Sunday, December 6, 2009

Let's Do It Together!

A while ago, I received some spam mails which showed very gory photos that hit my spine instantly. My head was numbed and sent my chilly thoughts racing again over an old issue.

Some years ago, Michi signed up to make a pledge and proudly showed me her card! 
OMG I was shocked in disbelief and squirmed like Yuen's shrimp.

She wants to donate all her organs to the hospital to benefit the needy or medical studies!
~ EEEeeekk !! ~

Grandma's heart sank, selfishly.

When I received this gory email, my heart fluttered again and I made some research. I read the Buddhist sutra books that says ~ If one pledges to donate his organs, upon death, the heavens would ascend to receive his soul before any doctor could knife his corpse!

I think many death row prisoners who pledged themselves, had secured places in the Land Of Eternity.

Who doesn't want to live above in the heavens? Maybe KEENYEE prefers his current abode. The old man or rather the soothsayer oldie must have failed to convince him!

In Tibet, when one dies, they have no burials or cremations except to pledge their bodies to the hungry Vultures!

Look at the birds! So big and fat, making nice X'mas turkey substitutes! 

They would slice the dead bodies into multiple shreds for easier consumption or feast!

The birdies of feather come together and fiesta! They would chomp and munch to their hearts contents!

Now, who is getting the best part ~ The Head!
Flip the coin, head I win and tail you loose!

The undertaker would carry the skeleton like his overnight luggage!

He would axe them into tiny pieces!


The birdies enjoying the last bits and dessert pieces! So yummy yum yum!

After hearty meals, they would ascend on their flight to heavens, probably sending your soul along, upwards too.

It took me a long while to digest and I am considering to make a pledge as my New Year's 2010 Resolutions.

Who would like to join me to get the forms? Maybe I should give the forms to all my selfless blogger friends here.


  1. OMG!!! The pics are not for the faint hearted!

    Abt the donor card, I'm been carrying it for a few years now.

  2. WHOA I read it as "male organ donor card" Mwahahahahaha

    I've pledged mine....but no card wor, juz a blardy letter confirming my status. Will hv to ask SJMC about this.

    The vultures wld have a tough time chomping on Granma Twilight's carcass,coz they'll be scared of the rattling dentures! wakakaka

  3. so good hearted of u guys, i tried to persuade my mum into accepting the idea, she is still very much against it, and mayb im just not sincere enough :P
    but seriously i really dont want to attach to this body once im dead in future :P

  4. hmmm... They only take our organs after we die right? OMG! I am so selfish... I reli oughta sign up too!

  5. Hi there, Twilight. Been missing you. Thx for the posting.My family and I are all organ donors. As for me, I am a frequent blood donor.

    Be blessed.

  6. i used to donate blood when i was in college.. mayeb can consider register as organ donor..
    i was having my breakfast while looking at those pics.. surprisingly i still finish my meal.. hahahaa ;p

  7. i'm already a doner :) my parents and sister are all doners too :)

    i saw this birdy eating in video b4... really scary

  8. OMG donating all my organs after death is something I can't bring myself to do. I'm okay with donating a portion of my liver or one of my kidneys while I'm still alive and kicking; but even that, I'd probably only donate it to family members or a very close friend. Eeeks! I love my organs too much to part with them. x.x

  9. I think better to donate to human than to vulture. >.<

  10. Mine was done immediately after I saw the poster in a shopping complex which says "help at least 4 people to live after your death". Why not have no attachment..

  11. hmmm... can consider ... :p
    Of coz donate to human not those vulture... :p

  12. im d holder for 1 yr ady....hehehe....
    as d religious says, everything return to the earth, everything ll hv a end...

  13. me not a donor unfortunately... bleh

  14. Wow, new pic and self description le. Nice desc but the pic looks like 60s le.
    Well, the soothsayer did actually give me a good thought. Though I'm being on earth now, but someday somehow we have to go somewhere else and we all shall do our best now and prepare ourselves for that day.
    Love to know more about those from you...

  15. Pikey - I am so proud to know you as an organ donor! Heavens will bless you always and greet you at the end of your tenure! How sweet!

    William - Whooaaa! So you wanna join Grandma to sign up? I am sooo chicken you know...

    Gratitude - No card? I hope they won't cook porridge with you! LOL. Haha ha ha ha!... You are sucha kind soul indeed to pledge yourself. I know your dictionary brains would benefit any retardeds rather than vultures!

    Happy Go Lucky - Bring your mum to visit the mortuaries and crematoriums everyday! She will sign up right away!

  16. Shakira - What a Bodhisattva heart you have! So selfless!

    Danny - Oopps! Sorry that you were eating. You know, some bloggers stopped reading my blogs due to my gory photos! Silly! Okay I get you the form to sign up ok. Hooray!!

    L2 - I am sure your face could be used to implant many guys!! LOL....

    Evann - Good! Write down in the card that you only donate part liver and maybe your dick head too. LOL.... Just kidding!!

  17. Ban - I definitely agree that humans would benefit. The vultures would just shit me out or get constipation! LOL

    Thanks for visiting! Come again always yeah!

    CheaHS@n - I salute your stance and beliefs in having no attachment. I tried hard but still attached to so much things! Can you give me some of your money??? Heh heh! Boleh?

    Thanks for visiting! Come again always yeah!

    TZ - Whoever gets your body would look shapely and muscular!!!!! Salivating! Ha ha ha!
    Wanna get you the form soon!

    PaulJ - I used to shriek like you too.

  18. Thomas - You are another kind hearted being!! I am surprised that so many fellas are proud donors here! Shame on me!

    Medie - Hey doc, you only cut and transfer other's organs but why not yours? Just Do it!!!!...

    KY - That was just taken few years ago before the Tsunami week. I liked that pix cos it didnt look like me! Ha ha!

    So carry on and stay on earth my friend!!

    Chrisau - Wah another faint heart? have you signed up or backed out?


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