Friday, January 8, 2016

Latest TOYOTA City Showcase @ Tokyo

We finished our visit to Tokyo Disney Sea and headed to Odaiba for
an emergency purchase of my new pair of shoes. Earlier on, I jumped too much
and my soles tore apart at Disney Sea. Oh wait, I have not posted
the photos of my Disney Sea trip yet. Let me share my craze for the
TOYOTA cars which I have highest regards for its long lasting
engines and power. I never owned a Toyota but would love to have
one someday.

This is not a paid post & all opinions are solely mine. 

 01. This is the entrance to the Toyota City Showcase which is very 
huge and impressive! I spent a long time inside and forgot about dinner.
It has been my lifetime dream to visit any Japanese car's mega cities
ever since my brother had a stint at the Suzuka Circuit when he was the
right hand man to the deceased son of Tan Sri Loh Boon Siew.
The older generation might remember Loh Kah Kheng who
committed suicide and that was my brother's boss!
His Honda days inspired me a lot and I had the chance to drive
all the different Honda cars which he drove home from office.
I was like a gila Mat Rempit and often borrowed his Honda & 
went racing around Penang Island after midnight. 
Once upon a time, Anay was really a dare devil.

02. This is such a sophisticated storage rack that could double
as a cars display shelves and elevator. They are so innovative and wastes
no space as land is extremely expensive in Tokyo.

 03. Their way of displaying the latest Toyota models in a relaxed
manner, enables anyone to slowly browse without any persistent
sales persons tailing or haggling with you. Thumbs up!

 04. Remember this cute TRON car which I have posted earlier.
This funny car is called "Toyota i-Road" which got its idea of
combining the compact size of a motorcycle with the safety of a car.

 05. This is their latest Toyota IQ.
It must be a smart & compact vehicle.

06. Their latest Toyota PRIUS is an improved hybrid with extra
features. My Japanese friend who drives a new compact Volvo
is eyeing it for his wife.

  07. I was very surprised that they still roll out the popular
Toyota ESTIMA in Japan.

 08. Their latest ESTIMA models look more stylish with
aerodynamic features from the front to rear of its body.

 09. This was another surprise to see the latest Toyota HARRIER
which has been running on the Malaysian roads since
thousands of moons ago. This certifies the global popularity,
durability and great demands for their HARRIER models.

 10. My brother has changed his Toyota HARRIER 3 times!
Now he drives this latest LEXUS model as his spare. 
The timeless beauty looks big outside but not inside, to me.

11. The Toyota ALPHARD is very nice and costs around RM300K
in Japan which is quite cheap.

12. The latest prominent front looks like a huge teeth! I didn't see many
such Alphards running in Japan compared to Malaysia and Thailand
where you can see them every 2 minutes on the roads anywhere.

 13. This looks like the FAST & FURIOUS dream car in the movies.
There was no name sign, so I could safely guess it is Toyota SUPRA!

 14. This is a new breed of cars that are powered by Hydrogen
and not gasoline. It is Toyota MIRAI.
I want this!

 15. Their luxury lines of Toyota CROWN models are still popular in
Japan. Here our taxes are exorbitant, so we have limited ones making debut.

 16. This was the only random car which caught my interest to open
its doors to sit inside. When I got home to KL, I had a big SHOCK
to see its model's name. No-No!

17. After a whole day at the Disney Sea and Toyota City,
my former US housemate Keitaro Kobayashi treated me
and wife to a nice Japanese dinner. His pretty daughter and
Korean wife sat beside him.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Cool! I also didn't go there. My husband would sure enjoy looking at those beautiful Toyota. Gorgeous indeed.

    1. Very nice and generous of your Japanese friend for taking you for Japanese dinner.

    2. BANZAI!! Next time I bring your hubby to Japan! We will drink sake, watch cars and kawai gals at Shibuya at night. Wakakaka

  2. Good evening TM... The weather here is so hot... Sweating...

    1. Oh the Zumba Queen of Merlion City is sweating. Go jump into the sea and swim. LOL

      Happy Weekend.

  3. I loves the last picture... Nice meetup with your friend...

    1. Now I just realised this post is for macho men to read only.

      You don't love that i-Road car???

  4. Yay! my household car is an entry level Toyota which you will approve of I guess. Faster go and change your car and your wife's car to a Toyota car lah since you like the brand.

    1. Wow! Household car some more. Your family are all smart drivers. Salutes!

  5. I like all of them and I do not know how to drive. It would be nice to learn in Japan since I see them as safe and courteous drivers. I drive a scooter and to have one of those Toyota I Road would be a head turner. May I know if you test drove one of them or you sat on the driver's seat for a photo?

  6. My family and I are big fans of Toyota. Almost all our cars are Toyota. We used to have Toyota Estima before my dad decided to change to Toyota Vellefire.

  7. I heard of Toyota Crown before but I never seen it personally. Wish I could visit here when going back Toyota again

  8. Hi! Thanks for visiting Toyota City Showcase. I have a Toyota crown. My son works in Subaru motor car headquarters. I hope you will buy a Subaru car in future. Subaru cars are very popular in USA.

