Where Got Ghost?

Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke Ke!
Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

The patrons were all roaring with laughter inside the cinema over the Hokkien antics and slang. When the laughter died down, only Michi was still laughing loudly alone. Sure the patrons turned around to check whether it was a real Pontianak laughing!

It has been a long-long time since the last time I watched a movie. I always loved Jack Neo's movies esp the Liang Por-Por character. 

I always hated to queue up the long beeline at cinemas smelling the filthy hair of the guys or bimbos in front of me. That is the price to pay when you tower behind them. If I am shorter, probably I would smell their B.O. neck, whatever!! Every part smells like those China migrants as claimed by Anton. Blek!

So I got myself a FREE credit card from GSC/EON Bank at last, after much frustrations. Hail Mary, the card came with so many benefits, benefits & more benefits!!!! Just look here.

It is FREE from annual fees.
It gives me FREE RM100 movie credit. Hear that?
Every ticket is 10% off.

Look at the "Priority Lane" only for cardholders! Grandma no need to smell oily kutu hair anymore and no more ankle aches making beeline till McDonald's ice cream stall.

Got so many vouchers some more leh!.. FREE pop corns and BUY1 FREE 1 tickets! I just wonder how they gonna make money like this? I must ask our Chartered Chettiar Anton about this, he knows everything hokay! He even knows that China migrants don't shower wor! LOL ke ke ke ke ke ke!..

Go get yourself a card today lah and snip off all the other cards (Eh hello, EON-BANK is not paying me hokay) I am sweet and sharing good stuffs always lah.

Yenngga Poreng Ngeh?? This Kamala Chee probably served TZ the pop corn that night. So you know why TZ went to blek-blek-blek in the jamban 8 TIMES that day? I dunno who didn't wash their hands - TZ or Kamala Chee? Poor TZ boy, ass so red & sore. 
Ha ha ha!


  1. I grow up with Liang Poh Poh too.. Grandma may be u should act as that sometimes...

    Seriously I was laughing halfway until the guy in the forest peep at the door and that moment it scare the hell out of me... Still can't forget that...

    Tell you what, Twinkle next time if I'm queueing in front of you, I'm sure you'll smell flower instead of B.O or filthy hair kutu!!! :P

  2. erm, u gt gsc credit card, damn nice....hehe...that film i havent watch yt.
    grandma, i oso hate ppl who has smelly smell...so geli....hehe....

  3. Pretty good perks! So do you go sashaying with your card 100m before the counter?

  4. Lol,i enjoyed watching it too.

    U shuld had seen Jerry's reaction,its priceless

  5. Pop corn. Eww.~~ I don't trust their hygiene enough to eat them. Blek blek!

  6. You made me LOL with the comment in my blog and your this post. Kesian si Anton and TZ kena teased. LOL. Superb!

  7. reading ur blog is enough to make me laugh for the whole day~ lolz...

    this post is really like an advertisement for GSC card lo~ maybe you should not be an accountant but a sales personnel instead :P

    how do u knw tz ass is red and sore? dun tell me u have a good look at it~ choi~

  8. I never watch those hokkien movie as I understand none about hokkien. Grandma, you better make sure EON bank give you commision on promoting their CC lo.

  9. Chewah chewah! having a field day at my expense hor. Anf this post reeks of racism! CB x 1,000,000,000

    Liang poh poh = Granny Twilight? so befitting, kan?

  10. Wah we don't have this kind of benefit with banks here in Singapore. Sigh sigh sigh, the telemarketer always call and 'kah jiao' to ask ppl sign up credit card but kana suffer verbal abuse, if got this kind of benefit ppl already sign up lah!! Why we don't have!!

    Good meh the show? It was rated only 1 and half star out of 5 stars in Singapore.

  11. Ooooh... before you offer, can we ask?

    since u got 10% off, but ticks for us lah. we'll get to watch movie at cheaper price ma. kekekeke.

  12. Twilight Granny, the cinema i went is TGV not GSC... kakaka... :p

    Wah now everyone wanna to see my ass ... thanks to granny for promoting ... *Blush*

  13. wah, Grandma Arumugam got Platinum Card!! Thamby only given the gold card.. so unfair one??

  14. these movies reminds me how singaporean they are and kind of cheapo.. but no doubt they are funny lor.. haha!! maybe i'm cheapo also?? :p

  15. anyway, i think i've only watched "Money Not Enough" Part 1 only.. others i've never watched before..

  16. Only 10%? Not attractive enough!

  17. This card can use for GSC Signature? I normally watch at Signature. Better seats, no crowd and no need smell China migrants! LOL!

  18. The movie nice or not? I lile very scary horror movies, not comedies!

  19. I hate queuing up too. No need to Q at Signature! And after show, can go Redbox opposite for a karaoke session! Haha

  20. Today only H5N5. H10N10 taking a rest : )

  21. Oh yea, I changed my blog address, if you wish to visit, go to: :)


  22. Is "where got ghost" really the title of the movie?

  23. next time must ask you bring us for movie... but well i cant join as i gonna off to germany...or 2yrs later!!

  24. Wow! The credit card so many benefits eh!!

    And I want to watch that movie tooooo! I heard very funnnnyy and scary+funny...hehehhe!

  25. cheh, I tot u going to tell us hantu stories.

    May be one day go out yum cha and tell us more abt real hantu stories. Can ar?

  26. The "yin" force has usurped into this blog. Smells so fungal!

  27. Twinkle Twinkle ... Reply comments lo...~~~

  28. havent watch that movie..
    dont think i'll catch it either.. =P


  29. grandma our life so full of spooks wat for go to see imagined ones :)

    i went around but yet to find the pirated version around here yet :(

  30. hey bro....i wanna watch this movie... love this singapore actors alot...damn kao funny one...


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