Friday, March 4, 2016

Himeji Castle @ Hyogo - Japan

We landed at Osaka in the afternoon and got our JR Line's train tickets.
We decided to spend the night at Himeji after hearing from a cousin
that we must visit Himeji Castle.  

This Himeji Castle has got very long, rich & colourful history
since it was built, demolished, rebuilt, damaged, expanded,
survived great earthquake & closed for 7 years renovations.
It was just re-opened in 2015.

1. We stayed a night at a brand new hotel and went to drink sake
all night with grilled finger food!
This famous castle is just a short walk along the boulevards
to reach the castle at the other end.
You can see the tiny white castle in the photo!

 2. Along the way, I saw many food & fruit stalls.

 3. We have reached the grounds leading to the Himeji Castle.
2 ancient rickshaws parked by the street for customers to ride.

4. There must always be scenic water canals outside all the castles
and palaces in Japan & China.
I must pose and action a bit lah.

5. I noticed a handicapped man who came on his bicycle.

 6. This kind hearted man brought fresh vegetables to feed the huge fishes
which measured over 2 feet long!

7. There is a small zoo next to the castle. They let many cute
cats to play happily together outside the zoo's gate.

 8. The beautiful white castle sits majestically atop the hill. 
You need to have good stamina & strong legs!

 9. So many steps and so many visitors on a cold winter day.
This castle dates back to the year 1333 and is the biggest
and most visited castle in whole of Japan.

10. This Himeji Castle has the finest prototypical Japanese castle 
architecture, comprising a network of 83 buildings with 
advanced defensive systems since the Shogun period.

 11. So many local & foreign tourists thronged all the 7 floors!
I was always very embarrassed to bump into my fellow races
from Mainland China! They were horrors every where. Sigh!

 12. The original floors and huge wooden pillars with narrow
stairs have survived the wars & earthquakes.
The blue cloth hangs around the shrine on the top floor.

13. The panoramic view of Himeji from the top of the castle.

 14. When we are happy, we must jump high!
Not happy, can roll on the floor into longkang.

15. I was so damn exhausted & dead tired like this doll
in the pram.



  1. How nice for Anay and Letchumi.

    Some more, Himeji castle has finally done with their restoration ya?

    1. I was very happy with their reopening timing as Himeji was on our way to Hiroshima from Osaka.

  2. The castle and surroundings is beautiful! No wonder your cousin said you must visit Himeji Castle.

    1. The castle is so conveniently located inside the city itself. I am glad that I have visited the biggest castle in Japan and may not visit everyone in future as I have seen 3-4 castles so far.

  3. Replies
    1. Huh? Why you like no 12 and not number 14? I jumped so many times until knees cramp. Lol

  4. The colour of the photos are unique... not blue skies.. kind of black and white but then they are not... were they taken in the evening? Very nice to go for a free and easy trip.. can go anywhere you like and to places where locals usually go... and lastly, a great pose from you... canggih camera only can capture like that.. :)

    1. It was taken in the morning and that winter day was gloomy. I noticed the Japanese pay attention to their colour of the environment and buildings.
      I am learning a lot from the way you travelled and booked the hotels. You are a wise and smart traveller.

      I agree that we need to have quick shutter speed to capture this jumping pose.

  5. I will be tired as well. Just looking at that tiny castle in the first photo is already telling me you gonna walk miles and miles to reach the ground. The castle is worth a visit though because of its historical relevance. I smiled when I read you drank sake all night. Was that a good preparation for a long walk the next day? Anyway, you did and survived!

    1. I didn't expect myself to walk so much that day itself which totaled almost 20,000 steps! It was worth the visit since it is the biggest castle in the whole of Japan! They have so many castles like over 50 but not all are open to public. The castles often looked similar outside but not the interiors and characters. So far the most beautiful castle I have visited was Kumamoto Castle when the Sakura flowers were blooming at its peak season. It was like heavens.

      I wanted to enjoy how the locals spent their nights drinking and eating snack food. Next time, I want to watch movies there in their 4-D cinemas!

    2. Then a good addition to my list. I have a free ticket to go to Japan that I haven't use so maybe, just maybe, one of these days.

      Have not seen Sakura flowers as well, and snow, and many other things. Time to pack again and go!

  6. they took 7 years to get it renovate the castle.. i guess in Bolehland, the authority will just spend less than 7 days to get it totally demolished to give way to new high rise commercial buildings..

    #1.. you stay around the place?? looks so clean and tidy, cool to have nothing that blocks the castle view..

    #2.. oh, i would surely be attracted by the stalls or shops selling seasonal fruits and veggie.. did Anay buy some fruits to enjoy in the hotel room??

    #3.. only two rickshaws parked there but where are the pullers?? one has to be very professional and probably needs a certificate to be a rickshaw pullers..

    1. I was wondering why they took so many years to renovate. I guessed that the castle is too big and the folks pay more attention to the details. Unlike our Bolehland! Lol

      We only bought fresh huge strawberries once but ate the tubs of jelly fruits every night. So yummy!

      I agree that their rickshaw pullers are very young and professional trained men. I read the website that these rickshaw pullers in Tokyo near the Sensoji Temple are mostly college students who wanted to earn extra pocket money !

  7. I agree that we must visit this castle so I visited it in 2007 autumn season and luckily not so many people from you-know-where there at that time. Did you visit the beautiful garden next to Himeji castle? We did and it was beautiful.

