Chinese New Year 2016 - Fire Monkey Year

I am a firm believer in Feng Shui and would try to observe in which ever
way that could help me without costing a bomb. 
The ancient astrologers and geomancy experts in ancient China
have been able to calculate the days of the moon's appearances,
4 seasonal climates and water tides since thousand years ago.
The same experts could also calculate the flow of energy, luck and
what to tap on. This is all about science and not mere superstitions.

I am sharing the slides of Singapore's Top Feng Shui Queen - Master Lynn Yap.
I have known her for many years now and I
have my highest respects for her Feng Shui predictions and advice.
She is very practical, honest and often accurate over the years.
She is most sought after in many countries, right from Singapore till China
where all the big businessmen would often fly her in, on First Class,
just to hear her talk and advise. That's how powerful she is!

Scroll down and check your animal signs for 2016.

Please read her blog HERE to know more.


  1. Wish you and your mrs a very happy Chinese new year. May both of you stay in good health and wealth all year long. Huat arr...

  2. thank you for sharing the predictions from this Top Singapore Feng Shui Master.. i am sure this would benefit many of your readers..

    wishing Anay and Letchumi a very CB (i mean Cantik Betul) Chinese New Year, with an abundance of happiness, prosperity, health, auspiciousness, longetivity, intelligence, good-look, ................, .............., ................, ....................., ................

    (make 5 wishes and fill in the blanks above)

    HUAT AH~~~

  3. Happy Lunar New Year to you and your wife...

  4. I started to find feng sui fascinating.. i read some from Foongpc's blog and even bought a compass to check my house's position and also downloaded Joey Yap's bazi chart so i can check mine...
    health is always an issue for me and according to the prediction i must slow down and should not overstress myself on work.,. maybe time to do some travel hehe..

    yikes.. no love life this year? :(

  5. This reminds me of our olden days wher we all sit down, do ancestral worship, offer food and other things for a better year. I miss my family where we help each other make the coming year something to look forward to. Some of the predictions are scary but they are warnings for us to observe, for safety reasons. Will probably do some cleansing at home so that the wind of wealth and good health will blow away bad karma lurking along the house's corridors and pathways.

  6. Wahhhhh such a comprehensive post.

    Thank you Anay for the info, although I got cross-eyed reading it. LOL

  7. Me and my Rabbit mates are going to have a "senang" time this year eh? Hihihi

  8. Single for dragon...hmmm.....

    Anyway still wish you Happy Lunar New Year! =]

  9. Happy Chinese New Year , TM! And drive carefully while balik kampung !

  10. Very interesting!

    I just read it today so I couldn't follow the advice of banking in a cheque to your own company on 4th February. I just started my own company late last year. Also, I read that it's going to be a good year for Roosters. Good, coz I'm a Rooster.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

  11. Have a happy and prosperous Year of the Monkey!

  12. Wow..thanks for sharing with us.

    Wishing you and loved ones a Happy and Prosperous CNY.

    Have fun at Borobudur and eat more nian gao. Pou Pou Ko Sing.

    Gong Xi Gong Xi!

  13. I don't really believe in Feng Shui but read read also no harm la!

    Thanks for sharing! I wish you and family a happy lunar new year~ HUAT ARR!!

  14. wow, that's a long one. Interesting and I was attracted to the one regarding banking in money on the 4 Feb. Without knowing about it, I did an e-angpow to myself but just RM8.88..hihi

  15. Interesting to read this. I used to love all these animal and also zodiac signs but after started to work, no time to read.

  16. Very interesting, TM! I was quite overjoyed because I did bank-in money on 04-02-2016. It was supposed to be bank-in earlier but I was too lazy to go to the bank.

  17. Thanks for sharing, by the way I banked in money during the AM hours of 04-02-2016 but withdrawed money in the afternoon of 04-02-2016, will I have bad luck, can Master TM enlighten me?

  18. Wish you and your wife a happy, healthy, peaceful and blessed Year of the Monkey, huat ah!!!

  19. I always like to study about horoscope and feng shui

  20. Quite a good year for me, cos I am a Rat, hee hee, huat ah!!!

  21. Happy CNY to you and your family! Thanks for sharing. What about those advices given by Lilian Too and Joey Yap? Accurate or not?

  22. Wow, I'm impressed that you're friends with Master Lynn Yap! I actually got her to look at my previous home more than 15 years ago! I'm not exactly into feng shui but I guess there's no harm engaging one just to ensure all are peaceful. Hahaha! Happy CNY to you & family, Tan! xoxo

  23. Thanks for sharing Anay, here I wish you and Letchumy have a very prosperous Chinese Year, may you be blessed with lots of happiness, joy, and health.

  24. Thanks a lot of for sharing (^^) ! Wish you Happy Chinese New Year

  25. Good morning TM and Gong Xi Fa Cai to you & family! I'm back to work, and sigh, feels like a newbie reporting to work today.. Thanks for sharing, I read mine, average year only, huhuhuhu..

  26. Gong Xi Fatt Chai, Anay and Letchumi

    Hope you don;t mind i just scroll down aje. Coz I dont wanna know what future has install. If good okay la...if bad...then i will worry pulak.

  27. Scroll until my hand tired ler...hehe ^_^
    Wish u & family a fruitful and prosperous year ahead!

  28. I believe in fengshui too..we are moving our aquarium, furniture and painting around to catch the good fengshui, hope it works better this year.


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