)

This is gonna be my final part of my opinion on bloggers. I'm only posting the earlier ones I encountered and the other newbies will come in my Part 3, many moons later. 

Take no offense, grandma only speaks the truth! If you can't take it, to the hell with you! 
LOL.. ke ke ke ke...

This fella has so much similarity with me like my own mirror. His vulgarity, gym membership and even dwelling vicinity was so identical. Only our gender is different lah. He is a male and I am a Grandma! Ha ha ha...

I have some relatives who are still in the Bangkok show biz and modeling scene, so this guy keeps me posted. However, I find him rather weird, he never comments in Malaysian blogs! Worse, he doesn't reply comments! I know he will read this and might put my photo inside the next time his Mai-Yu pounds the "Som Tam" salad! Muahahaha!

This Indon guy was my silent reader and he amused me with his thoughts as I don't have Indon friends so far. I thought he was a kiasu tourist, not knowing that he studied in the kiasu republic and graduated recently. Rad Sujanto must be anak orang kaya!

He was the first blogger I ever met and we hit off so well till now. Little did I know that others did not hit the right chord with him. Hey, come on man, life is short and God is great! Why is God great? If we agree, then we should come out of our shells to reach others mah. God never created shells for us to hide inside. Eh Hello?

I always enjoyed teasing this bitchy blogger who never failed to tickle my ribs always! However, he should not be Queen B but instead "Queen E".... (Queen Emo!!!!) I am still waiting for her to reappear from long retreat inside her F.uckingham Palace. Mana tu Queen? Anyone knows?

Adoi! This kiasu spammer has gotten his contagious virus patented and we labelled it "H2N2" but recently his virus has advanced into "H10N10". What a bad karma! LOL... I am very curious to see this spammer's face as I know he/she buys egg tarts from Tong Kee! Does he/she look like tarts? Muahahaha!...

My Longkang blogger whom I never met coz he 'aeroplaned' me once and blamed everything else instead of himself. LOL... So I had to push the blame to TZ for eloping with him to hear a Santa sing! An interestingly unique father & son blogger teamwork he has. Sometimes I got confused as they both wrote too similar, so I suspected his son wrote all his posts too! LOL.. the son is not so shy like his father coz he posted his own photos but the father chickened instead. Either the Papa looks like a KFC mascot or Shah Rukh Khan! LOL... just kidding Ah Beng.

I found his link from TZ and he made me fat after reading his blog!! I went to try almost everything he had eaten and his food ratings were believable. Now a busy papa he is, yet he still blogs! 

Aha! Finally this much awaited blogger who was once an Indian blogger turned Chinese. Everyone thought he was an Indian coz he had an online shrine besides foreign scripts garlanding his post. His blog attracted me as I could pray online from my Mac Book many miles away. He made me think whether he could also post some e-Joss sticks and e-Food offerings to perfect his shrine. I could just click & drag my choice of offerings to offer! Today he has proven that he is a pure Chinese cum walking dictionary!! I will engage a hypnotist soon to discard his fear, so that my comments no longer need "Blogger's Approval". HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

We were really fated to know each other! He just googled "Lee Kuan Yew" and found an old shaky Grandma instead!! Muahahaha! He has more scary real life's complicated ghost stories too but never posted them up. Maybe Fei Mao can be his biographer since Angel is Fei Mao's e-god daughter. We are all waiting anxiously to meet Ken someday and play with his Mohawk hair besides admiring his collection of Giorgio Armani underwears! When are you cumming over?

This Leng Chai blogger has a huge following of readers spanning from the East to West of the world! So much crap talks has been hurled at him for being a horrendous fake and cheat but who cares? I have said that blogs are illusions and I just read them with open mind for free entertainment. If he is real, he need not prove to anyone that he is real. If he is a fake, then I salute him for being the most Innovative Blogger I have come across. You watched David Copperfield but you didn't call him a cheat! David was playing with illusions like Willy's Diary! Take it easy guys, you do read Harry Potter don't you? I have even received 1 stupid email asking why I am a grandma when I looked like a man? Did I go for a sex change operation? Muahahaha!

This blogger is amusing with lines that often sent me laughing so hard, when it was not even funny to others. Well, he often took me down the memory lane to during my college & dormitory days in Pennsylvania. We have so much similarities somewhere... Keep posting Evann!

He is like a journalist who posts light hearted food & travels which never offends anyone unlike Grandma! I used to rely on his blog for some movie previews as his taste was often reliable. I wonder why he used the name Tofu? Actually I love to eat Tofu! Now I get to read Tofu as well.

Oh dear, this dramatic blogger deserves a Gold Medal for giving us so much dinner table jokes to crack each time we met. Truly a young but not so innocent kid, his blogging style is very honest and brave indeed! How many of us would dare to reveal that we carry 3 marbles and 1 banana to the shithole? How many of us would talk about our aunty's vibrator besides inhaling orange aroma armpit hairs? Hairy Jerry is another Jerry Lewis at every dinner show. I am glad I know you Jerry, whether by fate or by crook!

