Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Yogyakarta Trip (Part 1)

We were away to Yogyakarta, Indonesia during the recent Chinese New Year
as I was not able to celebrate during the mourning period. We had a very good
time staying at the best Resort Hotel besides visiting the ancient Borobudur, 
Prambanan and Mount Merapi Volcano. 

The folks in Yogyakarta are very warm, polite, friendly 

I have to hurry up and post all the photos before we head off to Japan
next week. There will be 3 'quickie' postings starting from today.


1. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Yogyakrta which is a blissful
5 Star Hotel.

2. The hotel sits on 22 acres of Golf Course land with lovely green
landscapes and view of Mount Merapi Volcano.

3. My sifu-wife loved to do her Tai Chi daily.

4. You will see beautiful water and landscapes everywhere
you walked & turn. It was like heavens to me.

 5. This is the entrance with ponds. Their service is fabulous and the PR staff
welcomed us on arrival. She guided us all the way to our room and 
explained all the details gracefully.

 6. This 5 Star hotel is worth staying and please check the price
online to see the surprise! It is very affordable for anyone.

 7. They have several swimming pools all over the place
with many private corners for you to relax on deck chairs.

8. The restaurant has the best chefs who prepare sumptuous 
& delicious long buffet spread for breakfast and dinner.

 9. The buffet tables line from indoor all the way to the pool side
in the outdoors! My waist line exploded of course!

10. There was a Dinner Show to watch the Ramayana On Ballet!

 11. The whole place was fully booked with so many foreign guests
and so much delicious Javanese Buffet Food was served.


 12. All the bus stops are very high because the doors of the buses
are very high up too. That way, they can only pick up passengers 
up from the high platform of bus stops! How clever!

13. I saw funny youths pretending to cry and ask the statue for
forgiveness! Their friend took their photo at the Sultanate Museum.

 14. We went to eat at a famous and unique restaurant where the
past President, VIPs and movie stars dropped by.
It is called Warong Tempo Doelo.

  15. The chef stood behind the whole table full of 
mouthwatering dishes from Jawa!
It is so unique and traditional styled.

 16. Look at the men's toilet at the new Yogyakarta Airport.
If you zoom closer, you could see that they shielded the
urinary bowl with plastic to prevent spills. OMG!
They pasted a chart on the wall to check your
urine colour! Wakakakaka

17. This is the Urine Chart.



  1. Jogja is a lovely place full of culture

  2. All lovely photos and you ended it with two urine photos! LOL

  3. Have fun in Japan next week Anay!

  4. What a beautiful place! How I wish I could go there too. Going to Japan again? Enjoy you trip. I envy you!

  5. I was looking at the photos and thinking to myself, will I get a chance to visit the place and the hotel. The answer is yes, because I think positively. It is really good to be observant and not only look at the touristy side of any place. We find something quirky, funny, and something to talk about when friends gather. Thanks for showing us a glimpse of Yogyakarta.

  6. 2. The garden got a bit looks like the Babylon garden, very attractive designs.

    I wondered do they have the urine chart in the female toilet or not? Did you ask your wife?

  7. wow, what a happening CNY for Anay and Letchumi.. after coming back from Jogjakarta, they will be heading to Japan soon!! jeles lah~~

    #1.. wah!! 5-star hotel! Thambee has not stayed in a 5-star hotel before!! he always book cheap hotels online only..

    #2.. why didn't Anay book the hotel through your brother and who knows they will upgrade Anay to presidential suites!!

    #3.. Thambee squinted his eyes and try to find Letchumy for so long and almost could not spot her in the photo..

    #4.. wah!! how scenic the place is, great view and the mood sure become good looking at the picturesque scenery in front!!

    #5.. so how much did Anay tip the staff?? muahahahaha~~

  8. #6.. affordable for Anay and Letchumy but not Thambee.. sobs sobs!!

    #7.. oooh Thambee loves this!! several swimming pools!!! and the pool looks so beautiful with the trees around, giving some private corners to the swimmers.. hmm hmmm, did Anay and Letchumy swim here and then kiss in a hidden corner covered by the trees?? :D

    #8.. breakfast and dinner included??

    #9.. wow!!! the buffet tables line from indoor all the way to the pool side
    in the outdoors??!! did you sit indoor or outdoor?? did they have a great varieties of food and was Anay able to savour each and every variety of the food served??

    #10.. ooopsss!! the guy in the center was distracted by Anay's camera!! he is so camera-sensitive!! haha..

    #11.. nice!!! cultural performances to watch while having a sumptuous feast!! basically i think this is something that attracts foreigners..

