Oh No! Suresh Again????

Recently, I had been disturbed by the plight of an Indian man who sent me thinking for days about what charity is all about. I concluded that there is no guide book and rules to abide other than using our instinct besides our heart & mind.

It happened when I was visiting a factory and had finished meeting before rushing out to the glass doors. Suddenly, someone called out "Taukeh Tolong" and looked at me. I looked behind to see if there was a 'taukeh' but it was me that he called. He introduced himself as Suresh and his barely 2 year old skinny baby daughter stoody shyly beside him. They both looked frail and I knew that I could be milked some cash by him.

He rambled in heavy Tamil accent Malay that he needed RM2,500 to have an operation to remove his big tumour on his arm.

GOSH! He pulled up his sleeves and a bigger than pear tumour fell out to my view. I gasped and my mouth just opened wide. Of course, suspicion grew about his honesty and possibility of taking money without having operation. Now what?

I took out my mobile phone and snapped his tumour. Now it was my turn to "share responsibility" with my rich kawans and sent the scary tumour image to so many weak hearts like Michi, Desmond, Soo Chin, Bruce and others. Within an hour, I hit my target with their replies! I was overwhelmed and happy for Suresh.

A couple of days later, I called Suresh and arranged to pass him our donations to meet his targetted sum for operation. He was happy and I was happy, so life went on as usual.



One bloody morning on a weekend, my phone rang so early and it was Suresh. I was cursing in my heart for his awakening call and promptly answered. There he went again "Taukeh Tolong!" @#$% %$#@ @#$% and caused an ache to my ears.

Now he says he needed another RM200 as someone who promised to donate had backed out. So that's not my problem, I thought. Now he rambled that he needed RM200 to buy provisions to feed his family as he lost his job when his tumour grew. He was worried for his little daughter who was hungry without milk but survived on junk and solid food which he ate. So he wanted help again to feed his wife, his amah, daughter and blah blah blah.

The thought of my friend's wife's warning flashed on my head to be wary of conmen who collect donations. I thought my senses were good to judge but devils were singing around my head that Suresh could be the best Tamil actor from Chennai.

Okay! Fucked! I screamed at Suresh that I would buy the food that he needed and deliver to his house. I wanted to see his house and whatever family he had.

I went to Econsave to buy privisions and I felt like a grandma pushing a trolley around. I realised that I had not shopped for groceries for a long time. I was shocked that a tin of baby's milk powder costs RM58.00!!!!

I met Suresh at Sungai Buloh Hospital an hour later and drove behind him on his motorcycle which he loaned. He zip zapped along the roads, lanes, fields and passed so many cows before reaching another town in Rawang!! Oh shit, I was worried that he might waylaid me and his Indian Anamalai gang with guns & sticks could be waiting to bash & rob me. Arrgghh!

A few kilometres later, I arrived at a plantation and drove up the hills before reaching his house at last! All my nonsense thoughts evaporated and I was glad that there was no gang hiding behind the bushes. His old mother greeted me with clasped hands.

The house was dark inside and the old lady showed me around the rooms which had no beds except broken wardrobes, all salvaged from the dumpsites as Suresh worked for a waste disposal company before his tumour stopped his ability.

I walked into the kitchen and it was kinda empty with only a small pot brewing something. I opened it and saw a shallow miserable curry gravy boiling with tiny potatoes. How sad I felt!
I have been feasting exotic meals and served by waiters at every meal. I felt guilty of course, won't you?

Suresh showed me his tumour which had ballooned BIGGER and BIGGER! It looked cancerous to me and he had to be operated 2 days later.

I told Suresh to follow me to get the food stuffs from my car and his mother cried out, sobbing and sobbing at the sight of the food. She poured out all her life's story and endless misfortunes since the death of her husband, eventually making Suresh the sole bread winner.

I left and drove a long way home, scolding myslef for having suspicious thoughts of poor fellas! I thought it wasn't my fault as so many fake victims are rampant and everywhere. Who on earth never got cheated before? I consoled myself that I had done my part to help eventually.



One week later, my phone rang and it was SURESH AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! @#$% why did he call me again??? Damn!! What does he want now?




I just answered him and it was a surprise that he called to inform me that his operation was a success with all the cancerous lumps removed. I was relieved and that was sweet of him, I thought.




I was wrong and Suresh went on to say "Taukeh Tolong" again.

Now it is another new Bollywood series. While he was in the hospital, the landlord went to his house and yelled the daylight out of his mother to pay the backdated rental. Oh shit, I asked myself whether I or we are supposed to feed and adopt his family?

I had to call my gang to 'share responsibility' once again. We decided to pool and chip in to help Suresh to stand on his feet again and work after being discharged from HUKM.

Well, the morale of my experience is that charity knows no limits and barrier. The world is full of suffering humans and animals. We do not know when it might hit us, so better do my part while I still can. I bet you are laughing at myself for a tiny charity bit, blown so big. I am just sharing my silliness for having suspicions like that.


  1. let me be the first to say this you are a saint!

  2. Wow! You and your gang really helped him out, man. This is like totally impressive! Totally!

  3. Being kind-hearted is one of the greatest gifts that GOd gave to you. Keep it up!

  4. I'm glad you have the heart to help the needy...

  5. I am astonished at yr courage to follow him to his at that time u were not certain was his home. but u did good, very good

  6. Many would have stopped halfway.

  7. It's normal that u suspect him, but then u n ur fren really helped him out, touching story, i wanna share on FB.....

  8. You have a kind heart. We need more people like you in this world. But do set limits sometimes, as some people might start taking you for granted and then start taking advantage. I have this experience with a patient while volunteering for the hospice. I'm sure you'll know what to do. You're a smart guy with a heart of gold! :)

  9. SgBoy ~ I am no saint yet but thanks for your kind comments.

    Legolas ~ If only I had your number, you would have been harassed like how Desmond gets milked from me... LOL

    Simonlover ~ I agree with your quote, but I need to discard my negative thoughts always!

    Pikey ~ I think you could have done better if you bumped into him.

    BengBeng ~ Go Saints Go! I think you are always on the rounds with your Lion's activities. Salute!

    William ~ You were absolutely right! Suresh really put me on evil tests! Ha ha!

    KEO ~ What's your facebook?

    Little Dove ~ Talking about Hospice, I also had my share of nightmares, not only with patients but some volunteers as well. I am now wondering which Hospice you went to.

  10. ops, haha...

  11. you're such a good samaritan. the world needs more people like you.

  12. Good for you bro. You are storing good karma. Glad to read your posting again.

  13. You'll be blessed for all the good deeds! No many would bother, not even me, honestly, especially with all the tricksters around!! I'm proud of you!


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