Monday, September 7, 2009

I Wanna To Ski Again

I used to live near the famous Carnegie Mellon University where each winter, it snowed heavily under the temp of freezing -20 degrees! Those were really brutal winters and I miraculously survived somehow! My Korean and Japanese housemates would go skiing each winter on the high mountain alps in Pennsylvania and sometimes in Upstate New York, not too faraway from Niagara Falls.

The Koreans were champion skiers and could do the trick hands-free down the mountain slopes. I had to use my granny's tongkat but still fell many times and hurt my ass badly. It was really dangerous to ski from steep slopes as anyone could crash into the creek and mampus!

I loved the powdery snow very much and that was over 10 yearsssss ago!

So I thought I should bring Cinderella to play snow since she had never seen snow falling from the heavenly skies. We could build snowman together and perhaps bring along Gula Melaka to make Ais Kacang! I will try to build many snowmen and decorate them to look like some blogger friends I know.

Snowman With 3 Balls - Jerry
Snowman with Thick Eyebrow - Dr.Bong
Snowman with Coffee - TZ
Snowman with Hamsap Eyes - Leu
Wanking Snowman - Anton
Camwhore Snow Aunty - KY
Big Mouted Snowman - Danny
Frog Faced Snowman - Fable Frog

Just kidding okay!

Today, I went to the Matta Fair for the first time in my life. I had a big shock as the traffic was crawling like snail from Jalan Tun Razak into PWTC!.... OMG I had to cheat and made a U-turn at Jalan Ipoh to zap my way to Pacific Hotel.

My jaws dropped to find that Reliance Travel had the biggest space by taking up the entire hotel's foyer and ballrooms. It was packed like ants in a sardine tin with so many people swiping their cards to fly everywhere for vacation. No one feared about the H1N1 scare and spent like nobody's business!

So, I also swiped for 4 seats to go for Winter Ski in Korea. My damage was RM3200 just for the deposit only!

I was happy that the price reduced a further RM400 per person just for this Matta Fair with extra freebies thrown in like Free Ski-equipment, Free Cabaret Show, Free Travel Insurance, Free Postpone/Cancellations blah blah. Last week when I enquired over the phone, they didn't have such freebies, so it was worth it. But why must they wait for Matta Fair to give freebies?

Then the Roger Rabbit came along to hug me for buying 4 seats to Korea. I walked away after getting his bunny-hug but the Koala Bear just stood there with open arms, wanting to hug me too. So I promptly went up to hug the Koala Bear but his hug was so damn tight and squeezed granny's daylight! LOL... I think the Koala Bear was a Gay bear! Ha ha ha ha!...


  1. Wah, another holiday on the cards! This granny is makin sure all monies are spent b4 reaching the grave. Make sure you save some money, else you may hv to pawn that precious tongkat too. hehe

  2. Wanking snowmen? will it come with some sweet-smellin' lotion oozing from that orifice? :P lolz

  3. Gosh I think i've caught that H2N2foongpc spam virus from you! :P

  4. I can accept the koala bear outfit. But the roger rabbit looks like a mutated cross between a kangaroo and a big bad wolf in a bad China cartoon dvd.

  5. Leu is more than a hansap eyed snowman, you need to build a haunted house to cage him inside. I mean, geez, that guy breathes ghost stories!! (Just look at the amount of ghost tales in his blog, he could write a book) hahaha!

  6. H3N3 for me. Looks like I have caught the damn virus too. :P

  7. You aren't gonna eat ice kacang during winter... It's already cold enough.. May be bring some Malaysian's hot chocolate would be nice...

  8. Here comes the spam... So you and TZ also studied in country which has 4 seasons huh?? I've never seen Snow before too...

    May be one day when I grow up, I'll blow off my cards to go UK or Aussie....

  9. Hey, remember to save some money for the Bangkok one ok... Hehe, wonder if Anton is serious about it.....

  10. hahaha... no more spear and wear like the native snowman... now Coffee snowman :p

    Don't forget to place the right coffee cup eh~

  11. err.. i dun mind being a big mouth snowman.. as long as u give me a fit figure... not rounded one...LOL ;p

  12. i wanna go snowboarding too!! it's already 2yrs since i am back home!!! i used to enjoy my winter favourite sport twice a yr but now.... >.<

  13. yerr...y must i be the hamsap eyes?

