Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The Tokyo National Museum

 Whenever I made plans to visit any new country, 
I never failed to check out their museums!
The more is the merrier and that was why
I loved Xian - China. Never had enough of it.
I know most ladies would seek the shopping streets
but not me. I would be hungry to see their
historical sites, buildings and museums in order to
understand their country better.

 01. We headed to Ueno Park where all the museums are.
Our Japanese blogger friend Minoru Saito-san
so kindly guided us all the way from Akasaka to
Ueno's Park before leaving us to wander on our own.
I really respect the culture and hospitality of all
the Japanese who often play very good hosts to
all their guests. I can never thank them enough.

 02. This is the prominent statue to commemorate
the Imperial Prince Komatsumiya Akihito who was
the first President of the First Red Cross Society
of Japan.

 03. The crow just landed on the hat of the Prince's feather.

 04. The long beautiful pool of fountains flanked by pretty blooms
of flowers outside the Tokyo National Museum.

05. There are several buildings in the museum's complex and visitors
have to decide before paying the entrance fees. This lovely ancient building
was holding the displays of BVLGARI's antique jewels.
It was packed with the local Japanese visitors who are really
art and jewellery lovers!

 06. This building is the main Tokyo National Museum
which was my interest that day. It was first built in 1872.


 07. Nobody would like to follow me into museums as I could take
3-4 hours walking and admiring every single piece alone.
My wife was at Starbucks relaxing while I was browsing inside.

 08. This museum was so spacious inside, similarly to the
Ayala Museum in Makati - Manila.

 09. This huge antique vase caught my attention for its
size and unique patterns details of ancient motifs.
It was a metal caster from Takaoka and belonged
to Yokoyama Takashige who once displayed in
Vienna World Exposition during the year 1872.

 10. There is a lovely landscaped garden with a tranquil lake
behind the Museum's complex. It is a thoughtful place for
visitors to rest and relax before they could continue their
tour inside the museums.

 11. When I am old, I wish to sit on benches too.

12. This is an ancient Japanese hut which was being
relocated from the isolated mountains for display in Tokyo.

 13. I will visit this area again in near future and tour the
other museum buildings.

Address: 13-9 Uenokoen, Taito, Tokyo 110-8712, Japan
Phone:  +81 3-3822-1111
Public Train Transit: UENO Station


  1. If i go overseas, i won't seek shopping street, i would prefer to go places sightseeing as Singapore already has lots of shopping centre...

  2. Good evening TM... Hot weather today... Wonder will it rain tomorrow...

  3. When I visited Japan, I also went to different museums esp those that have free entrances. I use the money to buy myself a drink afterwards. But when I visit local places in Thailand, I visit the temples and the markets to see how similar and different each province from others. Love the photo of the Japanese hut, it speaks volume.

  4. #1.. Letchumy was yelling at Anay, "Hoi Uncle!! Walk faster lah!! Why so slow?? You cannot walk fast because any faster and your shit is coming out from your hole is it?? Walk faster!! I can't wait to get into the beautiful Ueno Park!!"..

    #2 &#3.. this statue indeed look very western, Thambee remember seeing many such style of sculptures in Europe..

    #4.. wah!!! beautiful shot!! there were flowers and there were "pancut" as well as still water!! so this is good fengshui huh??

    #5.. i wonder if Anay and Letchumy bumped into Hippomama there buying jewelries and luxury bags?? errr, wait a second, her favorite brand isn't Bvlgari but Air-mess huh??

    #6.. i love this artistic shot of the building with the autumn leaves carpeting the ground..

    #7.. well, if i were to travel with Anay together, i won't ditch you at once but probably i can spend an hour or two in the museum and then leave to join Letchumy in the cafe.. see, i am balanced!! :D

    #8 & #9.. it seems like Anay was drooling to bring that pair of vases home!! wahahaha..

    #10.. oh how nice!! such a beautiful garden in the museum and benches for visitors to take a rest before continuing their journey through the museum!! how thoughtful..

    #11.. that's your thought, but would Letchumy want to do that?? :D

    #12.. i hope Anay didn't step into that ancient hut as you may destroy the whole thing!! muahahaha~~

    #13.. that tree with yellow leaves is so beautiful dei~~

  5. I think I am going to do the same if ever I got a chance to travel to other countries.. i love exploring museum and they are the best and most effective place every tourist can visit to learn the country's culture and history.
    thanks for giving us a quick tour TM

  6. If I were to travel with Anay, I would ask Anay to go to museum, and I would go to shopping street. No issue, we could meet 4 hours later, and I definitely would not complain Anay taking too long to browse the antique. Kekekeke! OK, put joke aside. I like that picture no. 12, the ancient Japanese house is very lovely, I don't mind staying there at all.

  7. Did the prince get wounded in battle?

    I heard something about if a horse has one leg up, it means the person was wounded in battle, two legs up means died in battle.

    I like the picture of the leaves on the ground - very autumn!

  8. I know I know the Xian the one in China, that's one of my top visit list.

    Most ladies, hahaha...lucky you said so, I'm the one of the kind would pick museum rather than shopping, plus shopping is gonna waste lots of money but museum will gain lots of knowledge.

    #7 Same to me, I always spend hours in the museum, better don't bother me (that's why I like to travel alone, hahaha)

  9. This museum looks more like an art gallery than a museum! I'm more like your wife, I do go to museums, but not someone who will spend hours admiring antiques. I will get bored quickly and rather spend time in Starbucks, cinema or bookstores.

  10. I would prefer sightseeing and won't mind spending time at the museum because I am not into shopping at malls. I can see that you would be interested in the artifacts since you are an antiques collector.

  11. I also prefer sightseeing rather than shopping. Thanks for sharing.

  12. I am not a museum lover but the Paris one has certainly changed that opinion for me... As for the relaxation, yes, Japanese people live longer, last time a tour guide told us.. especially the women.. they can be 90 and still walking around on the streets... :)

  13. Unlike you, I don't mind historical sights but I'm not a fan of museums. Happy holidays, Tan! xoxo

  14. Contrary to you, I find museum boring

  15. When you're old you wish to sit on benches, that's not a difficult task to complete.

  16. We really have a lot in common. When I was in China recently, I also love visiting places of nature and historical sites, compare to shopping, though I do love to shop. Merry Xmas!

  17. I really like your pictorial blog post because it makes me feel like I went to Japan to visit the museum just by looking at your photos and reading the captions and words. Thank you!

  18. I agree, and too love museums. Although I have visited very few ones, the experience of discovering and learning things were memorable. The museum buildings hold great architecture and also look beautiful. Neat displays over there and relaxing ambiance around the garden.

  19. I should have visited the National Museum in Taipei

  20. I didn't know you were in Japan just a month ago!