Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Cosplay / Anime Event @ KL HELP College 2015

A close buddy invited me to visit his exhibition booth at HELP College last weekend. I drove all the way to Kota Damansara to discover that it was the C2AGE 2015 Event for Cosplay, Comics, Anime and Games which attracted thousands of young people. An old uncle like me walked around looking like a natural Yoda from Star Wars!

 1. The band played heavy metals and music that got my heart beating fast instead.

2. It was a pretty sight to see all the sporting Cosplay participants 
walking around with confidence.

3. These cars with TAKAO Anime Cartoons stole the show.

4. There were about 9 cars all dressed up with Anime Cartoons.

5. My friend Lee Wan Fang is HELP's fresh graduate 
who was flirting with 2 Zombie Nurses from the Morgues! 
I stole his FB photo & the cars to post here. 
Will post this up and show the world before notify him.

6. A cute lady with a huge sword.

7. I got myself updated that there is an active 
hobby club - SYNERGY Brick Maniacs

8. My friend Bruce Lee created this model of a Star Wars air base 
using tiny model bricks that looked like LEGO to me.

9. Another impressive full scale model by the SYNERGY's gang.

10. This is my friend Bruce Lee Chiau Han, father of one baby 
who plays his toys more than with the child. Tsk! Tsk!

11. A Cosplay Model proudly showed off his striking pose.

12. A smart looking soldier, ready to combat the enemies.

13. Cosplay shoppers browsing for some wares. 
A trendy sight that reminds me of being an old uncle now.

 14. There is a huge demand for such modern anime cartoon stuffs today 
while I am still eating toasted kaya bread with Kopi-O.

15. There were so many pedlars selling so much Anime Figurines 
and Cosplay memorabilia.
SK Thambee would love them for his display cabinet.

16. It was a nice morning to mingle with the young & trendy. 
Next time I will wear my own Yoda costume to parade.



  1. Cheers! I love love love cosplay and never missed most of the cosplay convention here in my country

  2. the format for these events are pretty much the same here... cosplayers, toy exhibits, anime-related booths, art exhibits and I bet there were gaming sections here too... gosh, that Silent Hill Nurses nailed it

  3. not sure if you found one,, but the love pillows are quite in demand in Otaku-world right now... they are large hug pillows called Dakimakura where there are life size image of sexy and almost naked anime characters in very suggestive poses lol.. so crazy right... w've seen a lot of them here being auction in some cosplay events

  4. The zombie nurses look scary, haha, where are their eyes? It's good that you can attend the event and bump into all sorts of anime characters, zombies, cute pretty sweet young girls maybe.. So did you dress up in any costume? I imagine you in Thor's suit holding the hammer, haha..

  5. Wahhhhh animes fans sure go crazy at this event.

    So syioklah Anay go there.

    Feel very young or not with the HEL students there? hihihi

    1. "Feel very young or not with the HELP students there? hihihi"

  6. Very interesting indeed! I would feel so out of place at such an event.

  7. Hi! Many people look very fun. It's very interesting to see these costume-play photos. Thanks for sharing.

  8. You are too tall to be Yoda! You can be Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Episode 4. Wow, you have many young friends. Can see they really put effort into the cosplay. Very good!

  9. wow!! Anay went to this very awesome C2AGE.. even Thambee also didn't know about this event dei..

    #1.. heavy metals music!! that's impressive.. and was that Letchumy under the stage wearing that star print clothes taking photos??

    #2.. the cosplay fans are certainly very proud of themselves, and if you invite them to take photos together, lagi confident they are!!

    #3 & #4.. wow, this car is certainly going to catch a lot of attentions if running on the road..

    #5.. OMG, your friend's hands!!! this must be the photo taken before he places his "READY" hands somewhere else.. muahahahahaha!!

    #6.. is that a big sword?? it looks like a giant chinese paper umbrella to me..

    #7 & #8.. oh, if not mistaken, they call these the nano bricks.. wow, they have an association for that??!!

    #9.. wow, very impressive!!! i think it must have used the builder many nights to build the whole thing.. and imagine those tiny little nano bricks that Anay can accidentally sweep away like his bogger!!!

    #10.. well well well, no surprise!! especially when he was rushing to get that built up..

    #11.. oooh!!! Fing-Fing will hate that evil monkey but like that red monster!!!

    #12.. smart?? yeah.. until you realize how plastic his gun is, hahahaha!! :D

    #13 & #14.. oooh, souvenirs and gadgets!! these are surely going to attract many C2AG lovers buying!!

    #15.. hmmm, not really that Thambee will buy all these figurines.. he only loves Minions and Doraemon!! *hint hint*

    #16.. Anay, you are already in your cosplay costume!!! you are someone young at heart inside an old grandma's skin dei~~ muahahahahaha!! :D

    sekian, terima kasih!! nandri..

  10. Wow, the mini lego, guess that caught my attention the most compare to the costume, hahaha....

    Your friend is very talented can use lego to create a new model, my eldest nephew also can do that, sometimes the model that he made I can't even tell he follow the preset model or he created himself lo!

  11. Good morning TM... The weather here is so hot today...

  12. I will wait and see TM wear your own Yoda costume to parade, wink wink...

  13. Interesting! But me not a fan of cosplay at all, hehhe~

  14. WTF?! Takao is a heavy cruiser battleship during WW2. How embarrassing it is for it to be cosplayed by a Myvi! Should just get a hot chick to cosplay as Takao the mental model!

    This is the real Takao in the anime:

  15. Wow! Very detailed work on the LEGOs.

    I've bumped into a cosplay event at Tropicana City Mall, not sure who organized that though. It's getting very popular here, cosplay. It used to be a very fringe thing when I was in uni, there are people doing it and they're almost like celebrities coz the people who do it are so few in number.

    Now it's a mainstream thing, which is good.

  16. attending such an event makes one feel young

  17. Cosplay eh! Heard before that this belong to youngster. Mak Yannie sure doesn't know how to appreciate this event. Look at those costumes, must be very costly.

  18. Seem like a pretty colorful event but i ever seen any of these cosplay character in tv/movies.

  19. Wow, those nurses are pretty close to the real thing!

  20. so interesting. when my girl was studying there, there was nothing of this sort.


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