Smelling Good

OooLaLa! I have strong penchant and cravings for anything that smells good be it food, babies or flowers. Using perfumes, colognes and aromatherapy have been my personal culture ever since I could earn my first dollar. My cars, toilets and even staircase are lined with fragrance to make the unwanted spirits giddy and stay away! Who says boys don't like perfumes? The fragrance of many perfumes are so sexy and could boost up my confidence in any required manner. I am sure you would agree and feel the same.

I have been buying them over the years from airport's retail shop promotions or warehouse sales where you could get the best bargains or at throw away prices! Just pay a song to smell good, why not?

I line my fragrance bottles on the dressing table according to the days and re-arrange them when my mood swings. To start my Monday blues right, I must use Ralph Lauren's Blue collection! It is so masculine and sweet to iron all my blues away.

I am a firm believer that the right fragrance will enhance the Feng Shui of yourself! So on Wednesdays, I will use Paco Rabanne to sit in long operation meetings! The smell on me will relax my boss' nose and he will forgive all my shortcomings! My boss is so man, vulgar and gangster-like, so mafia Paco does the trick to tame this devil.

I have this bad habit of going to men's parfum counters and abuse all their sample bottles on display. I would generously spray them all from my head to my both hands, hankerchief and even butt. The promoters would stare at me with all eyes in disbelief and mouths opened.
Kaneeneh it's free, so what?

To me, we must spray on something nice after dressing up for boring office, a lavish dinner or even funerals, otherwise it is not complete. I will not be able to walk and think straight plus I will get cranky and bitchy with my staff and friends.

I have been trying different brands along the way and I conclude the brands that I love the MOST are Pour Monsieur Chanel, Givenchy Gentlemen, Ralph Lauren Polo Blue and Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir. They may not be expensive but the smell somehow clicks well to pep up my inner soul and ego. They make me feel so MAN! I hate musky smells or fruity herbal lines. That will give me migraines and look like bubble gums!

Now tell me what you love to smell or use and I will try them!


  1. aiyoyo, Arumugam Anay using all those perfumes?? Thambee thought Arumugam only like to use coconut oil mixed with jasmine powder!! how come all these perfumes?? where is the one given as your birthday present by Letchumi??!!

  2. now Arumugam trying to cover the coconut and jasmine smell with all these perfumes?? later Letchumi cannot recognise you how?? she just love your coconut and jasmine smell, that really turns her on, now with all these masculine perfume smell, OMG, she is so sad~~

  3. oh, of all those Arumugam has, i've only used Polo Blue before and i love it!! so Arumugam smells different everyday yeah?? can know it's which day today by smelling Arumugam, no need calendar also, wakakakakakaka!!

  4. too many perfumes in the market now until i also dunno which one to use.. so i go by brands lor, try different brands and then found a few that i like, so far Polo Blue, Christian Dior Higher, Burberry London, cK Truth etc are my cup of perfume lor..

  5. phhh...i love so much!!!! I really love perfumes or after shave (even though i don't shave everyday lol) favorites are hugo boss, tommy and Ferrari..but too many fakes now....sometimes can't really differentiate them...

  6. At any given time, I only have two bottles of perfume in use. One for weekdays, one for weekends. I like fragrances that are light and citrus-y. Will avoid musky, woody and sweet scents.

  7. whoa... different perfume everyday?? cool man... i got only one hahaha..
    mine either Hugo Boss or Dickies haha..
    Not really picky when it comes to long as I smell great LOL

  8. sometimes i use cologne too haha so childish of me...LOL
    thanks for sharing...Twilight

  9. walau u can open a perfumerie oledi LOL!

    perfumes, though i do like some of them, r just way too luxurious for me. :p

    and ROFL! i'd stare at u like @@ too if u were to spray head to toe liddat at the counter! HAHAHA!

    psss... got spray ketiak oso? MUAHAHAHAH

  10. I only have one bottle of perfume and i like Hugo Boss series :)

  11. my goodness .. ur collection of perfumes !!!
    but i do agree with u .. the scent will affect ur day :)

  12. wah.... so many types of perfumes! I never used perfumes for donkey years already. I only used deodorant spray which I find it more economical and also acts like perfume..LOL
    Btw, I had tried CK One, CK B and Hugo Boss. I love Hugo Boss as it's lasting while CK B smells great but it goes away fast. I also go for those cheaper ones from Body Shop. There's one with Citrus smells quite nice. I used before.

  13. cK Eternity and Bulgari Aqua Marine. Try them!

  14. Wow you are real smelling good! haha. Bananaz using CK One at the moment.

  15. *LIKE*
    Oh my ... you must be smelling good all day all the time. Men who smell good are such a turn on. ;P

    Nice site by the way. *Followed the scent*

  16. What? One per day? I use one...but after the bottle finishes, I'll get a different one. I like Christian Dior - Jules...CK's...anything that's pleasant, not too strong or overpowering. I believe that since I don't look nice, at least I can smell nice... Hehehehe!!!

  17. P.S. Eternity! Every other guy you smell uses that! LOL!!!

  18. P.P.S. I've used some nice Hugo Boss ones... Can't remember, so many...

  19. SK Thambee - LMAO! Muahahaha! You made me laugh and roll on the floor. I tangled up Letchumi's saree! Dei, she wants me to stop using the jasmine oil la. She was giddy and turned off nia. Mana ada turn on dei?
    Wei Thambee uses Burberry gah, so nice! I will buy one soon.

    Andrik McVean - You live in London! Where did you see so many fakes? Gasp!

    William - You are such a turn on, no need fragrance!

  20. Bluedreamer27 - What dickies? LOL...

    Kyh - I did think of opening a perfume shop so that i can enjoy free samples. I even bought sample bottles at 50% from promoters under table! What a sucker I was...

    TZ - You are so Hugo man! I love that.

    Danny - I bought them cheap. I don't buy shoes like you, so expensive!

  21. ChrisAu - I just discovered Body Shop perfumes and they are light & cheaper but nice! They smell quite unisex and English.

    Legolas - Whooaaa! Bulgari Aqua Marine. The light blue bottle is so avant garde like a ball. I will check it out for sure.

    BananaZ@ - This CK One has been so popular till today. Why not try exotic and sexier ones?

  22. Coffee Girl - Welcome and hope my scent will lure you back here! Have a nice day and love your blogs!

    Suituapui - LOL. I agree so many men uses Eternity. Thanks for telling me not to pick it up again. I find Christian Dior quite traditional smell and dunno how to describe it. Simply fabulous too.

  23. ...and how many of those bottles were gifts from Jonathan? >.< LOL!!!

  24. Suituapui~ None of it is from Jonathan. All from my own pockets dei...

  25. i'm extremely allergic towards perfumes, colognes and other strong fragrances.

  26. My hubby didn't use perfume. But after showering, he smells like babies, because he likes to put a lot of Pureen Baby Powder at his armpits. Muahahaha.

    For me, I have two sets of miniatures. One is from Estee Lauder and another one is from Calvin Klein. I will put one same perfume for 1 week, then only change to another type on the next week.


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