Tuesday, March 23, 2010


When the shocking news broke out, I was numbed to the core and in great disbelief. 
All of us prayed that it was not true.

It has been some years I had not received such a great shock on such a gruesome death.

My cousin informed me that KH was murdered!
The corpse was beyond recognition and DNA had to be tested.

It was the longest wait to hear the results while the poor body was still in the cold morgue at Temerloh for almost a week.

Meanwhile, Chinese newspapers reported wild stories and splashed all the photos!


This particular photo caught my eye, sending my mind down the memory lane. Often, I went to the Choong's family mansion along Western Road when I was a kid.

Now, the reality has finally crept in today and KH has departed forever.

The funeral will be on Wednesday.

The Memorial will be held at Ritz-Carlton KL.


  1. It's sad when this things happen. Hope you're alright.

  2. there were a few similar cases a few months back in JB and it was always "foreigner" friends were last seen with the deceased...hope i make a point...

  3. sorry to hear about this..

    hmmm,,, very strange maybe there is a serial killer in our country... who is the serial killer? >.<

    Anyway, hope he RIP eh~

  4. truly sad to hear this, hopefully he rest in peace, and the police will manage to catch the killer.

  5. He was one of us...May he R.I.P!

    Hope the police finds his ex soon...

  6. who is he??? sorry i wasnt in malaysia since 2002 ><

  7. I think I read one of his articles in The Star before...

  8. it's very unfortunate that this sort of things happened.

    on a different note....finally there's updates from this blog! :)

  9. Please accept my condolence. Take care and may him RIP.

  10. Legolas - I am fine, thanks! Just a bit shaken over his horribly decomposed body.

    manglish - It is so scary to get close with foreigners sometimes. Dunno what lies ahead!

    TZ - Serial killers are rampant and abundant. Just need to be careful with our associates. Well some bloggers are not that safe too, esp the mouth!

    L2 - Life is short, so play hard!

    Happy Go Lucky - It is not difficult to catch the killer but where is he? No one knows!

  11. Gerry - We don't really know who is the culprit, maybe not his Ex at all. Let the police handle. Tonight is the eulogy, see you there!

    Fufu - Are you still a Malaysian? LOL...

    William - I never read his articles as his cousins bombarded him with questions to his face for instant answers.

    Queen B - It was a tearful and mournful scene at the crematorium yesterday besides being hounded by the sea of Press & reporters! So much flash bulbs, you should have been there Queen B! I know you love attention like this. Ha ha!

    KY - Thanks for your kind wishes, I will mumble to him tonight at eulogy.

  12. So sorry to hear about your friend, Twilight.
    May he rest in peace.

    You take care now.


  13. he was my class mate for two yrs. i dont remember if he was in form six with me though. a very sad ending


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