Thursday, March 25, 2010

I Love William Liew's

I got sms from William Liew that he would be having big SALE up to 80%!
I woke up early in the morning and headed to the store just the moment the door was opened.
I wanted to make sure I got the freshest hot cakes from the oven.

This is William's new boutique at Sungai Wang with no competitors beside, unlike the previous lot.

The assorted range of discounts from 50-80% was worth browsing through the racks!
I tried 7 pants but selected only 1. My ass is too blardy big somewhere and the zipper won't go up!

You may ask why I wear William's clothes almost everyday? His shirts make me look thinner and younger with his famous signature buttons that never failed to help people to strike conversations with me! Even the mamak teh-tarek man had to curiously ask me why the middle button is so different in shape and colour! I love the attention! Heeeee!

I ended up buy 8 pieces this time. The sales will habis at month's end, so I will be there again this weekend to see whether got new stock on display. See you there!

Hey, if you think I got paid for this post, let me slap your face hard! LOL


  1. and william liew is a friendly guy too~ :)

  2. Aiyo, never invite. I also need attention lo. Anything suits me?

  3. Ohh... he moved to a bigger floor space!

  4. tak sangka u oso so gila sale one
    happy shopping :)

  5. never buy anything from this msia designer cause everytime when in never saw anything i like.

  6. oh... it's has been so long i din step into SG Wang... :p So no idea about William Liew :p

  7. wow wow wow 8pieces?got one for my birthday gift or not?

  8. L2 - Yeah you can adopt him to be your God-Pa too! You will be beautifully clothed!

    Legolas - I am clothes and coffee addict...! How about you?

    KY - Hey, you always steal limelight and attention lah. Gimme a chance too! All your clothes nice one lah... mana beli?

    Happy Go Lucky - Wake up! Faints! Wake Up! Faints!

    William - I think the floor space is smaller but definitely a better spot. Is he your relative ~ Williams?

  9. Danny - I think you are more giler than me. LOL...
    BTW where is your next dance debut?

    Cest La Vie - Sure! Jom kita pergi!....

    Willk - Maybe you need to engage me as your image consultant! LOL.... Funny that nothing suits you? Hope your waist size is not over 46 inches!! (Just kidding!)

    TZ - Sure you won't step in there cos you only support your god -pa @ Times Square! LOL...

    FuFu - If you show up at my door, you will get your birthday gift! Now where's your birthday cake you promised...????? (emo! Emo!)

  10. i'm so ketinggalan zaman. i don't even know who William liew is. very paiseh. :)

  11. in reference to my blog post on 'photohunt:hot', yes those pics were taken at Avilion.

    i'm not ignorant about my readers' queries/comments. i normally replied them when i returned visits to my blogging buddies. :)

    thanks for visiting and thanks for appreciating my photos. hope to see you again.


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