Wednesday, March 2, 2016

My Diary - Japan 2016

I just got back home from Japan yesterday. 
It was a very good and relaxing week visiting 5 places in 7 days. 
We explored new interesting places in Himeji, Hiroshima, 
Kyoto, Wakayama and Osaka. 

We just visited Tokyo in November at the start of their winter
and the weather was dry but very windy & chilly.
This round, we visited Japan's west side at the end
of their winter which was colder!

Some days it was -1C at night and 3C all day
till averagely 8C which was just nice.
We learn a lot along the way, over the years
on buying the right warm clothing. 

 1. Would you believe that we only carried smallest cabin bag
each for one whole week!! My wifey who has been a frequent
traveler on work trips often carried just a small bag to save time
on checking in and collecting luggage! As for me, it saved my 
money when booking Air Asia without luggage. It also means
LESS SHOPPING for my itchy hands.

 2. We never got tired of visiting Japan. The whole country is
so spotlessly clean with the most polite people on earth.
Look at how the railway staff had to wipe every grill in
the cold winter. We do not even lay fingers on that grills
yet they are so detailed when cleanliness is concerned.

 3. We have seen all these recycling bins in our country but
theirs is slightly different. They really sort them out well to
make recycling easier. 
| Pet Bottles | Bottles & Cans | Newspapers & Magazines | Others |
I spent some 10 minutes looking at the categories
as I had so much rubbish to throw each day esp plastic bags.

4. We enjoy traveling Free & Easy at our own pace. Here I spent whole day
at this lovely Itsukushima Island. It is listed in UNESCO's World Heritage.
You must visit here when you are in Hiroshima.

We had several bad experience traveling with Tour Groups and Closest Friends.
You may be best friends for 30 years but you may not travel so happily
even for 3 days! I saw friends disagreed and even quarreled during
our earlier trips to Japan & Hong Kong.  I swore that Enough Is Enough!
I loved every minute going places with just my wife.
No hurry & snail paced holidays are the best.

 5. We missed the Shinkansen Bullet Train to Osaka.
Never mind, their next trains are plenty. 
I sat down & took my postcards out
to continue writing to the blogger friends.

6. I have been a great fan of UniQlo because of their good quality.
Let me share something new about their finest thread materials.
This trip, I brought along my Long Johns undergarment.
I wore the Uniqlo jeans and it managed to keep my legs warm
without Long Johns needed! My other Levi Jeans could not
keep my legs warm at all.
I always encouraged friends to shop at UniQlo when in
Japan as they always have clearance sales daily.
Look at the unbelievable price tags in my photos!!
1290 Yen for a Men's Trouser. 
790 Yen for Star Wars shirt for Men.
**(Exchange rate RM37 = 1000 Yen)**

 7. I would always have plenty of time to walk into
all the lanes to admire the tiny neat homes, fruit trees
and owners taking their pets for walks. This Japanese dog 
is so popular that even local Japanese folks would stop to
pat these friendly cute dogs and chat with the proud masters!
I love these "Akita Ken" dogs! They are so handsome.


 8. I ate a lot and drank a lot this trip but my weight remains.
We walked averagely 12,000 to 22,000 steps daily!
My legs are sore and aching now.
We had their Starbucks coffee, Ice Cream and Fruit Tubs
everyday. This photo was taken inside the Bullet Train from
Hiroshima to Kyoto. The English newspaper cost me
almost RM8.00 for just 8 pages! OMG!
I had to buy it to read about SHARP coming under
Taiwan's Hon Hai group! Their economy is sliding further now. 

9. On my last days, I would always scramble in panic to look for
a post office to mail my postcards!



  1. 1. For me, i prefer to travel light, as i am a lazy person...

  2. 2. Japan is a nice country to visit, and the foods there are very fresh...

  3. 3. We have recycle bin here, but i don't think the bin here is well sort out, haiz...

  4. 5. Nice of you to send out postcard to blogger friends...

  5. 6. U didn't share with us what you bought there? hehe...

  6. 7. Usually if i see dog, i will go pat them, haha...

  7. You and your wife are so practical, travelling with only a small bag each. My partner suggested to me that we share just one bag but I said no, I want space for my shopping LOL!

  8. 8. I was just grumbling yesterday about the price of the newspaper here increase by 20 cents, OMG, the newspaper there almost RM8 for 8 pages...

  9. 9. Thank God you manage to find the post office...

  10. 5 places in 7 days..... you should take more leisurely trips in the future.

  11. Fuiyoh, got diary.. E-diary.. Weather looks cold, you look ok, but even the dog needs a shirt to keep warm.. I wonder if you stick your tongue to the grill (since it's so clean), will it stick there (since it's so cold).. You need you wife to pour hot water on your tongue to be able to take it out, teehee..

  12. 1. I also prefer to bring small luggage cos I don't want to burden myself with so many stuff and I am small size, so I will feel very uncomfortable carrying heavy weights

    2. I think I will like Japan and their culture cos their locals are so polite

    3. The kids in Japan were taught the value of recycling at a young age

    4. I also prefer to travel in small group and I enjoyed traveling and going everywhere with just my Buddy Jose

    5. I thought of doing the same to send postcards to blogger friends while traveling but I don't know where to find their post office

    6. So dirt cheap, in SG Uniqlo quite expensive I think

    7. When I visited Taiwan in 2013, also saw many dogs in their streets

    8. I saw Milk Tea in your photo, I love Milk Tea too

    9. Thanks TM for making the effort to send us postcards

  13. Same sentiments in here. Travelling on a leisurely pace is better than running around and always in a hurry, scout style. You can also tell a lot about friends when you start travelling with them. I also do love the cleanliness and the idea of being tidy when I was in Tokyo. It must be wonderful to see the surrounding cities and make comparisons if there are. It's a place I wanted to live and stay.