  9. Hi! Thanks for visiting Toyota City Showcase. I have a Toyota crown. My son works in Subaru motor car headquarters. I hope you will buy a Subaru car in future. Subaru cars are very popular in USA.

  10. #1.. wah!! i actually didn't see the big entrance but all the big names you spelt out there!!

    #2.. that's a very brilliant way to save up space, and actually the arrangement looks more sophisticated..

    #3.. great, they did not cramp too many cars in a small area..

    #4.. hehehe!! i don't think we will be able to see this in Bolehland huh??

    #5.. indeed looks smart and compact with a high IQ~~ :p

  11. #6.. why were there only obasang and ojisang but no almost-naked sexy car models posing for pervert photographers to snap photos??

    #7.. oh, the more advanced Estima that is??

    #8.. Anay must be loving this Toyota Estima a lot..

    #9.. handsome car!! when is Anay going to buy one Harrier??

    #10.. Anay actually feels big inside this big car?? :p

  12. #11.. wow!!! RM300K!!

    #12.. Anay mentioned teeth and Thambee can imagine Anay giggling!!! muahahaha~~

    #13.. this one is one very stylo handsome guy!!! OMG, i like~~

    #14.. wah!! running on hydrogen?? so this car drinks water, and the engine actually combust the water, breaks the water down into hydrogen and oxygen, and then uses the hydrogen to run the car and pipe out oxygen for us to breath in?? oooh, not polluting carbon, very nice idea!!

    #15.. wah!! really looks like a posh prince dei.. maybe Jibbychicken and Hippomama have a few of this in their garage..

  13. #16.. ooopsss!!! maybe this car is targeting that *S*S market?? :p

    #17.. oooh, so nice of Kobayashi San to bring Anay out for a nice dinner.. Anay and him looks like brothers in the photo dei.. and the little girl is so kawaii ne~~

    ooooi??? no more dei?? usually Anay would post up 19 and exactly 19 photos, but this time only 17!!

  14. I've passed by this few times, but I guess I'm not really into cars so I didn't get in. I can imagine those car owners spending hours in there. Lol!

  15. So I guess your next car will be a Toyota?

  16. time to go visiting Toyota too in Japan!! Yes, Japanese cars are still in my priority list... lasting and durable... hahaha...

  17. Hihihi, nice post on the Toyota!!!!!
    Definitely worth the visit!

    By the way, an old friend here (^^)

  18. While I agree that Toyota is the epitome of quality, sadly the ones we get here are not that great anymore. Nowadays the Toyotas on our streets are ALL manufactured from Toyota Thailand or Indonesia. It is not comparable to the Toyotas of my dad's (er, yours) generation anymore :( ...

    Anay, if you buy hydrogen fueled car, you have to stay there. You have no way to refuel in Malaysia. Even electric cars like Tesla is easier where you still can if you live on a landed property.

  19. The cars look stunning and showcase different features! But I liked the little ones. Toyota seems to hold different models, but except those running in my country I have no knowledge about others. Toyota Innova is the top and best seller here.

    Hope u had a good time exploring your fav brand cars!

  20. How interesting!

    I've been to a Toyota concept store before, their Bangkok one when it first opened in 2006. It was quite nice, never been to such a huge one though, except for the Wolfsburg VW.

    I myself drive a Toyota and my parents all buy Toyota too, it is a good quality car for a decent price.

  21. gave me a shock too seeing the name of the model car.

  22. Eh... CB ... Where are the car show girls ?? You go to Tokyo car shows and never take the girls pictures ? Alamak... Wasted the ticket !!! Lol

    1. What la you...come anay's blog suddenly scold him CB. If people come your blog scold u CB u like ka?

      Anay is one woman man la...Letchumi so pretty and talented. What for wanna see others ah moi.

    2. aiyoh what CB?? you have too many CB floating inside your hamsap mind that you just blurt out the word ah?? Anay has got a CB mouth but he is not a CB at all lah, muahahahaha!! and Anay is not as perverted as your CB mind leh, in his eyes and mind he only has Letchumy~~ :p

    3. Lol... I mean chicken biscuits la... Hahhaha

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Chicken biscuits? Tak logic in the sentence. Failed. Unless u wantto poslaju chocken biscuits to anay la.

      Cakap lah "Cantik Betul"

  23. The cars so fabulous but it's should be so cos they are one of the world biggest car exporters ! Most of the cars can't be find here except the notable ones like estima but then, that model may not sold here!

  24. Lol....terkejut besar i see the car plate. I wonder who bought it

  25. My hubby and elder son sure will love this place to bits, they are both car lovers!

  26. Am no car lover, but that TRON really catch my eye...its cute!

  27. I think my FIL, hubby and my son would love to see this exhibition.

  28. Alphard, Harrier, Estima all new designs..

  29. of all Toyota brand, what I love the most is the Toyota Supra especially those that are highly modified.
    Toyota ALPHARD looks really huge and reminds me of the Mansory Rolls Royce haha