Wednesday, April 5, 2017

My Hometown in Penang Island

This Is Not A Paid Post.
All Opinions Are My Subjective Thoughts.

I took a break recently and followed my wife's working stint to my hometown in Penang. She was there to conduct her Master Trainer's computational thinking for the lecturers at the famous university there. She has been flying all over the country to share with all selected universities to move foward our educational level to be on par with the Computational Thinking's way of education in America and all other developed countries in the world. We seemed to be sinking but will slowly rise now.

So I had free hotel stay, why not? This paradise island has been voted many times by various foreign tabloids for having the best food, attractions and place to live. The notably media votes were repeatedly bragged by New York Times, LA Times and even CNN's list. I really enjoyed relaxing by the pool which overlooked the ocean and famous "Millionaire's Row" in Penang where many huge prominent mansions still stand with charm & grandeur.

The Northam All Suites Hotel 

All the rooms in this hotel  come in the suite sizes!
It may be slightly dated but the price is very reasonable
with free breakfast and good services.

This is a typical smallest suite rooms that comes with separate
living and sleeping area with a huge bathroom.There is a special guest
toilet by the living room too!

This huge bathroom comes with a huge wardrobe and safety box
which further pampers you with a jacuzzi and individual
shower & WC stalls.

The panoramic view from my suite on the 35th floor! I could see the mansion of the Tycoon Ng Sui Kam below where I spent my childhood years swimming at his private swimming pool. Today it has sadly become a public's food court with hawker stalls!

Next to Ng Sui Kam's mansion, you could see the Royal Palace of the Sultan Kedah and the most prominent mansion is next to the palace. That one is "Homestead Mansion" which belongs to the family of Yeap Chor Ee.

We came down to the pool deck on the 9th floor to monkey around a bit.
Now we could see the mansions at a closer view.

Look at how the tycoons enjoyed the lifestyle of beautiful mansions on acres of land that overlooked the breezy oceans with passing ships. This only happens in my sweet dreams during sleep.

 Come and visit Penang okay!

The million dollar condominiums there are dotted along Gurney Drive.
I am waiting to strike jackpot to buy a unit there.



  1. The first picture, only your leg, thought will see TM picture with swimming trunk, lol...

  2. The landscape of Georgetown keeps changing, yeah. Even for myself, it's only been 20 years since I studied there, but the changes since then have been dramatic. It's nice to read about the island from your perspective ;)

  3. Wah, while Letchumi busy cracking her head, Anay is leading a tai-tai lifestyle. So syiok lah!

  4. Lucky you! I like Penang very much. Haven't been for a long time. One day must make a trip there and eat asam laksa and awesome nonya food.

  5. How come you all duduk kat Northam? Very far from USM lah wei! Jam die you later... Why not stay at somewhere nearer, like... not Eastin, but maybe Equatorial, or the new Olive Tree Hotel?

  6. Wow, nice views! Good luck to your jackpot dream, Tan! Btw, I'm flying off to Visit Perak 2017 tmr with hubby, joining M'sian bloggers there. Wonder anyone I know....... Will you be there?......

  7. "the mansion of the Tycoon Ng Sui Kam below where I spent my childhood years swimming at his private swimming pool"

    How was that possible? You related to him?

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Hubby will book hotel for us, if I bring my parents for holiday in Penang.

    Why didn't you get the real picture of the hotel? hehehe...

    I had my very best experience before Tsunami strikes Penang. Hubby and I were just about to wake up around 9.30am, the whole building was shaking, gosh!

    The WC mirror that you mentioned was shaking too. So cared something fall down. Then for a while it stops. Look from the mirror, saw many people coming out from the hotel.

    Hubby said something is not right, quickly and faster check out, then not long after that in the afternoon, the tsunami came.

  10. your monkey around photo is pretty decent - mana ada monkeys? i always stay in bayan baru area when in penang. no chance to even look at millionaires' houses.

  11. Wah, you and your wife very "geng" leh. She lectures lecturers and you move around tycoon circles! The room is very spacious and, from your description, so is the bathroom. Now how much would a very reasonably priced typical smallest suite room cost non-tycoons like us? Hehe! ;D So, those are not your toes in the first photo ;P

  12. Haha I don't know any of the tycoons you mentioned in this post :P

  13. It has been a long time since I last stayed in Northern... that time it was RM200plus.. now must be more expensive.. :) Heard that Northern and Gurney are the same bosses?

  14. Been to Penang twice, once I flew there alone, another time with four other friends

    I like Penang for its beautiful sea and beaches

    Hope you can strike Jackpot prize

  15. Penang has some really nice places to see. I think my fav is penang hill. Its so nice up there

  16. Glad to see the old and new buildings together ...Penang is doing good job to preserve the old heritage buildings.

  17. when u strike a jackpot, remember to invite me to ur million dollar house!

  18. Penang is beautiful base on what I see in your post. Makes me want to go there too.

    ...and wow. The mansions lining the coast. Not jealous of the mansions, but I am of the locations.

  19. Your photos are beautiful and it is always nice to have a guest toilet.

  20. Hi! What a nice place to visit! How happy you and your wife are! I want to go there in a future.

  21. Hi! What a nice place to visit! How happy you and your wife are! I want to go there in a future.


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