Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cycling Hotties

It was 7:00am when the world was still asleep and my gang of cycling hotties were all geared up to shoot off from Putrajaya.

Can you spot me inside the group? So blurr kan and I must be the tallest one, right?

Damn it, I took this photo so I was not there. My groin hurts so I became their support car! This role is extremely important and you will know why.

These 3 hunks with really hard solid bodies and asses could cycle faster than a panther on prowl. This hobby is very healthy and expensive for them. In my gangs, their average racing bikes cost anything from RM3,000 up to RM40,000~!!! So bloody expensive man!

There were only 2 female cyclists. One is a familiar blogger Michi and the other is a Grandma... not me okei. I am talking about a real Grandma who squats in the loo.

This man looks Cool. He must be a cut and shaven. I mean his head lah.

After 60 km cycling, there was a confusion at Port Dickson. These dick heads could not find the shop for our breakfast. Niaamah, bad navigation and no GPS used.

Finally we found the famous eatery in PD, tucked away behind some lorongs.

Wow! I had a nice shock to see a Chevrolet Camaro sports car! That is what we saw in the Transformers movie, rite?

So many drivers had arrived at the same time to enjoy the breakfast at Suraya's. My eyes dazzled and my jaw dropped in disbelief.

Awwww! That's Pininfarina Ferrari! My dream car! I want! I want!

I wonder whether my bestie Jonathan will send one to me.
Do you think Jonathan will?

All carried beautiful Malaysian number plates and where did they find so much money to buy these cars?? Mind you, their cars are 4 wheels and the drivers' bodies were sloppy & fat like pregnant buffaloes! My friends on 2 wheels have solid torso and rock abs like DBKL's street lamps!

This shop has so many international clocks on the wall and they sell Nasi Lemak. It was so confusing for their international corporate image. WTF man?

My friends ate like gluttons from Pudu Jail and drank water like wild elephants in Niagara Falls.

This was what happened when one by one encountered bicycle problems like punctures or loosened links in the middle of the palm oil plantations! There was no mobile coverage and that's dangerous if I was not around. They could be raped by rural wolves since their asses are so hard. I had to monitor so many fellas like a tow truck culprit.

After tsunami, this grandma appeared unscathed on her bicycle and complained like HELL. Kaneeneh, no one could answer her calls as there was no coverage!
This darling Grandma is nearing 70 years old and she is the oldest participant in Malaysia's Triathlon Races annually
(Triathlon=Swim, Run & Cycle non stop)

Her legs are like ox and almost wrinkle free but she was the slowest and often got lost like a damaged compass! LOL.. I really salute her as she inspired me a lot. It made me think so much how my health will be like when I reach my late 60s age.

So a support car carries water and spare tubes. Next time I will supply bananas and foot massage services!

Hey guys, do some rigorous exercise and join our cycling. Put on the tightest skimpy pants and show off your chestnut balls ok. We are heading to Ha'adyai soon! Yay!


  1. The table orientation in the shop so funny geh?

  2. woah....you guys are really fit!

  3. Next to ha'adyai??? Ya kidding right? LoL last few weeks a friend cycle to Ipoh I already thought he's Siao Siao

  4. really admire that grandma's spirit. :)

  5. 70 YO still can be so energetic, geng!

  6. LOL @ My friends ate like gluttons from Pudu Jail and drank water like wild elephants in Niagara Falls. XD

  7. Wow! So many expensive cars?

  8. I thought you would be cycling as well? LOL!

  9. Going to Ha'adyai soon? So nice! Have a good trip! : )

  10. wah. then how u cycle and drive at the same time?

  11. i wish i have time for cycling too... my mountain bike is so rusty already...not been using it for years sigh

  12. wow.. you saw Bumblebee haha... don't be surprised if you see that car transform in front of you LOL..
    but a honestly... the car looks awesome

  13. but then "awesomeness" (just like Panda Po said) means it is very expensive too haha
    happy blogging twilight

  14. William ~ What a pair of sharp eyes you have! I also found it weird L-shaped.

    ChrisAu ~ We are so kiasi, so have to buy kiasu bicycles to keep fit. Join us??

    Fable ~ I am not kidding and they are discussing about cycling to Ha'adyai with 1 night stopover in Ipoh. They cycled to Melaka few months ago! Crazee humanoids!LOL

  15. Wenn ~ I was surprised to see them arrive in a noisy gang with loud exhausts. Noise pollution!

    Danny - Have you not heard or met her? I really salute her courage and interests in keeping fit.

    Keo ~ Yeah she is late 60s and really like an OX! Her legs are solid with protruding veins and leg muscles!

