Thursday, September 3, 2015

Manila - My Farewell Night

Tonight is my last night in Manila and it has been 7 days. Time flies so fast and I can't wait to get home for some spicy food. The Pinoy food is very delicious and different here. You should plan your next holiday to visit Manila for a nice change. Book your flights early and you could easily get less than RM300 for return but I missed that chance as I was being delayed by some unconfirmed matters earlier.

1. Makati is a very nice, trendy and safe city. The prominent Ayala Family
has built a great & well planned city here for both business and leisure. 
This is a very remarkable eye opener for me to see this beautiful city.

2. This is Ayala Avenue which is a financial district just like the
New York City's Times Square and Shenton Way in Singapore.

3. The streets are very neat and clean with covered pedestrian walkways
in this part of Makati in Manila. The above statue sits outside the
Stock Exchange Building.

4 This is the solid building of The Philippine Stock Exchange.

5. I say Makati is very safe because all the wealthiest live around here
and all the upscale shops & chic restaurants hire security guards who 
carry big and small guns! No kidding man! 
They would smile and open doors too.
I got used to the sight of their guns on my 2nd day onwards.

6, Their public transport is fabulous with lots of taxis and Jeepney trucks
running every where, You need to be smart when taking taxis.
My wife and her associate took a taxi from Manila Airport
to their hotel which slaughtered them at 1800 pesos (approx. RM180)
She alerted me to take the taxi from the Departure Entrance of the
airport where the empty taxis are desperate to pick passengers.
My metered taxi fare was only 130 pesos (approx. RM13) to the
same hotel. Lucky me!

7. Please pay attention to this Ayala Center's map! 
You need to book your hotels around the Greenbelt and Gloritetta which is 
rendezvous, beautiful and safest.
Outside in the Manila suburbs are quite messy, scattered shops & malls
and could be dangerous as I hardly saw the armed security guards.
In Makati, you can walk everywhere for good exercise!


Greenbelt 1-5 
is a huge shopping complex city of 5 connecting malls
with plenty of lush landscapes greens
 and blooms that Adam & Eve had never enjoyed. 

Glorietta 1-5
is a bigger area with trendy high end designer boutiques
alongside the world class hotels like Shangri-la,
Fairmont, The Peninsula and etc.
Hard Rock Cafe is here too.

I will post their lovely photos soon!

8. The road signs along Glorietta is just as vibrant.

9. The swanky & branded malls along Greenbelt 5.

10. In downtown Makati area, the boulevards & streets are so wide
and busy, They are nicely barricaded that you need to use their
colourful underpass walkways to cross the junctions.

11. It is not warm but I wish it was air conditioned.

12. My wife finished her last day at work at last.
She lugged her bag & headed to look for me

12. I was shopping at The Landmark.
I spent all my money today! 
Nothing is cheap here but all their
stuffs are very good quality and tastefully designed.

13. I was broke so wifey treated me to a delicious cuppa
at the Mentore Coffee & Bar
for being such an attentive and good hubby. Yay!

14. The hot caramel coffee was heavenly nice and fragrant,
It has been ages since we tasted such a fantastic brew.

15. The sinful chocolate cake was so rich and 
awfully sweet just like me!


My Next Post:
The Wealthy Chinese Cemetery Of Manila


  1. The buildings in the city are very nice, just like Shenton Way in Singapore

  2. So fast your 7 days in Manila is over already? Time really flies

  3. 7 days jor meh? So fat hor? Sorry, typo error, I meant to write - so FAST jor meh? wakakakakaka.. You are like a "siew lai lai", but man punyer version.. Wife working, and you're shopping, eating and enjoying, envy la, I also want can ahh? Eh, that chocolate cake topping looks like caramel+coffee, how they make into checkers pattern hor.. Creative..

  4. Good morning TM, as usual, the weather here, hot, no rain, haiz....

  5. 12. The jumping pose, every post, TM will have a jumping pose?

  6. I'm impressed how they are able to segregate the elite rich and beautiful area from the slums. Unlike our own capital city, I don't think you can find any corner which the foreign immigrants have not conquered.

    I just said something very discriminatory, didn't I?

  7. Lucky Letchumi alerted Anay on the taxis.

    Otherwise, sure broke lah! ;)

  8. Anay is like a tai-tai pulak. Letchumi working, he go shopping! hahaha

  9. So fast one week is already up! Have you been eating lots of sugary food? You appear to be hyperactive, making leaps everywhere hee..hee...

  10. this city looks neat and clean, but if i were to go to manila, i would like to see more of the old and dirty parts of the city.

  11. You should try go Malate and you will realise it's totally two different worlds between Makati and Malate. Even my dad said the same things when he went Manila last month.

  12. #1.. Thambee likes this building in the center of the photo, some stainless steel stripes to form patterns of the outer wall, very contemporary design dei.. just what attracts the "urban" Thambee, no more "slum boy" dei~~ :D

    #2.. the second photo looks like the streets of the Singapore's CBD and the Japan megacity downtown.. Thambee doesn't think we have anything like this in KL huh??