  14. #1.. how could you just bring one cabin luggage especially that it is winter?? but so smart lah dei, you save paying for check-in luggage and save time waiting for them on the conveyer belt.. arrival in Japan still okay since they are more efficient, but back to KLIA2 probably you gotta wait 30 minutes~~ :D

    #2.. one thing i admire the Japanese spirit is that they love and respect their job, no matter what they are doing.. also they respect other people's jobs too, there is never a status in an occupation..

    #3.. oh, it's so rare to see garbage bin in Japan i would say.. Anay was so lucky to find not just one but four!! okay, maybe to us these are 4, but to the Japanese this is just one!! hahaha.. you understand what i mean?? :p

  15. #4.. travelling free & easy is also the preferred way for me, but there are also people who would prefer everything planned and done for them, so they go for packaged group tour.. to each their own, and to each they experience different things.. the most important thing would be, i have to stress, to find the right travel companion!!

    #5.. how nice you missed the Shinkansen and had a chance to sit inside the station to see people passed by while you were writing postcards to all of us~~ :)

    #6.. Uniqlo definitely has good quality clothing that we can afford.. it would be good to get some warm clothing from the local shop as those surely suits the weather there.. so your Levi's jeans bought in KL is for summer dei, those you got in Uniqlo must have added something else with extra lining to keep you warm..

  16. #7.. oh handsome dog that is!! and i guess dogs must gone through stringent health checks as well as trainings before they can be adopted as pets huh?? just my wild guess..

    #8.. when i was in Japan, i love buying all sorts of drinks and yoghurts, whether from vending machines or convenience store.. there are just so many varieties to choose from, and i would have to say they make things using finest ingredients!! i have never eaten anything that make me puke there, even for just a random choice!!

    #9.. looking forward to my postcard, if and only if Anay has sent me one!! hahaha.. BTW i love that little post office, it's so beautiful~~

  17. I too prefer for leisure holidays and traveling places, but it’s not always possible with different mind-set or interest people on-board. Glad u had your own time of visiting places…. The cleanliness u described impresses me. Wondering when my city (Chennai) will experience such! Nice to know the Japanese dogs is kind being.

  18. I also like to go on no hurry & snail paced holidays. Did you buy the special bullet train travel pass since you travel to so many places in a short time?

  19. Hi Hi, welcome home TM!. As I remembered you mentioned before that you already have 2 plans of trips early this year during and after CNY.

  20. 1. Yeap leisure travel is the best so need to take so many things or a big luggage. Since both of you have been travel frequently, you two must be expert in folding baju too... how to fit in all in the luggage? Any tips to share.

  21. 4. I raised up my hand and say YES!. Hubby and I also faced several problems when we go somewhere with the wrong companion. We ended not quarrel la, but it seems idea not equally the same. For me, 4 people will be just nice to travel and fit just in one car. Moreover, travel with too many ladies, involved too many plans and idea... I also feel like want to pengsan.

  22. Wow , I love the cold weather ! When I saw the climate you mentioned , I feel like going to a winter place again ! Cold weather was so good, fresh clean air !

    Aiyo, so little luggage ? You guys never buy anything ??

  23. Yeah , that's one thing why people love Japan! It's so clean as well as they are very environmental friendly ! And well manners too! But when they left the country , I think not that so! Saw lots of Japanese smoking in air conditioning restaurant without giving a damn in JB.

  24. Lucky anay and wifey going to Japan as often as I go to KL. Jeles la!
    I missed the chance of getting something from uniqlo, but I agree with you that Uniqlo has great material and the price is reasonable in Japan.

    My two aunties went to China together, they came back from the trip and stopped talking to each other until now.

    Another two aunties went to UK together too, they came back and had conflict due to the money that they spent there. Then, they would tell their stories to all nieces/nephews during Chinese New Year visits. Headache!

  25. Lovely photos mate!

    We're going to Japan soon too! Hopefully can update the blog while we're there.

  26. I still can't believe you went to Japan for a week with just a small cabin bag. I carry the largest luggage bag even if it's just 3D Bangkok trip! Muahahaha!

  27. Am i lucky enough to receive a postcard?

  28. Hello, Twilight Man! Long time no talk! I went AWOL last year because it was ... a not very good year. Now I'm tentatively returning to the interwebs, and I've realized you've been to Japan how many times? TWICE? o.0 PS: Happy belated birthday!

  29. you must be really rich hahaha... I was just navigating a travel site online only to find out how expensive the Japan trip will cost haha
    You seemingly had a blast here TM
    that Itsukushima Island looks really relaxing and I wouldn't mind spending most of my day there staring in such a stunnin view

  30. Clean every grill?!! I'm not even do this at my home LOL

  31. It's true. No big luggage saves us lots of time..

  32. I agree with you bringing a small luggage only if the place I stay have a washing machine. I have to wash my clothes every day. Hahah


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