  14. wow so those pics are from 10years ago? i wonder where I was, lol

    what a squary big laptop.. it doesn't look so bad actually :p

  15. haha.... it is not rabbit la, it is a kangaroo for Australia traveller.... Granny need to fix his spec

  16. is this a new trend to spam people's comment? hahahahahh...then let's make it H10N10

  17. muahahaha.... yes yes, have to cage Leu, else he turn into ghost and scared the Cinderella away...haha

  18. Jerry:

    Eat ice kacang during winter, like using poison to cure poison...

    People in Malaysia love to eat hot and spicy, in such a hot country....! hahah

  19. Gratitude - Thanks for your advice and I will heed them. No more travels after Korea but Michi might book for Shanghai, so not counted rite? I just follow.

  20. Gratitude - You are so creative with wanking lotions!!! LOL

    A Common S'porean - Now it makes sense that those animal furries could be China made as they don't look Disney to me.

  21. A Common S'porean - Take a jab for your H3N3 virus or smear with Anton's lotions. LOL
    I cannot think of anything that befits Leu except for his hamsap eyes!!

    Jerry - Hey the westerners still drink cold beer and coke in the snow! So I should show them that I will eat the snow instead.

  22. Jerry - Who wanna go Bangkok? Honestly I am sick of Thailand already but still going & going! So when is trip?

    TZ - You pinjam your kopi mug for me to bring to Mount Sorak okay?

    Danny - Eeerr I didn't have time to analyze your figure that night. Can you demo to us on another day? LOL

    Fufu - What is snowboarding? I heard of it before but need to google now to understand better. Where did you play that?

  23. leu - Take it as a big compliment that your eyes are so ham sap. All actors and singers are dying for that asset to attract flies! ha ha ha!!.... Bluek!

    Rad Sujanto - I wanna change my layout every week from now so that better feng shui la...

    Michi - OMG you invented the H10N10?? Ha ha ha

  24. and Arumugam must chase Cinderella on the snow, and hide behid the snowmen.. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai~~

  25. waaah... korea.... so niceeee....

    and why is everyone doing multiple comments??

  26. Agalychnis callidryasSeptember 7, 2009 at 2:56 PM

    hahaha! Everyone spamming your comment box! haha wonder if i should... Yala, that was a kangaroo lah... suddenly rabbit pulak... hahaha but that kangaroo so geng can type with his fat fingers~!!

    I love snow too! Michi is so lucky~ awwwww

  27. you should have asked for more freebies because they should have been asked to pay for a hug from grannie :)

  28. I've never frolicked in the snow before.

    I've never been molested by a giant Koala.

    Sigh... :P

  29. Well, look here! Your blog is infected with the spam virus too! Haha! Who infected you?

  30. Wow! Going to Korea for winter ski! So nice! I can't tahan the cold! Prefer hotter places : )

  31. You know why so many people flying overseas for holiday? To escape the H1N1 in Malaysia! LOL!

  32. Can make ice kacang with those snow? You might end up skiing inside hospital lo. Camwhore Snow Aunty? So paiseh. I also booked a ticket to the "KOALA" country lo, going next month. Deposit Rm3200? Wondering how much is the total damanges ler. But hor, why 4 pax?? Don't tell me you booked for me also wo...hehe.

  33. SK Thamby - Kuch Kuch Hota Hai?? So funny! Good idea! The SK Snowman will wear saree.

    Medie007 - Come along lah, Korea is nice during winter. Why spamming? Ask that FoongPC virus. LOL

    Agalychinis - I really so blurr to think it was a Rabbit but then it didn't look like a Kangaroo at all. Hee hee!

    Bengbeng - They gave a lot of freebies on the last day. I also filled lucky draw for free tickets to Europe. Pray for me to win pleaseeeee!

  34. William - Ha ha ha you are never short for words! You have been molested by real things la. Malaysia will snow someday, trust me!

    FoongPC Spammer - The virus here came from the Master of H2N2, that is YOU laaaa. LOL
    I thought you can tahan cold, are you a male of female btw? Do come out and yam cha sometime when Anton is hosting ok. Take care Ah Foong.

  35. KEENYEE - Yo! you are going to clone the Koalas next month? So shiok kan, come back tell me where to visit. I would be delighted if you bloggers are going to Korea too. From RM3300 it reduced to RM2800+ for Matta Fair only.

  36. glad and envy that you go to Korea for holidays and skiing oh... haha...i afraid of cold and height as well so skiing might not my first choice lol...haha... anyway...wish you have a wonderful trip in Korea oh... haha ...

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