Monday, March 27, 2017

Beautiful & Trendy Book Stores

We are very fond of books and my wife has many shelves of book collections at home which she loves dearly. I am sure everyone loves to read books too, be it for leisure or educational references. Let me brag a bit about my history of books again for those who have not heard. Many years ago, our local chain M P H did not have any Chinese books in their collection as this PooPULAR was controlling in the Chinese books monopoly. I was there at the right place and time, when I met the top publisher from Taipei who was at the book fair at The Mines. One thing led to another and my wife took me to Taipei several times to sign the distributorship deal. With the help from a tycoon, we ordered several big containers of the best books of all titles and topics from this guy in Taipei to be sold at the M P H throughout our country. The rest is history now.

So you could see how excited each time we found beautiful and unique book stores in overseas. They often come with cafes, good cakes & coffee plus cozy corners to read books. Here is one good place to share which we stumbled during our visit to Xi'an.

WanBook Store - Xi'an, China 

We were walking all over the shopping mall in search of a
SIM card for internet but found this lovely book store instead.

Forget about the SIM card, as my wife had to go inside.
She must search for good books like a hungry wolf.

This whole entrance area has very neat sitting benches and tall stools
for book lovers to Eat, Drink & Read.

Here is where the barista and cashiers work behind
the counters.

 Look at how they display books from the floor to ceilings!
So canggih & pandai!

Many shelves with displays. 

Some smokers prefered to sit outside.

They have many useful and unique items like
souvenirs, water decanters, Chinese tea and others.

Smart see-through shelves act as partitions.

There are many divided areas for private readings.
The folks in China, Taiwan & Japan read a lot
everywhere on the streets, trains and cafes.

 More books & more shelves.

The pine wood interior decors have homely feel with lamp shades,
side boards, and comfortable chairs.




  1. I prefer ebooks nowadays...seldom read in bookstore as I can comfortably read ebook from my hp at my lazy lazy I m!

  2. The ceiling shelves look very dangerous! I like nice bookstores but they are very difficult to keep clean I think. Thanks for opening my eyes that Xian is so modern and has such nice and modern bookstores.

  3. The bookstores are rally nice!

    I would spent ages in there!

  4. I love bookstores too. I can browse for hours. But sadly I have not read a book in many years. Must make time for that. Ah, so you are the one responsible for bringing Chinese books to MPH. Yes, quite some time ago I was surprised to see Chinese books at MPH. I thought they were copying/competing with Popular.

  5. I love to read, but it'll probably take me months to finish a Chinese book. Lol!

  6. Hi! Nice book store for you. You look very happy in the store. Thanks for sharing.

  7. How nice if we can have 24 hours bookstores in SG just like what they have in Taiwan

  8. nice space for book lovers! it's fun to read about your passion for books - i guess many of us who grew up before the internet era devoured most of our early knowledge through books. i used to comb my school library for interesting novels :)

  9. What a coincidence! I went to the Dimple book store to browse books too and got a couple... only $2.99 for a hard cover fiction book.

  10. Oh, I didn't know you're this big time distributor of Chinese books, so Chinese readers have you to thank for bringing these books to MPH. I love to go to bookstores browse and buy tonnes of cookbooks of which half have not been flipped open...yet! :D I wish there're more Eat, Drink & Read type of bookstores here.

  11. it is would be a good idea to have something like this here. Probably our local book stores should adopt this concept.

  12. I like reading and visiting bookstores too. This bookstore is really beautiful.

  13. Thanks for bringing in Chinese books to MPH! I love reading and I will not go out from a book stores empty handed, haiz~~~
    Glad to see there are many seats prepared for visitors to read in the book stores not like ours, so stingy >_<

  14. Bookstores are sunset industries, someone used to work in PooPULAR told me. Yes, gone are the days when there are many ppl read. Now, the books are being replaced by all the modern gadgets.
    I too love bookstores, here in Msia the best is still Kinokuniya but it's all the way downtown.
    So you are the one behind Chinese books in nice..

  15. Today I learn another reason why you are so loaded to be able to fly here fly there. Wei, M P H business also got ar... If my bank loan rejected next week, I will specify my guarantor is TM Anay who used to rule Penang.

  16. Wow! This is another new thing I learn about you today. Just WOW! That is amazing, bringing in Chinese books for our local readers.

    I am feeling very proud to be acquainted with you. Haha!

  17. Wow, this I can stay here for days... So many books to browse from... Eyes become greedy.

  18. Anay you are great. Appreciate your effort to bring Chinese books in here. Good Job

  19. Wow, what a trendy bookstore. I remember Japanese Junkudo or Kinokuniya but neither of them doesn’t sell so many different items. I think I understand why you forgot yourself being there. The shop made me want to walk through the shelves in person. but actually I prefer a small independent bookstore on the corner of street, though a lot of such bookstores had to close due to appearance of mega chain bookstores.


  20. I read e-books these days... for the convenience.

  21. This place looks really nice! Too bad Malaysia doesn't have much of a choice when it comes to bookstores.

  22. Indeed very beautiful book store!! Very high class feel... I will pay it a visit even if I am not a big fan of books :p

  23. I enjoy browsing Chinese books at MPH but I didn't know there is such a history behind them. You've done a very good karma for Chinese readers here in M'sia.


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