  9. #12.. oh, very smart!!! i guess if these buses are going to run on the roads of Bolehland, the people all have to carry mini stairs with them!! muahahaha~~

    #13.. what was the motive behind those funny youngsters then?? :D

    #14.. wah, so prestigious lah this restaurant Anay and Letchumy went!!

    #15.. the chef prepares the food on the spot, fresh from the stove for the guests?? wait, who is that guy sitting on the same table dining together with Letchumy without Anay??!!

    #16.. OMG!!! this is such a brilliant idea!! wrapping the urinals in plastics to prevent spills!! hahaha, yes, we do need this sometimes!! as a man, i must admit we do sometimes spill also, hahahaha.. and besides this, sometimes the urinal flush may malfunction and the water may overflow while we are urinating and we could not just stop immediately and run away!!! how awkward and this plastic wrapping solves the problem!! :D

    #17.. hahaha, nice chart but i think it's not easy to match the color since the urine will actually flows down the drain.. but it's a good reference though, the darker the color means we need to drink more water~~ :p

  10. Wahhhh... you are really into traveling!! From one country to another.. Going Japan again? I thought you just came back just recently? Anyway... do travel when you feel fit to go.. don't wait till old.. not practical anymore... go when we are still fit, the trips will be more enjoyable! Have fun!!

  11. The resort looks like a small paradise... awesome ponds and pools! The bus stop with ramp facility and high platform will sure make ease elders and wheelchair bound boarding the bus. Interesting urine table

  12. I have never been to Japan and you are traveling to Japan several times, tsk tsk! But of course we should work hard and play hard while we are young and not wait until old, no energy to travel anymore

  13. Good morning TM. Wah, so nice you go jalan and fly-fly.. Me? Stayed home like forever.. Go out buy broceries also no more already.. With a newborn, it's really hard.. Now, I gotta wait for another few years for the small one to grow bigger a bit.. Eh, I scroll down, all very pictures, with the pool, lovely pond, then suddenly, eh, got toilet? Haha..

  14. Good morning TM... The weather here is so hot... Before i forget, enjoy your Japan trip...

  15. 2. U didn't quote your brother name, who knows, they might give u an upgrade...

  16. I thought I was showing off with my staying in Hilton. Turns out mine was no big deal. Step aside, let Anay show us what is showing off by staying in 5-star Hyatt!

  17. What a beautiful hotel to relax for holiday! Hahaha loved your funny photos.. and looking forward to more photos. Was the ballet show good?

  18. I've been too Jogja for my compant trip a few years back & I couldn't recall anything about this place! Most probably that is not my type of travel destination :P

  19. Thank you for your Yogykarta travelogue , more parts to come right? I've never been there yet.

  20. So after you passed urine, did you match which your color? hehehe... there are so caring hor.. drink a lot of water ya.

  21. I've been to Bali, almost like same scenery.

    Photo no.14 at Warong Tempo Doelo, I spotted a person looks like Tan Sri TM leh.

  22. Very atas hotel! Its like you don't have to leave the hotel anymore! Just enjoy the facilities :D

  23. the swimmin pool on the seventh photo looks like a paradise to me!
    I think we got the same transit buses too but they are not that high and you do not need an elevated platform just to get in
    It's actually a brilliant idea so men have the idea what the color of their urine means
    I saw the same urine chart in a public rest room somewhere in Manila too

  24. Hi! Nice city and fine hotel. The scenery is very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  25. This is a very lovely hotel indeed with all the greenery. Thanks for showing us the photos. Why is the bus door so high up?

  26. The hotel is really beautiful and a sense of Indonesian or Bali type of style ! It seems kinda have some old designs there and yet modern!

    I always like the hospitality of Indonesians. Once I was in a cruise, an Indonesian served us and he was really helpful and polite !

  27. I'm sure you will gain a few kgs after this trip as well as after your trip to Japan , kuraage. Here you had lots of sambal, nasi kuning, gravy with lots of lemak and so on with a long buffet spread ! And I'm sure you have a lot of ramen in Japan then ... Muahahahhaha

  28. Really a good idea to have high bus for the convenient of the passengers. So, where did you go there ? You never show us your excursions besides the staycation.

  29. Oh beautiful photos of the surrounding at the hotel. I can see lots of greens.

    Huh..I thought you just came back from Japan? Hahah.We will be flying soon too. Happy Holidays.

  30. lovely hotel wonder you so relax la

    The bus there like those in Jakarta wor 13...not very funny of the youth leh.... they play play like that...later something follow them home baru tau

    pengsan check urine ka? no eye see LOL...later busy looking at the sign salah pancut then...uh uh

  31. Anay, the hotel is really awesome.

    Photo 13, it is really funny .

  32. haha, you got to read something when you used the toilet..


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