    #3.. i like cities with lots of statues on the street, they actually make the city more beautiful.. do we have something like this in KL?? errr, probably the one and only one in a very remote Tugu Negara only??

  13. #4.. the modern looking stock exchange building.. so different (and also so much more beautiful) than our KLSE brownish building..

    #5.. they opened the door for Anay and not shouted at Anay from far pointing their guns to you and ordered you to freeze and move no more??!!! :D

    #6.. wah, 130 pesos versus 1800 pesos!! that is such a big difference.. must be some "donation" elements in that cut-throat price huh??

  14. #7.. so the Ayala center is the hippest area in Manila?? the city map looks like it's a very well planned city.. and the Greenbelt and the Glorietta seems to be very interesting places to go.. looking forward to them~~

    #8.. very beautiful and clean streets there..

    #9.. oooh, Prada LV Gucci!! Anay was shopping there until he's broken!! did Anay buy anything there for some giveaway to bloggers?? :p

  15. #10.. the underground walkway looks so clean and brightly lit and tidy, and with very nice graffiti on the wall.. i don't even dare to walk in the underground walkway in KL alone dei..

    #11.. ooopsss!!! did the guy with spiky hair on the wall reminds Anay of Thambee?? muahahaha~~ :D

    #12.. ooh, Letchumy can't wait to meet up with Anay right after she has done with her Manila assignment.. how sweet!!

  16. #13.. hehehe, Anay must have brought a lot for Letchumy when he shopped at Prada LV Gucci.. so you just deserve a coffee treat from Letchumy lah.. :)

    #14.. aiyoh, nice drinks.. and this reminds Thambee he has missed out the McCafe promo, he wanted to get the ice-chocolate at RM2.50 but missed that!!! booohoooo~~

    #15.. wah, sinfully delicious cake!!! just as sweet and just as round like Anay!! muahahaha


    #12 (reprise).. Anay must be too excited that he counted #12 twice!!! or maybe this #12 is actually a two-part, #12A is Letchumy running towards Anay after work, and #12B is Anay jumping like a happy frog when he saw Letchumy..

  17. LOL....good afternoon anay...

    I come here touch and go ya.

    1. aiyak...too bad about the higher price airfare.

      1. safe city ah...good good.

      2. NYC and SG. That is very high praise leh.

      3. yea can see from your photos nobody shitting on the streets. LOL.. The statues their like father and son geh. Young helping the old?

      4. nice angle la you snap. USing the new camera ya

      5. Real guns ah>???? i wonder do they have bombs scanning procedure like what Indonesia have.

      6. mak oi.....RM180 vs RM13...can ride the cab till your butts stiffed liao lo

      7. that ka. Vast difference between the rich and the poor leh

      8. me rabun also can see liao.hehehe...lovely colors

      9. This snap shot looks so unreal leh Like those developers model shot when they wanna sell a shopping mall to people

      10. this really makes one feel safer too . no threathening grafiti

      11. Gues it would takes a lot of electricity to have air-cond in the tunnel leh

      12. Hahaha....nice pose leh...wei...why two number 12 photo ah?

      12. Jumping ....only two bags that i cannot hint hint and wink wink la :p

      13. wah you are so touched till cry ah?

      14. ah...can feel the aroma nof the coffee

      15 . very artistic la these people.

    2. Touch n go but still the comment so long! :p

  18. So long din't log in, din't know you went to Manila tim~
    I wish for a vacation also!

  19. I am planning a trip to Philippines soon. Hope it materialise! I never been there as it's not as popular as other places.

  20. wow, a week long in manila. Wish I could spend some time there too one day..

  21. This Makati really looks very atas ! All the buildings looks so modern and high class. Its so different from the pixs I saw of Manila which is jam and dirty ... hahah... my opinion only. But this place really looks damn great! You should stay longer!

  22. Philippines is one of the cheapest place to visit, but not anymore now due to the RM dropped. Yes, we feel safer shopping in their shopping complexes with security checks each time we go into the malls.

  23. The coffee looks good le... Yeah, if I were you I will also sip some coffee before I left for the airport.

  24. Yes, I checked the AirAsia tickets and its around RM200+ per trip for low peak. It's definitely much cheaper than some other places.

  25. What a difference between the taxi fare your wife took and your taxi fare. Thanks for the photos. The city looks so modern and nice. Will you be showing us the other side too? The famous disposal place?

  26. Definitely a very positive review...but this is only the "rich" part that you visited!
    Thanks for sharing.

  27. You left with my favourites at last! Wow... the city stands stunning and pretty neat overall! Simply cool and sounds fair transportation and i like the jeepney trucks service, which look alike a tourism vehicle that takes us for sightseeing on city. I never know Philippines to be such development country, at least with their capital Manila! Great photos

  28. Never been to any part of Philippines.If my cousin happens to move back to Philippines, probably I will visit Manila.hahah

  29. Recently I also heard people saying Philippines is a great place to visit as well, but no idea why I never thought of it, after reading your post, feel like I should visit there one day ya!