Tuesday, October 6, 2009

3 Missing Guests & 1 Pork Leg

I was summoned by the Dowager Empress to have dinner at her Parkland Summer Palace last weekend. It was a long drive across the highland terrains and I arrived to see a half naked Canton Chef wokking in the kitchen, dishing up the concoctions for the annual Emperor's dishes!

Well it was still Mid Autumn and I arrived with trays of different Moon Cakes to appease the Dowager Empress.

The sumptuous dinner spread was laid on the banquet table, just like how Jay Chow munched in the show Curse of The Golden Flower!

The moment I sank into my chair, my teeth sank into the sea of Pork Leg Vinegar! Voila! It was 5 bowls of vinegar black soup which was heavenly delicious! The Pudding Tofu, Longevity Phoenix Cockerel dish, Dowager's Eternal Winter Melon Soup and fresh vegetables from the Garden of Eden filled my gold plated Ming dinner plate! 

In less than 30 minutes, the dishes were almost out of sight!

The Pork Legs reduced to 40%.

The Longevity Phoenix dish had only few feathers left.

The Tofu habis lah!

The sayur pun habis la!

At midnight, we presented TZ-Hilton's birthday cake to Jelly Boy who had 5 cakes so far for this year's birthday bash. What a popular icon indeed! Jealous! Jealous I am!

My sincere heartfelt thanks from the bottom of my heart and underwear to the Chef Anton who was fully clothed that night. Muahahaha! Just kidding hokay!
We enjoyed ourselves so much! The 3 musketeers were missing!

Great food was enjoyed and all future diners may register now for the next banquet sitting with the Empress Dowager.


  1. Ooh... Home cooked food. Ooh... Pork leg. Ooh... Looks nice.

  2. How can i miss the gathering ... and stuck in the wet wet Pearl of the oriental... which i need to deal with all the rain from day to night, night to day... Sigh~ Sigh~
    I missed the yummy dinner and my favorite dish ... Pork leg vinegar ... :(

    Hahaha.... TZ-Hilton choc cake ... so quick quick go and reserve while stock last. Just visit my blog and search for Chocolate cake ... the number is there. :p

  3. Damn! Anton cooked again! But hor, all meat, SOOOOO sinful. :P *point to Anton*

    Anyway, KY had his 5th cake this year. -_-" It's like he is having 1 cake every 2 months. So the vogue and popular..... Me jealous too!

  4. thanx to my upset tummy~ damn!!!

  5. Curse of the Golden Flower? Any cleavage that night?

  6. Well, the dinner was really great I would say. Great food with great companions. What else can I ask more? And for the birthday thingy, it was a surprise and the cake was lovely though it was the 5th..Thanks TZ for the lovely cake. Gotta go through strict diet to cut off those cakes from my body!!

  7. wa... speed of light. :D :P

    cake's gonna close their promotion end of the month i think. make a reservation now!!! :D i want moreeee. :P

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. i want i want i want ... hmmm ... i meant the pork legs vinegar... yum yum~

  10. woooww.. i really missed a lot horr...
    nextt ime must try anton's cooking.. very yummy looking... c u next time :)

  11. Wow! All the food really looks great! Err.. the 3 musketeers?

  12. 1st pic, is that guy not wearing anything else besides that apron? Gosh he's giving me dirrty thoughts. :D

  13. Ant's pose is way too professional, I wouldnt have guessed he's a darn good accountant in profession this pic!! He must be a chef!!!

  14. omg!! pork leg vinegar!!! i wan =(

  15. Twilight dude so quiet... no update on the blog??? We are waiting for your new post.. so when?

  16. would dat chef's armpit hair "kar liew" to yr dishes? and u think it is "fatt choi"

  17. Wakey, wakey
    Else, this blog'll turn stinky! hehe

  18. excuse me.. but i think the chef is more delicious than the food!!

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