Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mount Rinjani - A Safe & Happy Hiking Trip

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I am truly proud of my wife for her recent participation with a group of tough hikers from Penang to hike up to Mount Rinjani. This second highest volcano in Indonesia sits majestically on the island of Lombok on the east of Bali and west of Sumbawa, part of the Lesser Sunda Island chain.

The whole experience was an eye opener for my wife to trek with the team for 3 nights & 4 days, sleeping under the stars inside the tents and hear monkeys gibbering away.  I need to share and educate all the future readers who are planning to hike this beautiful volcano that it is most important to engage only the professional & well experienced guides who would ensure that all your safety and all basic needs are met. There are easily over 200 trekking guide agencies in Lombok but sadly, many have seriously shortchanged or intentionally overlooked the needs of the many hikers who traveled far from US, Canada, Europe & Far East. 

The team of hikers consisted 27 tough minded people who
have strong passion for outdoors, nature and survival endurance in life.
My wife is simply just one of them!

You need good stamina and strong legs to climb up really steep slopes
like 60 degrees upwards! This is no joke but the experienced & polite 
guides would motivate and encourage everyone up.

 This volcano at Mount Rinjani is standing tall at 
3,726 meters above the clouds. The guys had fun with
high spirits to hike along.

They could hike 11 kilometers across the jungles and plains.
My wife could still smile & laugh after 6.5 hours!

Their guides and porters would help to carry most of your belongings
and set up all the tents ahead, ready before the hikers reached
the camping sites for the night.

They do have many breaks for shorts rests, naps, meals
and even delicious snacks!

The guides and porters are very jovial and cheerful beings
who could multi task everything. They carried stoves, gas tanks,
utensils, water and plenty of fresh food to cook daily. 

Their boss Saf and team would even play music & sing to
entertain the appreciative hikers! 

They enjoyed their meals while the music soothed the minds & appetite.
Everyone swore that the guides cooked the best Mario's Spaghetti they
had ever eaten. 

There were plenty of trails across the tropical jungles, rocky hills
and trails along the crater and volcano.

 The colourful tents were more comfortable than a 5 star hotel
for the aching bodies on the mountains. The weather was kind without rain
and got chilly as they ascended up. It was very cold at night below 10 degrees C.
There was no heater except sleeping bags to bury
yourselves to keep warm & comfortable.

They pitched the tents by the lake on the 2nd & 3rd nights with
different scenic views of the lake, volcano, crater and nature's beauty.

The sun rose up brightly & beautifully at dawn.

 There are endless beautiful sights of mother nature with waterfalls, wild animals,
insects, pretty butterflies and with abundance of flora & fauna. Everyone captured
over a hundred and a thousands of photographs for memories. 

Sometimes my wife slipped and fell but that is what life is about.
We just get up on our feet again with the help of your caring
friends and attentive guides. We move on again with the journey
of our life.

As they all got closer to the huge lake, they could
not stop taking photographs excitedly.

 Look at the awesome and fabulously beautiful view of volcano, which perched
majestically in the serene lake.

It is still alive with some smoke spewing out. Mount Rinjani is a huge
mountain with this huge lake at the peak. Then this volcano stands
beautifully inside this crater.

My best friend Captain Jimmy valiantly conquered the peak!
He led the whole entourage of hikers from Penang. It was his 2nd climb 
and has another 2 more again to bring other enthusiastic hikers. 
Most of them are medal bearers of the IRONMAN,
Ultra Marathons and former state runners.

Many friends were curious how the hikers did their
biological wastes? Just put cloth on 4 sticks and
share the same hole with 27 fellas!

To make your hike or tours anywhere in foreign lands, we need to engage
the reliable and experienced guides and porters which is a safety requirement
by the Government of Indonesia. These guides and porters are from the trekking company
of Rinjani Kingdom which have earned many top & satisfactory reviews
from hikers across the world.

My wife who is a very religious person at heart was chanting Buddhist
mantras all the way for 3 night & 4 days. My friend unexpectedly shot this photo of her
and the sun's rays shone directly at her. I always believe in the power of mantras.

