Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Manila American Cemetery & Memorial

This visit to the memorial place for the US Armed forces was highly recommended by my wife's Pinoy associate. I found it a very meaningful place as it was another eye-opener. I prefer to learn and observe their culture & rich history instead of exploring the full lengths of their shopping malls. Most of my friends do not share the same interests as mine, so it's their loss.

1. Our tour guide drove us to the Manila American Cemetery 
on the hilly part of Fort Bonifacio which was a short distance 
from our hotel in Makati. 

2. We had to pass the famous McKinley Road which is like Beverly Hills
and you could see the palatial 42 Room Mansion belonging to the Sultan Of Brunei.
The ruler must have loved Makati as much as I do.
So please do not think of Manila as polluted slums & jeepneys only.
You can see more branded stuffs and flashy Ferraris than Malaysia. 
This is affluent Makati I am talking about.

 3. This huge cemetery spreads over 152 acres of the most prominent plateau
of Manila. This burial place is the largest administered
 by the American Battle Monuments Commission and is fully guarded
by multi tiers of security. There are 17, 206 graves in this whole place
which is the largest number of any US War cemeteries in the world.

4. Every strand of grass was air flown from Maryland, USA while all 
the tombs are white marbles from Italy. Here they have professionals
to water and mow the lawn everyday. You cannot help feeling so touched
by the utmost care and respects the US Government have pledged to always 
commemorate the war soldiers who were killed at war.
They have 24 Cemeteries and 25 memorials, monuments
and markers in 15 countries today.

5. Here is the full view of the Memorial Place from the front. 
All the high rise condos are the most affluent homes of the Makati residents. 

 6. The Wall Of Missing are built equally on both sides.
There are 36,286 engraved tablets of those Missing in action
who gave their lives in the service of their country.

7. This is the Chapel building where visiting guests and
dignitaries would place the floral wreaths and sign the condolence
books inside.

 8. Inside the Chapel is the Altar where the natural sunlight
shines inside. A tall graceful lady in flowing white scatters flowers to
the ground. The whole wall's illustration was made from the coloured
mosaic pieces. We both signed our feelings in the book.

9. Inside the end of the panels of many walls, there are 25 well
illustrated maps to show & explain how the wars took place.
It is so much easier to understand from graphics than having to read
from piles of history books. They have 4 rooms of these maps as many
wars had taken place which I wasn't even aware of. 

10. I was so impressed with the skills of the craftsmen who used
coloured bits of mosaic pieces to illustrate the giant maps!!
Those who have visited Europe would know what this mosaic art is. 
They will last till eternity.

11. We spent a long time looking at the maps. I learnt something 
that the worst wars that killed most of the US soldiers took place in 
New Guinea or the Battle Of The Philippines.

12. There are carved Seals of all the American states on the floor.
I chose to share this piece as I have lived there once
with good memories.

13. A senior gentleman came forward to place fresh flowers for
his comrade or family who was missing during the war. 

14. He wept sadly and turned away to look at the greens.
I made a guess that he must be in his 70s and could be born just
before the WWII in 1941. 
He could be the filial son who missed his father.
Perhaps he never met his father too.

15. My heart also wept to know that so many brave American soldiers
have died in the war, fighting all over the Pacific & Asia.
In China, I have visited many mausoleums & memorials too
where many fierce wars and battles had taken place over thousands
of years ago! Humans are still fighting & killing horrendously.

16. Some humans are more scary than wild beasts and could never learn
from the War Histories. They are still fighting senselessly until this day
making millions of families homeless and children being orphaned
or even beheaded. What a sad world we live in.


I am not sure if my Manila Postings have intoxicated my readers.
Just to share that I have narrowed them to these few more.

1. Glorietta & Greenbelt Shopping Hub
2. Hard Rock Cafe Makati
3. The Slums Of Manila



  1. FC! I am FC today hee hee

    I also prefer shopping, but no loss for me, cos I can read what TM shares here hee hee

    1. Wah!!! You dropped by at 4.44am! I wonder whether you just woke up or going to bed soon.

      I have passed my shopping days but still enjoy window shopping at the malls overseas. I prefer to shop online for some items which give better discount.
      I do not expect everyone to visit cemeteries like me! So hope that you could pick up some knowledge for free here. Wakakaka

  2. Poor uncle weeping at the loss of his family, I can feel his loss, it is always a pain to lose your close and love ones

    1. He made me realize that time has not healed his wounds and pain after so long. I really have no idea what was in his mind. I thought that he could be an American who has been coming regularly as he didn't appear like a first time visitor like me wandering all over.