The first time I saw him camwhored and posed for Lau Niang, I laughed so hard for days at his photos and clicked over 20 times to view them. It was so blardy artistic yet sooo funny. In the end, I admit that I tried it too and my jaws ached from laughter at my own photos. Now in Penang, I hope he loves my hometown!

I thought he was arrogant and I thought he was fierce but I was damn wrong! TZ is a humorous being and so direct like a dart. His photography often attracted me to read his blogs as I often had to direct professional photographers to shoot our client's products. So I learnt and admired TZ's style for free! 

A new blog that entertains me with envy on his travels! I can't wait to travel like FuFu! I wonder what he does for travelling and not working. Maybe he is a travel journalist, is he?

This is another clown blogger who is entertaining me with his originality. I wonder why he is called a Big Mouthed? Can he swallow a watermelon or something? LOL

Have a happy holiday guys!


  1. fufu, i dunno what's his job cuz i never seen him post anything about his job. traveling , so fun :)

  2. ooo.. proud to being squeezed in ur part 2 of the hall... btw, can we change the word ' clown blogger' to something more elegant like ' sophisticated blogger'? LOL ;p

    big mouth .. cos i can swallow my own fist..thats all...hahah ;p

  3. I did not know that "grandma" was a gender! Gonna keep a look out for it on application forms.

  4. CB x 1,000,000,000
    What a crappy description of me! wakakakakaka :P

  5. basically u post like every other gay's blog!! lol..

    ahahaha... so much time to printscrren then save it.. lol.. salute..

    and well.. hahahha i didnt know grandma was a gender too!!! great!!! lol.. i am a male but I am not 100% man :)

    .... and im glad u found my blog to be a mirrored version of ur life :) it's my life btw~~~ hahahahah

  6. phew.. finally I made it into grandma's hall of fame :)

    thank you thank you..bow.. First I should thank my mother, then my father, then, my wife, then my son, then grandma. bla bla bla hahahahahhahahahaahahah

  7. many opinion...haha...lollz
    selamat hari raya aidilfitri, maaf zahir & batin...
    sorry coz long time no visit...:P

  8. I made it into Grandma's Hall Of Fame! I almost did a double take! What?! But yes, that's my blog there!

  9. Wow! I am so honoured! Thank you! Thank you! I thought I would end up in Bloggers' Hall Of Fame, but Grandma's Hall Of Fame is better than nothing! Hahaha!

  10. And with H2N2 mutated to H10N10, what can you expect from me but lots and lots of spam in future! Starting now. Heh heh!

  11. You want to know whether I look like tarts? haha! Then you must wait at Tong Kee for me to turn up! Btw, I don't buy eggtarts fromn Tong Kee all the time, sometimes I buy from Canton-i : )

  12. Oh, and congrats to all the rest who are listed in Grandma's Hall Of Fame. If you all want me to spam your blogs, do not be afraid to let me know, yes? But be careful H10N10 can be pretty lethal! No regrets afterwards! Haha! : )

  13. wow... grandma heavily infected with H10N10. LOL

    happy holidays!

  14. I thought grandma has well prepared to fight the H10N10.

    ooopsss.... too late, grandma has infected the virus H10N10 according to the Medie007 :p

  15. Wahka! It's such an honor to be on your hall of fame list :)
    I'm glad that my posts triggered some nostalgia in you. Heheh!

  16. Owh, Part 3... Many many years from now I guess...

    But you're not as old as Anton if comes to blogging... He has like 6 years experience.. Wow!!

  17. Jerry Lewis?? Because of you ah, Anton's been mentioning his over and over again in my mind... I'm Jerry KIAT!!! U know who is Jerrykiat??? Or Jerry Tan!!!

  18. You're so wrong Twinkle, it's me the one who should be lucky, blessed for meeting you Twinkle... By fate or by crook?? You are a strong believer in Fortune Tellings... That means it is all written!! Not by crook haha...!!

    Then again. I'm very very innocent :D

  19. You are in deep virus shit. Every time I log on to your commentary I see spams these days. Muahahaha.

    Well actually, I was kinda writing for myself before you started to read my blog. Interestingly comments started coming in soon after. Others were coming over to see my unglamorous updates, wow! I reckon you are some sort of a crowd puller.

    Thanks for mentioning me in this hall of fame. One day we'll meet, with everyone of course. Cheers and thanks again.

  20. I'm laughing while looking at your description on those blogs. Indian blogger turned chinese.. marbles and 1 banana..aduh, cannot tahan.

  21. LOL, foongpc is a spammer. Who he learned from ah? :P

    BTW, nice review, and agree with takashi, all the blogs are gays' blogs LOL and I read most of them!

  22. damn... wow... it's my pleasure man!! hohohoho hall of fame somemore!! :)

  23. now this made me wonder... will there be a Grandma's Hall of Shame? since like, you know...grandma likes to bad mouth~ :P

  24. BTW Takashi~ our Grandma didn't printscreen~ he used a camera lah~ wakakaka


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