Enjoy African Food In Kuala Lumpur

I am pleased to share a wonderful dining experience I had over the last weekend. I am always seeking for sheer adventurers and excitement when food and traveling overseas is concerned. It has always been my bucket list's wish to visit Africa someday as they have so much to offer besides the colorful culture, exotic food and big wild animals across the safari.

I found out from the WithLocals website that we could actually enjoy real African dinner, cooked by this lovely African couple right here in our bustling city of metropolitan Kuala Lumpur. I need not have to fork out RM4,000 to fly to Uganda & back! It was so simple, I logged into their WithLocals website and booked a date with Ms Tima.

1. This African couple has lived in Kuala Lumpur for over 5 years. Their home at the Regalia Residence Suites is really a posh looking condo right at the tip of Jalan Sultan Ismail.

2. I waited for her friendly hubby to come down to the lobby and bring my gang of 4 up to their unit.

3. Look at the lovely panoramic view of our Kuala Lumpur's city skyline with the lap pool on the 37th floor! It looks like the famous Singapore's Marina Sands hotel. I will be back for a swim!

4. This is the lovely couple who makes the perfect hosts! Ms Tima is from Uganda while her hubby is from Nigeria. She sings at the club in the swanky hubs of Bangsar while Chris is actively into the events management. They are really a good pair of entertainers to keep me laughing all night. We exchanged many juicy and useful gossips about our cultures, people, food and even voodoo stuffs. I was the one who asked 1001 questions about Africa as I am always excited to read and watch their country in the news. I complimented that Africans are naturally born with the biggest lungs to produce all the world's fastest runners and most popular MTV's singers & rappers.

5. Look at that! All the yummy food spread from her mama's kitchen recipes in Uganda. She may not have all the ready fresh raw ingredients here, but she was smart to find them from all over the city shelves to cook them for me. We really appreciated her effort!

6. We had pickled olives as appetizer. I am actually an olive oil believer who drinks them daily directly from the bottle, down my throat for good health and good skin.

7. Fresh African home made yoghurt with chopped herbs sprinkled to start me drooling.
I also eat yoghurt cups almost daily but my supplies are from those supermarket shelves. Trust me, Tima's yoghurt was better and heavenly nice!

8. I love this and regretted for not packing the left overs home. Next time, I will bring my own containers! Muahahahaha....

9. Arab Breads are eaten daily in most areas in Africa. They taste like thin plain pancakes and suitable to wrap with any side dishes.

10. Couscous Semolina is a very popular dish in Uganda. It's actually sugee flour being mixed well beans, herbs and chopped vegetables.

11. Delightful salad tossed with fresh greens and sweet sour sauces.

12. You will love them! They will love you too and keep you entertained & happy all night!

13. Minced chicken spiced with paprika herbs, chunky beans and diced spinach leaves. This one is so heavenly delicious and I could eat them everyday for breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper!

14. One for the album. 

Thank you so much to Chris and Tima for hosting us with yummiest food and entertaining stories. She gave each one of us a string of hand made necklace from Uganda. It is so pretty and made from beads that were rolled tightly from paper into balls! Amazing craft, love it. 
Many thanks & muacks!



  1. Do you have to pay? Healthy food

  2. I didn't know there are such thing here in KL.. You search in the website, find someone amd something you like, go to their place, and experience their country's homr cooked food.. So the same thing too if we want to experience real Mexican or say, Hawaii food?

  3. Interesting. I didn't know KL has this kind of thing too. Home dinners are pretty common and gaining more and more popularity in the US.
    I saw you unashamedly promoting your blog when leaving your good review for Chris and Tima, nice work hahaha! :D

  4. agree!! the Africa is indeed a mystery yet exotic place to me, and it would definitely be nice if I can actually travel there and experience the totally different rich culture of the Africans besides the wildlife and magnificent views of the nature.. and food, ah, of course that is going to be something I will want to try, it must be a precious experience to favour the culinary skills of people from another part of the world using very different ingredients and methods..