  3. Thanks for sharing TM, I enjoyed reading this post

    1. I am glad you enjoyed! I thought you might say TM crazy again to go cemeteries!

  4. You like to visit memorial place just like I like to visit temples

    1. I actually love to visit anything very old, ancient, historical and even haunted!
      Ancient temples & palaces in China have been my top favourites.
      I even love to talk to old people.

  5. Good morning TM... As usual, hot weather here, but sobsss, got haze...

    1. Good Morning Queen! Hot weather again? I suggest you move to KL and stay.
      Food is cheaper and nice too. We need Zumba Queens to teach everywhere.

  6. Very well kept, clean and green.. Wow, grass from USA and tomb from Italy? I didn't know anything about the war that occured..If I'm there, I think I'd be like you too, looking at the maps and spending time to read and understand of what happened..Oooo I see Hard Rock next in your blog, sure got food and burgers and shakes :)

    1. That was my intention to blog it this way with facts and some photos for everyone's knowledge. Not everyone would have the time and opportunity to see such historical places.
      You will see something else about Hard Rock Cafe!!! ha ha ha!

  7. Not sure if you are aware, the 2nd of Sept is the official V-Day, the day when the treaty was signed and the war officially ended. You are so lucky to be able to visit this memorial around this time.

    I guess we should be grateful for the Americans, their involvement in the war shaped the world as we know it. If they remained neutral, we might all be speaking Japanese now.

    1. This is an interesting piece of news to me as you are always an intellectual in many areas. I was not aware of this 2nd September which was the time when the treaty was signed. I am so embarrassed that I paid no attention to this important history.... **shy** **shy**

      Yes, I have always asked why the Americans had to sacrifice so many lives of their honorable soldiers at war, fighting alongside the countries that were not theirs. They did that selflessly in the name of human kind to save and protect the victims. People should be eternally grateful to their sacrifices and contributions to bring peace instead of accusing them for whatever unforeseen short comings.

  8. I also prefer visiting temples, museums etc to know more about the culture and history rather then shopping malls. Indeed so much senseless killing and war!

    1. I definitely share your passion to see nature's wonders and historical sites!
      Say No To War!

  9. This cemetery memorial is not scary unlike the Chinese one in your previous post. It looks neat, clean and bright. Like you, I would not be interested in the shopping malls, preferring to go sight seeing instead. But not cemeteries hah..hah...

    1. You are so cute! Always scared of cemeteries. Why scared? Someday we will join them again. From there we came, to there we shall return to.

      I think it is okay to have some malls so that I have places to hang out at night and for food.

  10. hmmm, i would say if your friends do not share the same interests as yours, that does not necessarily mean their loss, because i always think everyone has their own preferences to do, go or see what they like, so there is no right or wrong, we should respect that instead.. do you agree with Thambee, Anay?? of course being your loyal reader, Thambee finds your trip very unique and lots of eye-opener that you have shared with us here, one word says it all: INTERESTING or in French, intéressant.. :)

  11. #1.. hoi!! just a short distance from your hotel but you chose to get your driver to drive you there instead of walking?? that is Anay but definitely not Letchumy dei~~ :D

    #2.. where is the mansion of the Brunei Sultan?? can put an arrow in the photo to show us?? :p

    #3.. wow, 152 acres with 17,206 RIP heros in there!! indeed a big and amazing place.. but the whole place looks so serene and peaceful..

    #4.. was that a piece of banana skin dried up at the edge of the grass??

    #5.. yeah, all the buildings at the backdrop are indeed more noticeable than the memorial park..

  12. #6.. 36,286 missing souls!!! OMG, this is indeed a very saddening but touching figure, it's more than double those who are RIP at the other side of the memorial park.. this wall is indeed the most meaningful structure in the park to me..

    #7.. very uniquely designed chapel..

    #8.. that is Letchumy in the photo!! but my attention was at the painting on the wall, it is so beautiful dei~~

    #9.. maps!! i love studying maps.. and especially when the maps are telling history..

    #10.. indeed!! if Anay has not mentioned that, Thambee would never realise those are mosaics, whole pieces, shaped or crushed, on the wall that formed the maps!! amazing~~ :)

  13. #11.. there are indeed lots of things to see and learn from the maps.. Anay was just taking photos of Letchumy?? it's smart of her to take down the photos of the maps, so that she can always study them when she feels like it..

    #12.. Anay did not pose with the seal??

