Friday, June 9, 2017

When Good Friends Went To Sekinchan

I have long wanted to visit several places around Malaysia but I have been flying overseas instead. I had wished to visit Kelantan, Terengganu, Sekinchan and the Islands of Redang & Perhentian. Finally last weekend, I managed to visit Sekinchan with my wife and her friends after their school's reunion at Kampar - Perak.

This is the participants by the ex school mates of Pei Yuan School at Kampar.
It was just a small number of students with their teachers as these days, it is
not easy to gather all the school mates together. These students were from
the classes of just 4-5 years only.
Can you Spot My Wife??

 The journey by road to Sekinchan was less than one
hour from Kampar through the villages.
This photo is the small jetty at Sekinchan.

 This is near the river mouth and the water is always muddy.
So many locals and tourists have been going to
visit their beach and paddy fields.

My wife and friends.

My wife and her darling.

 These containers have been recycled and looked attractive.

There were many swings hanging from the big old tree.
The wait was like forever for me
to get a chance to sit on the swings.

This stall looks very colourful with many kites.

I love the rainbow colours!

There were so many different kites for sale.
I used to fly kites when I was a child
but they were made of rice paper.

I spent some minutes looking at the kids and teenagers
flying their kites. It brought me down the memory lane.

These friends lined by the beach and held their hands up!
They must be thanking the heavens.

We all need friends and they are very important.
I met many terminally ill patients during the Hospice care and
their bigeest regrets were not having friends
around during their final days.
You will not be lonely when you have
friends who will always support us
from behind.

 Even at my age, friends can still
be crazy and let our hair down!

I went to see the big paddy fields too and it was so refreshing to see the greens.
The whole narrow streets were lined with so many cars
from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore!
Honestly, the best paddy fields I had seen was in Bali where
they were grown in many contour layers that looks amazing.

Please remember that our friends are very important.
I come from a huge family clan yet I am closer to
all my friends and even bloggers.

Happy Weekend My Readers!



  1. What a nice outing after your wife's school reunion. I have lost touch with many school mates and only not too long ago reunited via whatsapp. It would be nice to be a able to hang out with them but as you know, life gets in the way. I hope you fulfill your wish to visit Kelantan, Terengganu, and Redang & Perhentian Island.

  2. nice paddy field and great companions that go all crazy with u! yea, having friends around are nice but nowadays hard to find true friends. I only have 1-2 true friends but they are very busy with their life, hence I seldom hangout with them.

  3. Really cool post. I've not been to Sekinchan, so this is a fun peek into the sights and scenes there. But I also loved the meaningful thoughts you injected into your writing about the value of friendship. You've always seemed like a positive and generous-spirited person, so it's easy to see why people would be attracted to you as a friend :)

  4. Yes indeed we need friends and friendship is important, same as Nux, I only have two very close and true friends but they have their own life too, so we don't meet that often actually, agree with Nux too that hard to find true friends, plus I am rather selective in making friends, I only make friends with those who are sincere, young time have many many friends but those are the ones who can share good times with you but not bad times

  5. I heard about this place, but have not been there before. With my mum not well, don't think i can go anywhere at the moment.

    With each of us busy with our own life, my primary school mates, only contact in WhatsApp...

  6. I strained my eyes trying to spot your wife but my computer screen is too small so I cannot spot her. :(
    You are so sporting to put in all those attractive captions into your photos. Nice!

  7. Love the fun post, dear! Friendship is so dear, something all of us must treasure...... xoxo

  8. You call that a small reunion...whoa! O_o It's great that your wife still keeps in contact with so many of her schoolmates/friends from long ago. Not many of us still do but I can certainly understand why you and your wife have so many long lasting friends. Friends are important though it's not easy to keep in constant contact as many once married, have their own families, tend to have different priorities in life leading us to go our separate ways.

  9. Wahhhh... What a trip.

    Everyone turned into mischievous kids after meeting up each other, yes? 😎

  10. Did you make a wish at the wishing tree?

  11. Friends are important but some friends can turn out to be our "enemy" too! I still think family support is more important.
    Nice trip ... but long weekends always meant more crowds!

  12. Yes, it is wonderful to go out with a group of friends especially those who can click click.. very fun and joyful... I miss my friends... looking forward to seeing them soon!

  13. I only visited Sekinchan once and always want to go back but this place always packed with tourists during weekends and public holidays, it really make me step off >_<

  14. Indeed agree with you and friends are whom we could be open up… great to see a get-together of school friends and it’s not an easy task to bring all together. Happy to see you all having fun at beach… leaving kites are one of my favourite things in childhoods, and along with my uncle we used to deal with kites on sky. My brother used to make it to sky and I enjoy holding the thread… the kites there are so big and colourful. Liked the coke container

  15. Aah ... I love the paddy fields of Sekinchan. Have visited once and lucky me, it wasn't too crowded. I have yet to check out the beach area. One day!

    I have been to Kampar a couple of times to visit my relatives. It is my dad's hometown. Nice to know your wife studied there.

    On friends, I hope I have made the rights ones. In happy times, all is good I guess. I hope it stays that way in hard times too.

  16. I've always wanted to go to Sekinchan too. The place looks so colourful and lively from all your pictures. Maybe I'll wait until my youngest is a little older then we can enjoy more here.

  17. I never been to Sekinchan too, everyone looks so happy in the pictures.


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