Friday, July 10, 2015

Berbuka Puasa Dinner 2015

This year my company's bosses decided to hold the 
'Berbuka Puasa Dinner' 
inside our factory's office instead. 

We have been holding it annually at the 5 star hotels and clubhouses
but one factory manager protested every year. 
He suggested that it should be held inside the factory 
so that all the other Indonesian & Pakistani workers could join in. 
In the pasts, they could not join in the dinner due to several factors.

 Dato Brian specially ordered the mamak food from the best
outlet that he has eaten. It is from Kalifah's Restaurant
at Damansara Utama.

 So many trays of food were placed inside and outside the
meeting room areas. The food was really unbelievably
very good to my liking! We had no place to sit and eat properly. 
Next year, I will protest and suggest to continue eating
outside at proper restaurants.


 The staff of my department posed with a very flamboyant Datin
who came to visit and join us. You can see how silly for the CNY
decorations to be on the wall in July!
I have to confess that the above ladies are the noisiest 
colleagues I ever had in my life. When the Datos are out,
they will turn into noisy parrots, mynahs and crows!
The accountant complained about them to the GM
about their daily noise but the GM turned a deaf ear.
The GM felt that without their noise, the office is
dead like a morgue! 
The GM is me, 
so the accountant is silent.

I was not in the photos as I was still upstairs rushing the job
for the next morning's big presentation with a 
Yang DiPertua. The lousy photos were passed to me
but I still decided to post them here.



  1. Good afternoon TM... The weather is still hot even after some rain in the morning...

  2. Maybe next year, you can come up with TM creation of Hari Raya decorations...

  3. TM, your posts are coming at us fast and furious hee..hee... I hope you had something to eat that evening. Quite OK also lah to have the buka puasa at the factory because the hotel may not be able to cater to so many of you including the factory floor staff. So the food was all from Kalifah? I know this restaurant and I used to think their food was good until about 2-3 years ago. I found that their standard dropped and also they increased their prices (very laku due to the construction activities at Uptown). So this auntie had not been back since.

  4. Salute at the manager's thoughtfulness.

  5. No wonder, I've look through the whole picture but can't find you inside. After read the words only know you're truly not in there. Like so excited, I can't wait to see the raya coming. while me and my colleagues will have buka puasa dinner next week.

  6. I agree with him, sometimes it's just as good berbuka-ing in the office, so that everyone can join, and it's convenient and near.. Catering food taste just as good.. Well of course, if want more high class, can go to hotels and what-not.. But then, we have to rush there after work, drive there, yada yada.. Some who don't drive, have to think of transport after dinner.. Bosses and top sales usually will have "second round" after dinner, like going for drinks, then what about other admins and staff who don't have transport home, or they park their car in the office, waiting for one of the guys to fetch them back to office to take their car, and then end up, all salesmen go for "second round" with the bosses for drinks? Everything need to think hor.. So, yes, in a nutshell, I support berbuka-ing and organizing party treats in the office :)

  7. Hi! Nice dinner for all of them. They look very fun. I hope you will continue this kind of dinner next year. Thanks for sharing.

  8. oh i'm learning here.. is Berbuka Puasa Dinner a traditional dinner celebration as part of Ramadan??
    I guess the Factory manager just want everybody to feel the celebration and be part of this traditional dinner...
    and it seems like they enjoyed it

  9. I was searching for you in the photo handsome

  10. I think it is good to include all workers for the dinner but can hire extra chairs and tables so everyone will get to sit down to a good meal. Hahaha, you are more funny than RG. Said GM turned a deaf ear and then only reveals that the GM is you. hahahaha! Good one! :D

  11. oh, it's the "berbuka puasa bersama-sama" time once in a year in ANAY'S company!! hey, this year is kind of different, you had it in the office!! but if everyone can join if it's held in the office, I think this is a wiser choice than having it outside dei~~

  12. i don't believe that is all.. there should be more people and more food!! but what looks like in the photo to me, a little departmental celebration only dei.. where are all the other people and more food?? I remember in previous years, your company took up the entire restaurant.. or probably because it's held in the office, everyone just choose to go home or stick their butt on their workstation chairs like the GM~~ xD

  13. well, I guess there must be a balance in a workplace.. we need people to make noise and people who can make others make noise, as well as people who are quiet and people who can make people quiet.. I guess the flamboyant Datos and Datins belongs to the latter type, and Anay belongs to the former type!!!

  14. Berbuka puasa at the factory is not a bad idea so everyone gets the chance to savor the food.

  15. how nice working as a team under one roof...

  16. How fun! Miss office parties likes these :D

  17. too. NO matter how nice is the food, I still prefer to eat outside. Better ambience and atmosphere!

  18. Goodmorning,
    I think it was a very good idea... to have the buka puasa on the premises... everyone can participate and sure good bonding time with management and workers too. The deco is very fitting for the theme "Muhibbah" or Kongsi Raya!

  19. Never in my life I have buka puasa dinner with my fellow colleagues. The previous and the current employers of me never thought of having this type of buka puasa dinner at all. How pathetic! We only have Raya celebration lunch, Deepavali celebration lunch and Chinese New Year celebration dinner. That's all.

    How I wish you are my GM! So sporting and thoughtful.


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