My sincere & heartfelt thanks to Mr. Safnaz, the Chief Guide & Owner
of Rinjani Kingdom for his fullest attention and care
for my wife's trekking trip.

Everyone was very proud and happy!
Congratulations, they made it!



  1. Replies
    1. Yeah she is my Wonder Woman but you are the real IRONWOMAN out there. I salute you all who love outdoor sports and exercises.

  2. KH mentioned the same thing, most of the money goes to the agencies.

    1. They have to pay so much fees to the government, councils and 3rd parties. I know the details of the hidden costs but most importantly, the hikers must be comfortable,safe and well provided & guided. Your KH can check them out, for your own peace of mind. Hey,aren't you going to hike and cuddle in the tent with KH?

  3. I like the lake, so serene and scenic! Thanks for sharing the beautiful photographs

    1. How about making a trip there for once with Jose? Good experience to be close to nature, without WiFi, electricity or even toilet. Lol

    2. I don't think I can make it, without air con and I hate insects, tough

  4. Kudos to your wifey.. I guarantee I cannot be half like her! hahahaha.. Looks like the climb is worth it.. the scenery is really breathtaking!

    1. You are still fit and young. Age is just a number and ladies in their late 60s have hiked up this volcano. I heard hikers over 80 years old climbed Mount Kinabalu and Mount Fuji. I must not give myself excuses too. Will get ready soon.

  5. congratulations to your wife and she looked so peaceful and happy climbing too. Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos.

    1. Thank you Elaine. Guess what? Her next hike could be Everest Base Camp!!! Pengsan me...

  6. that was an amazing view from atop volcano....The picture has a 'National Geographic' photo quality....U should send it for some photo contest ;-)
    congrats to your wife for conquering the volcanos!

    1. The view is really stunning and fabulous like heavens on earth. The hikers could live there forever. Will you make a trip there someday, young lady?

  7. Your wife is indeed a superwoman! This auntie feels tired just at the very thought of scaling a mountain (or even a hill). The view is indeed beautiful!

    1. I think I understand your lazy thoughts because we have similarities like KRUP KRAP KRUP KRAP.

  8. These photos you've shown us are majestic and priceless, something I would have thought can only come out in a postcard! O_o Thanks for showing us especially those of us who do not have such stamina to climb even a small hill...lol! Your wife is a true Ironwoman...when lah will Ironman be joining in? :D

    1. The beautiful scenic shots belong to the mother nature, therefore I should be sharing with everyone as I did not manage to be there to snap the photos. I hope we will always remember to exercise no matter how big or small the hills or the distance could be. This Ironman here is better known as Jelly Man. Ha ha!

  9. Wowwww ... the scenery is magical. If only I can be magically transported there as well. ^.^ Your wife is indeed a super woman. I am not this adventurous... haha!

    1. Yeah not all ladies are Super Woman as this is purely a subjective interest. I think you would rather sit down prim and proper to dine at Westin than to roll on the lalang grass. I guess I might join you too. LOLOL

    2. You are right ..... HAHAHAHA!!!! ^.^

  10. Thanks for sharing all the photos. Your wife is a superwoman but yet she has a little girl inside her wearing the cute hello kitty wool hat. Did you buy the cute hat for her?

    I am too lazy and unfit to attempt something like this. I would be too scared thinking I have to do my business like a caveman in the wild, kekekeke!

    1. You are always very sharp and observant as I have pointed out once. You could spot her Hello Kitty hat and identify the little girl inside her. Sometimes I was amazed by her ability to speak in conferences on the world's stage with confidence yet, she is just my little girl at home. Her wishes and requirements are very simple with no desire for luxuries, designer bags, diamonds or flowers like how a modern lady would appreciate. She often wears slippers and carry my recycle bags out as her own handbag to restaurants and shopping malls. Kikikikiki

      Talking about that caveman, I actually removed the photo showing how they did their business at secluded spots set up by their guides using cloths on stilts. Should I put back that photo in my blog post?

