Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Muslim Food Street in Xi'an

Ramada Hotel - Bell Tower Xi'an

I would highly recommend that visitors could stay in the trendy Ramada Hotel Bell Tower in Xi'an when you are on holiday. The price is very reasonable and it is located in the busiest main street like Singapore's Orchard Road or Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road where it easily connects to many interesting places.

Drum Tower Xi'an is just beside the Muslim Food Street

You can easily walk to the ancient landmarks like The City Wall, Muslim Food Street, Bell Tower, Drum Tower and Subway train stations underground. We also enjoyed our daily hot coffee at Starbucks and snack breads from Tous Les Jours.

Muslim Food Street 

This famous & interesting Muslim Food Street is quite long and has
several main entrances that connects different streets. All the street
hawkers here are the Chinese Muslims who hail from
the ethnic "Hui Clan". Their facial features are very nice with
some Russian eyes & cheek bones.

 We saw the Monkey God (Sun Wukong) walking
all over and teased the ladies to pose photos with him.
He would charge them a fee, of course..

 This stall sells the cakes skewers that dip into
some sweet caramel.

Their fresh pomegranate juice was so refreshing and cheap!
It boosted up my energy and immunity.

We never missed their famous signature yoghurt in nice
white bottles. We brought home the bottles as souvenir
and converted them into pen holders.

 This is a tray full of very hot spicy bean curds. They were so
delicious and burnt my mouth.

 It was not a pleasant sight to see the carcasses of the lambs
hanging in several corners.

There are many stalls selling the famous Lamb Kebabs in skewers.
They eat a lot of lamb there.

This macho guy was showing off his stunts to pull the
sweet thick peanut caramel many times before cutting them.

Here they are cutting the soft peanut caramel before they harden into
sweets to be sold in plastic boxes.

This stall was selling their Spicy Noodles.

This stall was selling the preserved fruits which were harvested before winter.

 The above baskets trays are walnuts.

The dark coloured drinks are boiled dates with pears and honey.
They are really tasty and good for health.

 Many guys would shout loudly to attract the tourists as it was very competitive.
This guy was selling what is similar to our "Lok Lok" in bamboo sticks.

 Their bread looked very attractive and it is quite hard!
They could keep them for days and dip them into soups 
to eat. I think this is the common palate to the Hui and Uyghur
populations in the region of Xi'an and Kashgar in Xinjiang.

Rolled cigarettes are very cheap and popular which
comes in attractive tin containers.



  1. I wonder if Anay's teeth will patah if Anay bite into that bread! Hahaha

    Thank you Anay for sharing such wonderful sights.

  2. wahhhh.. very interesting Muslim night market! I would love to try a bit of this and that if possible, must share though. Ramada hotel.. sounds familiar..in Malacca and Johor, if not mistaken...

  3. I don't have to go since I have seen most, ha,ha,ha, but just in case I do, this post will be a guide. Thanks! Happy birthday, my friend.

  4. The foods and stalls look very attractive and tempting to me, thanks for this post, it is like I have been to Muslim Food Street myself

  5. Thanks to Mr and Mrs TM for taking us on a walk in Muslim Food Street...

  6. Good morning TM... It rain's the whole of yesterday and now no rain, but still a bit cold to me...

  7. wow, there are so much to see and eat in Xi'an, a great place to visit.

  8. Thank you for sharing, its like I am strolling along with you as I look at each photo!Wonderful

  9. Those street foods are extremely interesting but I will only see and take photo & dare not eat as I have a "weak" stomach :P

  10. So many interesting food and drinks. I would enjoy the lamb I suppose :)

  11. I think they eat a lot of lamb as lamb supposedly keeps your body warmer (than other meats) and is considered a warming food to the Chinese. That thing that looks similar to our "lok lok" looks like some kind of animal feet! >.< The size of that bread looks like a tray! :O And the Monkey God looks very lonely! Thanks for showing us all the various Muslim street food :)

  12. i love markets like these!!! lots of fun! :'D you seem to be travelling loads, twilight!! happy chinese new year!

  13. Wow, you are so diligent to take photos of all the stalls there to show us. Thank you! So did you try all the food?

  14. their food nice? I like to 'venture' into street hawkers to see what their locals have, but when it comes to consuming the food I do not dare to eat coz I can't risk myself of getting sick in a foreign land. Btw, Happy Chinese New Year!

  15. Great to know about this popular food street and walking around the street itself seems to relish! Number of food items and most of them look strange for me… ever seen huge breads like that and they are big plates in itself :) the rolled cigarettes and colourful drinks capture the attention, but the way lamps hanging only wants to keep away. Well captured the street

    Happy Rooster (Chinese) New Year :)

  16. Very interesting to learn of a Muslim Street in China! Happy CNY, Tan!

  17. I can imagine the exotic, delicious aroma fill the air of the Muslim Food Street. Interestingly there is a small quaint but lovely town called Naramachi protected by red Monkey Gods in Nara City. Enjoy your trip to Hokkaido to experience Snow Festival. I understand your childlike excitement.


  18. I know I'll love this street a lot but maybe my chinaman husband and kids wont like it as much.

    Fresh pomegranate juice is extremely expensive here in Msia. If I get it cheap anywhere else in the world, I'll drink alot alot :D

  19. Interesting street food eh. I was eyeing over the pomegranate juice too. When I was in Bangkok. I had 2 bottles at once..


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