  5. that is very nice and hospitable of Tima and Chris to host the guests with their traditional Uganda (and probably also Nigerian) food from the recipe if their old mother!! that sounds so interesting and inviting.. and before you even got to taste the food, there's already such a great view from their window to gaze the beautiful night view of KL!! that's mere enjoyment!! :)

  6. wow!! look at the spread on the table, they look humble (if compared to the Chinese dishes we alway feast on, that we may he tired of at times) yet refreshingly delicious!! I would say it's well balanced - appetizer, salad, yoghurt (as soup??), bread and couscous and meat.. nice!! and you left out introducing one of the dish which is placed between the bread and the chicken.. that looks like some stew or kind to me..

  7. that must be a great and enjoyable night, good food and companion.. and I am sure Anay has already make friends with Tima and Chris, and they will be inviting Anay and Letchumy for dinner more often.. and I wonder when are Anay and Letchumy going to cook and invite friends over for dinner like they do with the WithLocals program?? :p

  8. What a lovely evening you had there.

    And enjoying home cooked African food with lovely company too. :)

    1. Some more you received a memento from the dinner. A handmade special necklace for each of you. Nice lah.

      WithLocals sure sounds like a nice program to experience new culture. :)

  9. Anay saved a lot leh in this case.

    Some more aleat at home. Nice.

    Ahem...got ask recipe ka?

  10. What beads are those you guys are wearing? They give u ka as souvenirs?

  11. wow..something new and interesting. All those food look delicious too.

  12. Good evening TM, it's now raining heavily in Singapore...

  13. No. 3, thought you will be saying I will be back in Marina Bay Sands Singapore for a swim...

  14. Did they teach you how to prepare their dishes, so one of the day, we have a bloggers gathering, and you can teach us how to prepare the dishes...

  15. How to say yummy in Uganda? Anyway, how's your mum?

  16. wow, i haven't tried any African food before! Would love to experience at least once!

  17. What a nice way to experience the food from another culture without having to leave the country.

  18. Nice gathering and what a nice couple! I had African food before and what I remember was their coffee black. It was so so so gao that I put 5-6 packets of sugar inside!!!

  19. the view is nice but i'm not into african food

  20. An evening to remember! I have never eaten African food and never imagined that if I ever will. This WithLocals programme is rather good for the hosts who obviously love to cook and the guests who get to taste exotic homecooked meals. Oh, you take olive oil neat from the bottle! No wonder you complexion is so beautiful :)

  21. Africa! I recognize all those meals, and now you've made me very homesick!
    PS: Now try it again, this time with nice South African wine to accompany the food. ;)

  22. Wow lucky you! I have never try African food before, in fact I don't know much about it also~

  23. Glad to see you enjoying African dishes made by truly African couple! These seem like my kind of dishes and I really wish to taste them. You got some breathtaking photos on the KL city and skyscraper. The couple looks people friendly :)

  24. The food looks interesting and delicious! :)

    I have heard from the WithLocals company about this too, forgot to reply them last time. Haha. I'm very bad with replying emails so I outsource it now.

    Good to hear that they have lots of stories about life in Africa to share too! I think their concept is quite interesting too.

  25. Oh wow...African food, that's interesting. I am not quite adventurous with food, probably I will have the salad and bread..hahah. Those dishes all look great and glad you guys have so much of fun and delicious food.

  26. Hi! Kuala Lumpur is very beautiful city. I enjoyed your photo very much. Thanks for your invitation. I want to visit your country in future. Thanks for sharing.

  27. So glad you're able to meet some awesome natives & sampling thier cooking through WithLocals! I had a great time too with an Indonesian family the last time. I've only tried African food once, & that was in Tokyo. Glad you had a great time!

  28. Hey i really would love to try some authentic african food in KL, wonder if you still have contact with this lovely couple?


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