    Wow, you have a new style of leaping high up in the air. Very stylish, you win liao (over SK jump). *thumbs up*

    1. Wow! You visited this place like 9 years ago!! Now you are like a retired traveler after seeing the world and lived in UK. You have so much rich and happy memories today. Please blog them all.
      I wanted to visit that garden but on second thoughts, it was end of Winter and I saw all the botak trees and brown leaves everywhere. I had to skip.

      SK always did Usain Bolt's running on the spot and I kena booed for copying him. So I better jump instead! Muahahaha

  8. #4.. Thambee doesn't think that is a canal but moat instead.. it's surrounding the castle only and leads to nowhere, so this first line of defence is a moat not a canal..

    #5.. oooh, the man may not be handicapped but probably just using the crutch to support him walking.. see?? he can even cycle himself!!

    #6.. wow, he seems not happy with you taking his photos Anay!!

    #7.. awwww!!! a small zoo just next to the castle?? what do they have in there?? did Anay and Letchumy pay a visit to the zoo and the Kucings?? :p

    1. Thanks for telling me it is a moat and not canal. That's the difference when MBA holders speak lah. Heeheeheehee!
      That guy had to use the crutches to walk properly. So is that handicap or not?? You confused me now dei .... I also thought he looked angry but his face was like that all the time lah. He is not cute like you Thambee! Wakakaka

      My wife never liked to visit zoos and see animals being caged as she would cry buckets, so I better not visit any with her.

  9. #8.. this photo looks just like a B&W photo!!! but Thambee guess it is not, but just the real tone of the whole scenery.. that's cool!!!

    #9.. did Anay count how many steps he had to climb before reaching this castle, the biggest and most visited in Japan??

    #10.. amazingly beautiful~~

    #11. "I was always very embarrassed to bump into my fellow races
    from Mainland China!
    ".. awww, you said what is deep down in my heart!!! and perhaps for many more other people too!!! :p

    1. That winter morning, it was too windy and cold with grey skies. The whole area with their black and White Castle made my photos dull. Now you praised it. Wakakaka
      I didn't count the steps but wife's watch times over 20,000 steps that day itself. My poor legs and lungs!
      Now I just looked at that photo 10 and realized it looked nice! Ha ha ha
      Need we say more about our own species? They were smoking everywhere and loud mouthed. I saw some saliva spitums on the ground. Should be theirs too.

  10. #12.. it is definitely amazing that the whole castle survived through centuries!! though the rebuilt and restoration helped, but still i find it strong the endure the tests of time..

    #13.. nice!!! i just like how the city is planned.. look at that straight boulevard extending from the entrance of the castle.. i believe this is intended, ahhhh, i do not know how to put this in words, you know what i'm saying Anay~~ :p

    #14.. jump so high!!! Thambee noticed Anay could jump higher and higher in his photos, practice makes perfect!!! :)

    #15.. would be nice to go for a dip in the onsen after the visit to the castle~~ :)

    1. I was amazed by the castle's architecture using so many wooden pillars that helped to withstand the earthquakes. We should build and live in wooden houses too.
      This castle seems to have the best location with a perfectly lined road leading to it like a grand majestic place. I love it.
      Yeah I jumped like 10 times to get a good shot. My poor knees. The winter was cold dei ....
      All my hotels stayed had onsen ready to rejuvenate my legs. Hihihihi

  11. #4 - Anay looked so stylish in this photo, like Elvis Presley :P

    By the way, I just received your Postcard from Himeji today, nice timing when I just saw your post on Himeji, I will blog about it in my blog soon

    1. I am so flattered got people say I looked like Elvis Presley! I thought I looked like a nerd. My Korean friends often teased me for aping Chow Yuen Fatt.

      I am glad that your postcard arrived so fast at the right timing. Others got postcards of Miyajima Island.

  12. #7 - If I am there, I will go forward and play with the cats, meow... I love cats

  13. So many ladies played with the many cats that day. I had never seen so many cats playing with each other and they even hugged each other. I suspect they were trained by the zoo keepers or the cats are just happier in Japan. The pariah cats here in KL look so snobbish, lonely and hungry.

  14. I have never been to a Japanese castle

  15. Good morning TM! Sorry for my late comment *psst, I don't comment at home* chewahh, so papai like that, kekekeke.. I came to work, and saw your postcard on my desk! Could not see the chop on the stamps clearly, so I didn't know when they arrived.. The recep only check the office pigeon hole like once every 2 weeks.. So here, I wana say thank you for the postcard.. Nice handwriting too, nicer than mine, teehee..

  16. Anay, you look great in the black blazer. When Yannie was wrapped in winter clothes , Yannie was heavier and couldn't jump at all. What a shame for being so active every day, Hahaha! You have great jumping pose, that I must praise you and your personal photographer.

  17. we need to be fit to travel to Japan, a lot of walking and climbing the stairs & jumping too..haaaa...

  18. Oh I miss this post. I'm reading it now..

  19. Sob, sob, sob....don't remind of this castle....we took ages to walk until there, because my friend want to take photos of the cherry blossom, then walk until there she said she doesn't want to go inside, so I went in myself, guess what....they said the visit hours has passed already...............

  20. Truly very strong castle to withstand many adversities and still without losing its originality! The entire place looks very beautiful and I also liked the moat with people feeding the huge fishes. You got nice perspective, either from atop the castle or the pretty street overlooking the white marvel.

  21. wow that temple looks really amazing but I wonder why it is all white contrary to the normal japan castles which are very rich in red and green

    I love the jumpshot... nailed it LOL

  22. That's a nice jump! You were indeed very happy! Keep it up!


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