Friday, June 2, 2017

The Popular FAMILY MART From Japan

This morning I took my own leisure time to go on my inspection rounds to check the advertisement sites for my boss Dato Simon Lee. He gave me a task to check out all the subway train lines that run across Klang Valley and prepare a detailed proposal in power point to convince his client.

 I chose to visit the MRT station not too faraway from home.
I simply parked my car illegally and dashed inside.

Whooaa! I was greeted by this friendly Family Mart!
Suddenly my adrenaline made me fully awake.
I miss the days in Japan. I need a break & visit
Japan soon. HaHaHa! Fat dreams only.
Every tourist would enter all the Family Marts
in Japan as they have so many things available
inside their convenience stores.  They even sell
Calvin Klein & Hugo Boss perfumes!!

I walked around the whole shop several rounds to see what's on 
the shelves.

This Fresh & delicious Strawberry Sando
struck my eyes! I must try it next week.
Wait for me!

All types of junk food is my favourite snacks.
This Jagabee is well known but I have not tried.
I need to Jaga Belly too.

This Meiji products are always coming out with
new innovative ideas. Now they have their own
Green Matcha flavor of "Oreo" cookies. 
Must try next week.

Their Japanese Fries & chocolate bits
are very light to eat and not too sweet or salty.

We always bought discounted & clearance
Bento sets in Japan after 8pm! That's
how I survive on budget trips eating
cheaper food there.

Can you see my 2 purchases on their counter
which was placed on their own advertisement?
Today I just bought 1 Chicken Terriyaki Onigiri (RM4.50)
and 3 Siew-Mai Dumplings (Salted Egg, Chicken &
Black Pepper Types) @ RM2.00 each /Less discount
RM1.10 for purchase of 3.
That's for my brunch today.

I saw Green Tea Ice Cream! I Scream! I Scream!
I want! I want!

This Green Tea Ice Cream is so yummilicious
for just RM2.90. I think they are fully imported
from Japan as they taste exactly the same.

Now I feel like visiting Japan again soon.
I think I will head to the ancient towns
of Kanazawa and Shikoku island.

Happy Weekend!



  1. Yes I spotted your two items placed on their advertisement. I always go to the family mart oitlet at midvalley mall. I want to visit Japan too. Hope you aee abke to visit japan soon. Any updates for us about your wife's decision to study in Japan?

  2. green tea ice cream sounds cool! there are so many snacks items and I really like to taste the meiji products and fries & chocolate bits... so you found a place to inspire to visit Japan, and taste their items.

  3. I’ve read a news that Japan’s convenience store chains have been expanding into Asian countries. Green tea-flavored foods seem to be popular like your ice cream. I’m always amazed how bento boxes are sold at a very cheap price. No wonder it is popular for the tourists who want to save. Enjoy your trip to Japan and try new menu fitting to the season.


  4. The green matcha cookies look interesting and I would want to try out their Bento sets too as I am a rice person and I love Japanese food, I am attracted by the Meiji product packaging

  5. Maybe within the proposal, you could write something like: With more people spending their time out of homes, outdoor medium like the MRT provides a broad and extended reach to speak to this mobile group. Outdoor advertising complements other media buys. Choose from the different Lines (NSEW) covering approximately xxx routes. With an average of xxx trips each day over 17 hours, it potentially reach xxx million commuters each day. Just my two cents worth of ideas. Hope you find them useful.

  6. MRT advertising does not have to compete with other editorial coverage (in the case of magazines) or programme content (in the case of TV). Cheers!

  7. I have not entered MRT for a long time in Klang valley.. didn't know there are so much goodies for sale in the family mart..

  8. Doesn't look very well-stocked.

  9. My hubby always go for the oden.
    Not the same as the original one defintely (with tomyam flavour) but still enjoyable. :)

  10. Hmmm, I wasn't even aware this popular mart has landed here...thanks for the heads up. Who doesn't like a place where you can get some quick Japanese food and snacks, right? Hope they open more outlets and getting to one will be pretty convenient :)

  11. So long never visit here. Kinda miss your blog. Hehehe.
    I went KL last few weeks and first thing that came into my mind was Family Mart. Luckily me I spotted one in klia2. Of course, the price are slightly higher than those in the city but I glad I managed to try the green tea ice-cream before flying back KK.

  12. wow, i hv yet to visit the Family Mart. You make me wanna go ASAP.
    By the way, ur blog got a new look too, so awesome!!!!! (^^)

  13. Mentioning about junk food, if I go supermarket, sure end up buying junk food...

  14. Aiyo the green tea ice-cream is calling out to me! Do they have Family Mart in PJ? I would love to drop by and check it out.

    P/S: Why la you park your car illegally?

    P/S/S: You need to jaga belly, I can help you. Send over your food items. I help you eat them :P

  15. Wow you blog all new format. We also like to visit these Family Mart during our trip to Japan but have not done so in KL...time to check it out.

  16. So interesting this Family Mart. First time I heard of it. If I stepped inside, I am very sure I will buy many, many things :)

  17. Gotta admit Japan's family mart has quite an attractive array of foodstuff etc.

  18. I love the Jagabee fries.
    Must try the green tea cone next time.

  19. greentea ice cream!!!! I want too!!!

  20. I have yet to step into FamilyMart. The food selection looks awesome from your pictures! I have been buying that caramel corn snack from Daiso - 3 packets last week! I'm very bad at jaga-ing my I will be here soon to try the ice-cream and get my fix of junk food now that I know how happening this store is :P

  21. Yeah to new template! I think our Family Mart still have room of improvement if compared with other countries :P

  22. i've not checked out the malaysian branches of family mart - the ice cream is reasonably priced! :D

  23. The green tea ice cream is fully imported from Japan? Sure boh? Haha... wait till I try it first. I miss Japan too and planning to visit it soon. This time round, I think I'll go easy on the sight-seeing as I wanna make this a food trip. Oishii ne...

  24. I love visiting Family Mart too, be it in Japan or Thailand, there are so many Family Mart outlets. Good that now we can find it here. I must buy the Green Tea ice cream too. It looks so delicious.


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