  16. foongpc ~ My groin hurts so badly due to a bad squat. So had to pandu kereta support instead. Wanna join us?

    Medie007 ~ I didn't cycle. That's why I drove the support car which was needed and no one volunteered.

    bluedreamer27 ~ What a waste that you leave your bike to rot. Go cycle quick and admire the beautiful countryside of Phillippines! Mabuhay!... I really did think of Bumblebee turning into a talking robot that day... LOL.. Ha ha ha.. I love that movie!

    Happy Blogging to you too!

  17. Uuunnnccclleeee Twilight, you gonna buy all the nice cars and let me sit beside you?

  18. Was looking at the person in the first pix with the arrow pointing to the centre of two cyclist. Alamak that was from the road itself.

  19. Wow great cycling team and Bananaz salute the Grandma she is truly inspiring. Next trip pai Ha'adyai? Mai aw..~;).

  20. LOL!!! Love this post. Really enjoyed your wit and sarcasm. Ummmm...if Jonathan gets you the car, tell him I want one too. LOL!!!

  21. SynchingZinclnc ~ That would be nice to have you in the group! Quick!

    Legolas ~ If I ever buy any of these cars, you can sit on my lap and we go ronda ronda!

    BananaZ@ ~ Yes this grandma is real and put all grandmas to shame! Her behaviour is also not Ah Phor type surprising. Aww pai Ha'adyai mai?

    Suituapui ~ I am glad my filthy mouth didn't scare you away. I am just being myself in blogs. I am waiting for Jonathan's reply to you. Ha ha ha Happy Blogging Suituapui!

  22. i saw a yellow ferrari (dunno the model LOL) too when i was in sg. so freakin cool!! i hope i knew the driver, LOL!

  23. Eeee... got Bumble Bee inside... I like, I like... I wan oso.

  24. wah Arumugam cycles!! Thambee thot Arumugam only runs about the bushes and coconut trees, have really not expected Arumugam will cycling all the way to Putrajaya.. errr, really Putrajaya or just PD for breakfast that eats like inside Pudu Jail?? :D

  25. how come so many expensive cars over there?? i thot those bicycles are already very expensive, never thot there are even cars more than 100 times more expensive just parking out there.. all rich people likes to go there to eat breakfast ah??

  26. aiyoyo, Arumugam so happy happy borenge cycling for leisure, yet never willing to go back to Chennai to see Letchumi.. Letchumi so poor there, everyday waiting for Arumugam to go home so that she can cook her newly learnt recipe to tie the heart of Arumugam.. but yet, sigh, Arumugam just know happy happy borenge in KL and put aside happiness of Letchumi!!!!

  27. salute that Grandma!! errr, of course the 70-year-old squatting grandma, not the 40-year old standing Arumugam lah!!! but Arumugam never bring a close up at the grandma's face and her oxen legs, or else we can see how strong they are!! she can complete the triathlon ah?? Thambee not even can complete 10% of the course lor, hahahaha

  28. so you are their photographer.. have to be ahead of them cyclists, right?

  29. kyh ~ All Ferraris are imported and like you, I also do not know the models. Just admire only and feel shiok la..

    cleffairy ~ You want! You want! I also want! I also want!

    SK Thambee ~ Dei, I am cycling and want Thambee to cycle too! We can cycle from KL to Chennai okay and fetch Kamala & Letchumi behind...
    Dei, I can cycle and run around the bushes too. That old grandma could do it and you also can lah dei. How to slim down if no exercise man? The sports car drivers went there to eat so much Nasi Lemak, that's why so fat~fat!!

    reanaclaire ~ I was their support car's driver only and they actually had a proper photographer who used sophisticated cameras.

  30. 60KM? wow!!!!! i must say that's a very long distance and salute the grandma!!!!

  31. beautiful street photography.

    i really enjoyed your Twilight Zone!


  32. drooling over the cars.. tot they were only for the movies hehe.. will go shopping for a mountain bike eventually hehe

  33. wow, those cars are super duper cool, my kind of thing too but only in my dreams. :(

    aisehman, the grandma totally rocks. i truly applaud and congratulate her for her efforts. her family must be very proud of her. :)

  34. oh my. m dream car >.<"

  35. Andrik McVean - 60km for just one way. So it was total 120km! The grandma was so strong like an OX!

    Betty Manousos - Thank you and come again always!

    BengBeng - Yeah go get one mountain bike! It will keep you young!

    Life Ramblings - Yes the family is proud of her. Her son cycles too but I hardly saw him...

    maCy - Hi! It is everyone's dream car. It costs a big bomb here.


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