Friday, February 3, 2017

Joy Of Sharing

We had a very quiet Chinese New Year this year as a mark of respect for both my parents who passed away recently. They both departed from this world within 17 months apart to be together again in the Land Of Eternity. 

I stayed at home in KL throughout the one week's office closure for the celebrations. We went to watch movies, visited some malls and went to feed our homeless friends again. My kind neighbour Joe Tan gave me a huge turkey which I kept in the freezer for some weeks. Finally, I got my sister to help me to cook a huge pot of curry with lots of potatoes and gravy to feed the homeless friends.

My wife helped to cook the warm rice to pack into neat boxes
to be served with hot turkey curry and fresh cut fruits. 
We also gave everyone a huge bottle of mineral water together
with biscuit rolls donated by the kind Blogger Wenn.

We always had to drive to the city at close to midnight hours.
The homeless friends would not appear in the streets before 11:00pm
and I have no idea for this reasons. I woke up this fatty who was snoring
below the flyover outside the Pudu's wet market. He had many big cockroaches
and rats running over his sleeping body! I shook him up repeatedly
to eat and was shocked to see his face! Some gangsters must have
beaten him up and punched both his eyes very badly. He was
in pain with both swollen eyes blue black! What a sad life!

I was very sad to see the 80 something years old uncle
who reminded me so much of my late father. He looked sick
and hungry as he had not eaten for 2 days. 
Many years ago, I was afraid to get too close with the
homeless friends but now I realised they are more afraid
of strangers like me. Today I put on a brave smile and 
gave them friendly pats & shoulder hugs with love.

We cruised around the areas of Pudu and ended up the night
at the KL Bus Stand along Jalan Tun Perak. There were plenty 
of homeless people which included some foreigners.
We were sad that we did not have enough food boxes to
feed all of them. I apologised to many disappointed faces
and silently prayed that they would be blessed in future.
Next day my facebook posting has attracted the attention of a relative 
whose church runs an active Soup Kitchen. 
They were surprised to see the high numbers of hungry 
people at midnight in the city. I hope they will spring 
into action soon as they have better means and manpower 
to cope with the big number.

Please spare your thoughts and time always
to help all the sentient beings around us 
in kinds and prayers.



  1. Good afternoon TM... The weather here is so hot today... sweating...

  2. Buddha bless you and your wife for your good and kind work. May you both reach nirvana in this lifetime and no need to be reborn into this world.

  3. God bless you and your wife, TM. Both of you are so kind and generous to feed the homeless.

  4. I respect you and your wife for the goodwill toward the less fortunate. It’s not only the receivers but also the givers who benefit from kindness and sympathy.

    With best wishes to you and your family in 2017.

  5. Both you and your wife are so kind. You got all the way out to feed those homeless people who must have starved for days. Buddha bless both of you. May your kindness brings good health and happiness to both of you.

  6. Great job, Tan! The world needs wonderful folks like you. Have a great week!

  7. For the elderly, I hope they can be registered into a welfare home or somewhere, sad to see them homeless. Yes, kudos to you and wifey who take time off to feed them.. very thoughtful of you and your group..

  8. I am so very touched. So nice of you and your wifey to bring food to the homeless people, I am quite shock to see so many homeless people, like Wenn said, Buddha bless both of you

  9. Bless you, your wife, your sister and your neighbour for being such good souls. Also to Wenn for contributing water and rolls. While most of us eat too much and waste so much food over the festivities, here you are helping the homeless people who has not eaten for dunno how long. Keep it up, TM. The world needs more people like you.

  10. You and your wife are saints. Thank you.

  11. Hi! I am very touched you and your wife and other kind of people in your neighbor. You did such things before,so I think you are very warm heart people.
    BTW, you can see drifting sea ice in Hokkaido now.
    I hope you will enjoy your next trip.

  12. I think there’s more awareness among people on the homeless and even here people distribute food to needed when they have more than enough or excess food from at any kind of event. My wishes for you and your wife to continue with this service... very sad to know them lied among the cockroach and rats

  13. Actually a quiet CNY isn't bad at all, sometimes too busy also tired la!

    I wish can join you in event like this!
    Anyway I visited 2 old folks home few days ago with friends, bought them some necessities and given ang pao to them..

  14. Both you and your wife are such good samaritans. God bless you both! You're also very brave to go in the middle of the night to such deserted places to distribute the food. And please don't feel disappointed that you didn't have enough food, you did what you could...every little bit of help goes a long way.

  15. God bless both of you kind-hearted people. This is truly a meaningful Chinese New Year.

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  17. god bless you and whoever who works at midnite distributing food to the homeless. Keep up the good deed!

  18. Good Job TM! Next time plan early, I also want to join you. Hayley and me can go together to meet u. Along the way to KL will pick up Wenn as well. Good idea right?

    During CNY we should not forget people like them. My friend, Florence has the idea of donating to an orphanage house during CNY. Since the date chosen, I can't attend. "I hate month end closing"...

    Anyway I feel blessed and glad I'm part of the contribution to the needs one.


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