    2. Ah I see you have added the photo in. Looks quite ok from outside but 27 sharing the same pothole? Eewwww must be smelly!

  11. OMG, your wife is wearing a Hello Kitty hat! Smart move; definitely easy to spot her from afar!

    Love the views up there, Tan! I've just posted my trekking adventure recently too, but mine is amateur compared from hers. Amazing feat!

    1. My wife is a Hello Kitty fan like you. I am not sure who has more collectibles.

      You have visited Belum Sanctuary and hope you will visit Lombok someday. Bring your darling there for his birthday and ride bicycles around the romantic islands in bikini. That will be fun after all we only live once.

  12. i've never done such a trek before, so i'm definitely inspired by your wife and the other awesome trekkers. it looks like a feat of endurance and perseverance ... and their achievement of reaching that lake with the beautiful volcano view deserves congrats! :)

    1. Hey Young Man Sean! You can make a trip there to hike. You are still fit with legs as strong as the Trojan Horse! Lots of exotic food there for you to explore. I hope to return someday and stay in the hut by the beach for a week.

  13. What a great accomplishment! I was moved by the awe-inspiring nature as well as the persevering spirit of your wife, the fellow trekkers, and the professionality of the guides and porters. Your wife’s smiles shine with priceless experiences and confidence; your love and respect toward your wife shines through this post. Of course, you must be proud of her. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Yes I truly respect my wife and all her feat in healthy sports & academic studies in her university. If we strive hard to achieve something with success, it would definitely boost up our confidence and willpower.

  14. Nice write up, Anay! Sound like anay was just beside Letchumy during the hike in Mount Rinjani.
    This just tells me that Anay pays full attention to listen to Letchumy when Letchumy described about her hiking experience.

    Thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures here.
    I have one weird question in my mind while reading the post. How all hikers settle their biological waste?

    I salute all hikers who made it.

    1. LOLOL I am such a drama in telling grandmother stories. I should be directing some movies someday instead of writing blogs. I believe that you will someday hike up Mount Rinjani too and it is easy for you.

      I will dig up the biological waste photo and post in my blog since a few persons have asked curiously. I am not sure whether I can do that "business" now.. The last time I poohed in the sands dug up at Batu Ferringhi beach - I was just 17 years old!!!

  15. Congratulations!

    I'm not outdoor person, I prefer stay indoor, but I'm only outdoor to see buildings. My colleague was kept persuade me to go hiking recently, but I keep turn them down =.=

    1. You are definitely an indoor person as your parents pampered you like a real Princess! You can start hiking at our nearby Gasing or Broga Hills. That should be fun.

  16. Wow. I shared this post with my hubby. We read at awe and enjoyed all the photos especially of the volcanoes. My hubby really salute your wife for being able to do this. He said he wont even survive Day 1.

    I like how you write this post even though you were not there. It shows how attentive you are to your wife. Such a beautiful couple you both are <3

    1. Hey your hubby is still so young and fit like an athletic sportsman! Saw your photo how he wrestled in Sumo Outfit at Eastin hotel and won!

      I am sure your hubby is very attentive to you and your kids too. I wonder whether he has a blog like you??

  17. Absolutely gorgeous photos of this adventure! Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. I believe there are hundreds of trails to hike in the mountains of Canada. However, the ones here would offer different flora & fauna and experience due to the location in the Tropical Rain Forests.

  18. Wah salute salute! Hats off to your wife! I don't think I can do this, especially the 'toilet' part >.<
    But I guess all hard works paid off when we get to witness such beautiful view from up there!!

    1. I think you and I have the same problems. This is just in our minds, so we should be able to overcome like thousands of others who have hiked up.

  19. My legs become jelly when I see how steep is the slope, I will never can do this in my whole life >_< Bravo your you wifey and when is your turn? :P

  20. Sounds really wonderful and tough too! Glad she could successful complete the trek... Indeed it's impossible without a team work and they seems to be so reliable, helping and protective and entertaining all the way. That's a great crater and natural lake... I liked the reflections and smoking volcano amid the lake.

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