Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Romance Of The Gili Islands Paradise

I am finally back from Lombok in Indonesia. It was a very crazy and fun filled trip. I went there to collect my wife who was sunburned from her hike up the tough trails to conquer Mount Rinjani's Volcano. It was such a breathtaking and wonderful experience for her to trek up 4 days & 3 nights, sleeping under the stars inside the tents. The many photos taken up the trails, crater and volcano was awesome with the panoramic scenic lakes. It was really like heavens! I will share the photos in the next blog post together with the fabulous services of Rinjani Kingdom's team of professional guides which I must share with the whole world! Stay tuned!

I spent the last 3 days with my wife and some 30
other friends who joined the hiking expedition
to conquer the beautiful Mount Rinjani's Volcano.
Thanks to my wifey for this trip!

We took a fast speed boat from Teluk Nare at Lombok Island
to reach the Gili Trawangan. It was just 20 minutes instead
of an hour by the slow ferry boat from Bangsal Harbour.

The whole world asked why I didn't hike up with them? Truth be told, 
that all the hikers are IRONMAN, Iron ladies, State runners & atheletics
who lead a lifestyle of rigorous daily exercises! Definitely not me!! Sobs!

There are no cars or vehicles but just 
many horse carts, boats and bicycles! 
You can just simply walk too.

Gili Trawangan is one of the 3 paradise islands off Lombok,
which is directly opposite Bali Island. It is still unspoilt
with clear sea water where one could see millions of fishes
swimming at your feet with miles of exotic corals and oceanic
plants swaying below. It is truly a haven for scuba divers and
surfers alike.

 We arrived this pier at Gili Trawangan.

 This is the boutique Gili Trawangan Oasis hotel with lovely chalets 
around the swimming pool. We took up almost the entire place with
over 30 persons in our group.

My darling and I went ronda-ronda on the bicycles around
the whole island which is only 6 kilometres! There are hundreds
of boutique & chalet hotels lining side by side with so many pubs
and souvenir shops. It was truly a relaxing sight unlike the
very commercialized resort islands like Phuket, Bali or Langkawi.

 This place is where they gave quick intensive
course to scuba divers!

 They have very pretty unique roofs using bamboo & attap leaves!

Miles of clear beaches with deck chairs to relax.

 Small, Medium & Big sized tourists everywhere!
Everyone was relaxed & happy.

We stopped by a restaurant serving mixed rice dishes.
Everything looked so mouthwatering & delicious.

 This was my lunch! It looks like Malaysian food but
the taste was very different but awesome & nice.
I always loved the Indonesian food and cakes!

 My wife loved this Avocado Juice with Chocolate.
Many friends loved this too but to me, it is
too thick and slimy!

This is a near completed pavilion for Yoga!
The bamboo architecture is very interesting.

Many cute chalets everywhere and the prices are
affordably cheap too.


Lombok & Bali have many similar interesting cultures
and traditions.

 The entrance to a boutique hotel with the Hindusim statues outside.

Another private beach with a myriad of colourful beach sofas & umbrellas!

 We just had to snap a photo for our colourful memories!

My darling and I.

Why nobody believed that I went surfing?

The walls of colours depicts my wife's colourful life today.

Next month will mark our 15 years of wedding bliss.
My dearest wifey will treat me with a next trip to Hong Kong!



  1. Wah! So syiok!

    The beach is so nice!

    Now I'm tempted to go to a beach holiday also.

  2. What a beautiful place! Eh, next time go back just the two of you. Very romantic lah :)

  3. I am so jealous of you la TM!!! The beach looks so pretty! I can stay there all day really!!

  4. what a beautiful place! wah you create such professional posters for Lombok starring yourself. i love the photo of the both of you with the love sign. wishing you one month in advance happy 15th anniversary!

  5. So sweet and loving! And so nice of your wifey to treat you holiday to HK

    Oh that avocado juice with chocolate, I had that in Batam and I fell in love with it once I had it because it is so creamy, rich and sweet

  6. Wahhhh.. What a blessed hubby you are... Yes, go go and enjoy with your special lady in your life...and may both of you continue to have many many more happy and healthy years ahead!!

  7. Wah, it looks like a secluded and untouched paradise. Congrats on your upcoming 15th wedding anniversary...you and your wife should renew your vows on a romantic beach somewhere...hehe! ;)

  8. Beautiful place especially love that yoga space very unique.
    God bless you both for 15 years wedding anniversary and many more happy years together.

  9. wah....u went for a 'series' of honeymoon...first to Xian, then to Lombok and coming soon HK! such a loving couple....Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to both of u and many more blissful years ahead!

  10. you guys take very cool and very fun photos! definitely makes me smile and feel happy just looking at your pics :) i've not been to lombok, but it should be on my list! :)

  11. What a beautiful place for a holiday. You and your darling are such a sweet couple, happy-happy vibes. ^.^
    Happy 15th anniversary in advance.

  12. Sounds like a completely different place from Bali.
    Haha I can't even imagine how the avocado juice with chocolate will taste like. An interesting combination for sure!
    Happy 15th Anniversary!!

  13. I went to Gili Trawangan on my last trip too and had chance to sit on the boat with glass bottom to watch the marine creatures but you know what, I didn't onboard!!! The reason was our transfer boat from the jetty to Gili was broke down in the middle of the sea for more than 30 mins and it made me had severe sea sick when reach the island. I knew I'll vomit if I onboard to the glass bottom boat so I just skipped it and rest at the beach ~>_<~
    Btw, it is a beautiful island nonetheless.

  14. 15 year of wedding anniversary and Anay and Letchumy going to Hong Kong again, envy me.

    Yannie and Jin Jin also 15 years wedding anniversary this month end, but only stay in Taiping, cry!

    Anay, you enjoy kao kao ok!

  15. Love your cute post, Tan! I've yet to visit Lombok, but definitely in my travel list. You guys are so loving! My Perak video is up; let me know what you think, yah? xoxo

  16. Wah nice island... better than Bali for me since I dislike touristy crowded places. Arhhhh I'm so jealous of rich Anay for holidaying...

  17. Congratulations for you that your wife came back safely after climbing the mountain. I think you could not sleep enough until meeting your wife. I have never seen these beautiful mountain photos from your newest post.
    I think nothing is perfect in this world. But your love for your wife is perfect. Congratulations again.

  18. Hi TM,
    Thanks for sharing the pics! Which airport to arrive to get to Lombok?

    Regards, Norick

    1. Hi Norick. You can fly directly from KL to Lombok by AirAsia. Book early and you can get return fares about RM300.

  19. Well done to your wife. Agreed it was a tough and challenging hike to Rinjani, but very well worth the effort. The crater lake is simply amazing!

  20. Happy 15th Wedding Anniversary to you and your lovely wife. How's the sunburn doing now? I hope she is better.

    Cant wait to read about your 'honeymoon' in Hong Kong :D


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