Friday, April 21, 2017

City God Duchenghuang Temple - Xi'an

We always try to visit temples during our trips to any foreign countries to pay our respect. We would pray for blessings to have a safe and happy holidays. My prayers and wishes have always been blessed so far with no untoward incidents.

We took a nice walk along the busy & crowded Shangye Street to locate 
this famous Duchenghuang Temple. The weather was quite chilly.

This is the grand entrance statement to the huge temple's complex. 
It was built in 1387 AD by Emperor Hongwu of the Ming Dynasty. 

The original temple was destroyed by fire during the reign of 
Emperor Yongzheng (AD 1723) during the Qing Dynasty. 
It was restored by Governor Nian Gengyao using selected 
woods torn down from the Palace of Qinwang.

We enjoyed browsing at the many small stalls selling Chinese souvenirs, 
handicrafts and China's historical memorabilia. Everything was cheap there!

They were selling the attractive 2017 calendars
but I didn't buy as we don't have the same public holidays.

So many ornaments, jade stones and Chinese
brushes hung up for sale, making it a pretty sight
to behold.

The temple's complex consists of the entrance statement, 
a memorial archway, drum and bell towers,  
stage theater, main halls and Wenchang pavilion with 
ample living quarters.

Father and son played an interesting ball game. I stood there 
watching for some 30 minutes, thinking of my own late father
who taught me fishing, swimming and even ballroom dancing!
The love & warmth of our fathers will live on,
in our heart & memories forever.

That's my cutie pie wifey pointing
at a big word happily.

The grand pavilion of entrance leading to
the inner court yard of more grandiose architecture buildings.

The various halls inside the huge temple complex
hold the altars for the City God Dunchenghuang,
God Wenchangdiyun, God Guanshengdiyun,
Goddess Jiutianshengmu & others.

The big urns for joss sticks.

Take note of the giant abacus hanging above.
I often saw this similarity being used for
enhancing the Feng Shui.

The main hall of the Duchenghuang Temple.

The prominent stage for the festive opera shows.

There are more stalls selling interesting items & souvenirs.

They even sold heavy headgears worn for the Chinese Opera

Where there are books, there my wifey is.

They sold the many red drums and festive dragon equipment
for performances.




  1. Thanks for sharing..these ornate temples are interesting and beautiful.

  2. I will enjoy browsing at those small stalls too...

  3. This temple is impressive! I would enjoy browsing and looking at the souvenirs and handicrafts.

  4. I love visiting temples, and like your wifey, I love books too

    1. By the way, your wifey is really a cutie pie

    2. haha..same as temples and books!

    3. haha..same as temples and books!

  5. Thanks for the lovely pics of the temple. You should buy one of those headgears (complete with traditional attire) for your cutie pie wifey. After all, she's the Queen of your Heart, right? ;D

  6. Once again, thanks Anay for remembering us during your holiday in Duchenghuang. I can see you and letchumy have so much fond memories at Xian and also your trip to Japan. When will be mine? I am so long for a break now. Yannie is so tired at work. I have project one after another, my boss is damn annoying. Sigh!

  7. Such a nice temple!
    I also like to visit temples, and pray at the same time. Not that I am very superstitious, but I always believe in the saying 'you bai you bao you' (those who prays will always get the blessing)

  8. looks cold there from the way your lovely wife dresses. books and temples - interesting enough!

  9. Nice sharing especially the head gears! Visited couple of temples too when I was in Japan. Pretty cool!

  10. Love the colours of the vibrant street!

  11. So i always wondered what it's like to be in China and thank you for giving me a glimpse and idea if ever i'll be travelling there!


  12. You definitely make it look fun to explore temples! To be honest, I'm not really a fan of checking out temples and churches, partly because there's a lot of stuff I don't understand or know how to appreciate at those locations. But it would definitely be a learning experience :)

  13. I really enjoyed this tour and loved everything in your photos! Your wife is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.

  14. ur wife is so youthful and cute! I hope one day I could visit Xian too ;-)

  15. Hi! It'nice to see historical buildings i Xi'an.西安(長安). Your wife pointed the letter 壽. I like the word too. Thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh I like it that you visit temples during your trips to any foreign countries to pay your respect. I never thought of that.

    The headgears are beautiful. Will make such beautiful souvenir but a little difficult to bring home.

  17. For the 1st glance, the temple have similarity with the Japanese one, as well as those stalls along the street~

  18. I remember your advice. I always make an effort to pay a visit to the City Pillar Shrine in any Thai towns that I went.


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