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Hard Rock Cafe @ Makati City

This will be my second last post of my trip to Manila. The next final post will be covering the slum & poorest areas. Let's talk something happier today. We went to the Hard Rock Cafe unplanned,  while we were just cruising across the chic areas of Glorietta 3 in Makati City. I was curious to see their interiors after having seen their famed cafes in Manhattan, Beijing, Los Angeles & etc.

1. Hola! Mabuhay! I trotted inside happily.

2. They have a 2 level Cafe, so similar to the one I got drunk inside Manhattan at New York City. Memories! 

3. Lots of typical musicians' memorabilia would decorate their walls  to add sentimental excitement for the Hard Rockers! 

 4. This is their long bar table. They just opened doors at noon and the tiny crowd had started to trickle in.

5. So many bottles of alcohol and liquor to keep you stoned drunk and happy. 

6. They have pool tables with Pinoys & Pinays enjoying.

7. My poor wifey was sitting far behind looking bored but ver…

Ayala Center @ Makati - Manila

Today's post will be more vibrant & lively after my recent somber and morbid postings. I have to show off and share their most interesting shopping city that I had never seen in New York City, Seoul or London. A very brilliant and well planned green concept by the most prominent Ayala Family who are into banking, industries and property development. 
I will share 29 photos here in just one single post. I would never blog more than once on one spot. My photos are adjusted to lowest resolutions for your browsing convenience!

 1. You must remember to visit Ayala Center which consists the flamboyant upscale Makati's shopping haven. 

 2. It is so safe and well connected with tight security inside all the malls and restaurants. They screen all the bags like airports! Both Glorietta 1-5 and Greenbelt 1-5 malls are just side by side.

3. You will need at least 1-2 days to fully comb the enitre Greenbelt 1-5. You will walk tirelessly, eat sinfully, shop crazily and still burn calo…