Calling Durian Lovers

My old man went nuts and loved these durian cream puffs!
So I must share this with all the durian lovers as I find
these new outlets are selling like HOT CAKES!

You should visit the latest friendly shopping mall in Petaling Jaya.
It is the Atria Shopping Gallery which is tastefully designed
to be the latest boutique mall for all your needs -
Daiso, Pet Shop, MNG, Little Penang, GMG Timewear,

I am a regular visitor there with my father for our dinner
where I would push him around on his wheel chair. 
We always saw long queues of customers buying the 
latest craze of durian puffs.

This outlet "Taste Better" sells a box of 6 Durian Puffs @ RM10
and you will get a FREE nice creamy Durian Ice Cream
for every purchase of 2 boxes. All the durians are from D24!

When you sink your teeth in the puffs, the soft durian creams
will flow out like nectar from heavens!!
I love it!

I have bought over a dozen boxes and even brought friends
to try them too. You could smell the durian from that stall
from the above floors! No kidding!



  1. Durian has no power over me :P

  2. I haven't been to the new Atria yet. Oh....durian puffs! I love durians and I'll be sure to love these durian puffs!

  3. Wah, you look very lengchai, TM.. Cut your hair liao? Look smart liao wor, unlike the previous harm-choy sloppy hairstyle.. Oohhh, the puffs are made from D24? Not bad wor.. I'm not a fan of durian, but during this season, I had some, hehe.. Coz everyone is having it, if I just sit there and do nothing, cannot ma, rite.. I had D24 and musang king only.. Nowadays, many names for durians, cannot follow.. I only know D24 and musang king, and that's what I had.. Just a few biji, enough already.. Quite creamy la, nice also, but I don't plan to have it again..

  4. Wah, so syiok enjoy durian.

    I know one person who doesn't care about this post. Hehehe

  5. durians?? can i say "No, thank you" even if you are not offering me any?? hahahaha.. go go go, go enjoy the delicious durian puffs and FOC durian ice-cream with your old man..

    hmmm, is this a new mall or a renovated mall?? i thought i have heard about The Atria before though i have not been there before.. well, shopping malls are mushrooming in the Klang Valley and sometimes i realised there are too many that i have not yet had the chance to even step foot on.. given the bad economy, i wonder if there are still people who spend much on shopping?? okay, at least i know there is ONE but probably she only flies to other countries using her husband's private jet..

    hmmm, Thambee really seldom eat this kind of puffs, because almost all the cream puffs sold in Malaysia are so sweet, once bitten sure jelak already dei.. but the one Thambee had in a random cafe in a random shopping mall in a random place in Tokyo last time, the cream puff was so nice Thambee almost eaten more than half of it.. ooopsss, got one kind of puff Thambee likes but only available in Malaysia - kaya puff!! aiyoyo, love that to the brim, especially those homemade ones.

    eih, not bad huh?? buy two boxes and you get a free ice-cream on cone.. that's actually a rather easy entry for the freebies.. unlike many establishment, they make the entry barrier so tough only the rich ones can afford.. for example, be the top spender and win a TV.. and that is why it makes the rich even richer dei..

    anay crazy dei, you bought a dozen of boxes?? and you walloped all the 6 ice-cream all by yourself like you can wallop the cheesy mutton curry with dhaal chapati in your motherland slum!! and you mentioned "one could smell the durian from that stall
    from the above floors"
    , okay, then you are actually telling me not to go to that mall at all~~ :D

  6. Good evening TM... Hot, hot, and it's hot....

  7. I loves durians and anything with durians, i loves it, yummy...

  8. They have this in Bukit Indah, if i didn't remember wrongly....

  9. I am really eager to taste durian... is this exportable? the only place that sells durian in our country is mostly in Davao and it is way too far from my place (you have to ride a plane to reach it) and their prices here are so expensive O_O

  10. Yes, I tasted once before in JB... but now with the durian season, eat fresh first.. then when season is gone, then I will take durian puffs.. hahaha...

  11. My girls sure love the durian puffs and the ice-cream. Personally, I still prefer the durians itself.

  12. They should give you some free durian puffs for you have helped them to promote.

  13. Dear Anay, I saw this outlet at Malaka last year. I wanted to try, but I was full that time. Aiyo! Next time, I saw this Taste Better Durian puffs, I must die die go in to buy myself a box. I love durian and I can't resist it, even though I love being a pink panther.

  14. So now I know where to find you!!. Haven't been to Atria since they revamped the place.
    Enjoy your durian puffs and have a happy weekend.

  15. oh i have pass by this stall when i was there. But tarak buy. Quite pricey leh. Buy 3 biji of the puff i can get one biji of the non branded durian leh. LOL.

    I like fresh durian better than puffs.Agree with SK there that many shop selling puff and the puff are too sweet. Seems like a catch 22 situation la. Puff not sweet then its not nice also.

  16. So many ah? wei....your dad cannot eat too many la. Too sweet. I wont be like SK one. I will say "yes, thank you" if you wanna throw some to me., Kihkihkih...joking only ah...dont gila gila go buy

  17. Really D24 ah?? I bought them once and thought it was a bit expensive, RM 10 for 6 puffs. But I know the cream is real durian lah and it was quite delicious. If is really D24 then really worth it!

  18. I'd prefer real durians :P

  19. durian puff is high calorie zero nutrition rubbish food... but once in a while ok lah.....

  20. Oh dear, I would probably be running far far away from it! Can't stand the smell of durian. Hahaha!

  21. The durian puffs resemble the Mumbai food vada pav! Seems u enjoy each of your visit to this stall

  22. Those puffs look yummy leh, but I prefer cream puff la, durian is not my thing, LOL!

  23. My fav place to get the durian puff and ice cream. I can two ice cream at one time. So delicious!

  24. i will defnitely check out the mall when i am back! cant wait. and wow, durian puffs :D

  25. I want to scream it loud "I want~~~" because I love durian...BUT can't eat too much!! =[

  26. I must try them! Thanks for the recommendation.

  27. We had durian puffs here too! They also make good durian ice cream. Their durian tarts are not bad too, they seem to have several outlets in Klang Valley.

  28. I definitely don't wanna share this with others!


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