    #13.. i really love this shot!!! it creates so much feelings and emotions.. i suppose those are the names of the 36,286 missing souls on the wall..

    #14.. that's a very good deduction from what Anay can observe from the man.. did you go over and talk to him??

    #15.. if Anay would stand like the man in the photo above with your back facing the camera, the shoot will be even more beautiful and that pose can even show that your heart was weeping too..

    #16.. you are right to say that humans are more scary than wild beasts!! i think all the bolehland people are at least seeing two, and hundred under them..

  14. this place is nice but it doesn't look like the 'real' manila.

    1. LOL...You are weirdo! Always wanna see slums and poorest villages. When you have combed the whole Thailand, you can go to the real Manila to please your whims.

  15. Good evening Anay

    hari tu go to the chinese wealthy cemetery now american punya pulak. salute you la going to placs many would not visit.

    1. you say cultural history...mostly people will visit museum or art place but not cemetery leh. This post really eye opening post

    2. 1. wah this one no need an hour ride ah. Guess American cemetary is more famous than the welthy chinese punya gua as here no need to ask for direction already know the place

      2. wah lau eh...the place like those American place leh...if you put caption there as taken in XX place in american i will believe leh.

      3. Gosh...that many war heroes did not make it back to their country ah sad

      4. . really respect

      5. The condo have cemetery view but i think it is not eerie as those condo in Penang

      6. another sad place

      7. it look a bit small..maybe just the camera angle

      8. yea...from here looks bigger. Sadder too be cont tmw.....eyes zombiefied good night. hope i dun cry in my sleep later

    3. am day time comment better...otherwise your "friends: here come visit me pulak at night

      9. 25 illustration many hours you spend reading that? I see here one map got a lot of writing leh

      10. impressive la they do anthen cantum all together. Must have took a long time. and with such details too

      11. can see letchumi recording her experience there. Hmm wondering if she is going to blog about it

      12. guess people will not walk on it . will go one round kot.

      13. so many names.....could be for his son also.... :(

      14. damn damn damn....this is sad post imagination running wild liao. Hmmm no wonder i dont go to places like this. Too sad. am damn emo one leh

      15. is that why you wearing dark glasses ah. crying your eyesball out there ka? Eye red as vampires kot

      16. all because of damn leader la that want face. Then those arse licker who go and fan the flames.Become war liao.

      next 3 posts not so sad gua? Give warning first ah pls

  16. wah .... your itinerary are really different from those common ones. Anyway, these are places where not many tourists will go and it's good to learn about the history as well as culture.
    War is always not a good thing but human beings always have the anger and dark side with them even in work. How I wish everyone is peaceful with each other.

    1. I am quite a weird fella as you could say so. I prefer to travel with my wife as she is the best companion and supportive person to make our holiday trips fun and memorable as she has no demands and fussy criteria like shopping, shopping and shopping only.

      I wish the world will have peace ultimately after so much wars and disasters.

  17. I saw this US cemetery in many other blogs too. You are right, it is such a sad world with humans killing humans on such a big scale.

    1. I am quite anxious to look up the other blogs to read what has been written. I know I am definitely not the first visitor to blog but I had no idea where are the blogs. I have to google later.

      The wars has not seen the end for many centuries now.

  18. I love to read history and love listening to it but I can never remember the important dates. I didn't quite like to visit historical places especially those which look dark and cold.

    1. I realised that those thick history books could have been summarized to make them less boring. There is too much facts in the history with individual dates and many names to remember. I guess no one on earth could remember all.

  19. Gimme 5 Bananaz also likey cemeteries. We go shooting one fine day to all cemeteries around KatLumPor?

    1. Gimme Dat Gimme Dat....Gimme Dat Banana!
      Okay let's go and snap photos some day.

  20. Thanks for sharing, now we all learn something ;)

    1. You are most welcome. This is my intention to share places that would not be visited by my friends.

  21. Indeed an eye-opening experience, Tan! Everything's so neat & love the lush greenery. Thanks so much for your strings of comments! Always afraid you'll be bored with my beauty posts other than food. Hahaha!

    1. Oh well, you cannot be writing posts just to please me but I do read your beauty tips so that I could advise my busy wife what's latest.
      Similarly, I would post unique or bizarre places where most people would not visit. LOL

  22. Oh I've been here once.. it's really a very serene place...these heroes have contributed a lot in our country... most Philippine presidents and other notable politicians and soldiers were buried here...

  23. Yup, same here, I rather check out the local history place like museum rather than shopping mall....and also hunting for food... Yea, everybody loves food, except me, kinda weird ta!