Friday, August 25, 2017

The 12th Hong Kong International Wushu Competition

I have finally found time to sit down and update this isolated blog which is spewing out putrid juices. The Typhoon Hato which lashed fiercely into Hong Kong and Macau gave me a terrible fright but it's a great relief that we had safely left this island. If this typhoon occurred just 10 days earlier, the wushu competition might be called off and all the thousands of participants from worldwide would cry rivers of tears! I do believe everything happens for a good reason.

My trip there with this "Fantastic 8" participants from the Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy was a marvelous trip well spent as they all collected a total of 27 Golds, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medals home! Hooray!!! It sounds so unbelievable to them but it was true that they truly deserved all the 29 shiny medals for their excellent performance in this world class standard Wushu competition. I was there myself and saw it with my own sharp eyes that they had all performed brilliantly after practicing so diligently and hard for many months, clocking over hundreds of hours. Bruce Lee would have applauded them too if he was there spiritually.

Our Malaysian participants were still practicing very hard
at a quiet park somewhere in Kowloon!

I have lost count on my trips to Hong Kong since my first landing at
the old Kai Tak Airport in 1987. All my trips were mostly during
the Fall and Winter seasons which were pleasant to shop around.
This trip was my first ever Summer disaster and I almost died of heat
as my wife who has robotic legs happily walked over 10K steps daily.
I was sweating profusely and panted like a dead dog with my tongue sticking out.
My stinky sweat even glued my clothes & underwear to my own body.

The Hong Kong International Wushu Competition is an annual
affair which easily attracts participants from over 20 countries.
 This year it was held inside the Kowloon Bay International Trade
& Exhibition Centre which is located close to the old airport
on the Kowloon side.

The welcoming ceremony where the VVIPs were seated
on the stage of this competition venue which ran from
14th to 18th August 2017. 

It was a joyous and carnival mood to see all the participants
marching inside in colourful costumes.

Our dashing leader Koon San led the Malaysian team
from Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy with
my wife, Sow Yong. Alice, PY Lee, Michael & 
others in the blurry background.

Many individual teams from different provinces 
in China participated and this one really gave me
an eye opener to see how drunken Kung Fu steps were
being demonstrated in a hilarious manner.

These European participants were always popular with
all photographers to see them perform the Chinese
Wushu in Kung Fu attires. Kudos!

They may not be the best but they received supportive
applause from the audience who appreciated their
interest in our ancient culture of Wushu sports.

I loved to see these kids as they were chatty and
asked me funny questions. I managed to
twist my tongue to reply in lousy Mandarin.
I think they pretended to understand me.

Here is Michael Liew showing his magnificent skills. This expert is my old  
friend and I had a very good time gossiping like market aunties.

Yes, this is my darling wife!
So sweet like honey.

 The group Tai Chi performance by the "Fantastic 8".
Front (L-R): Lee Poh Yien, Chong Koon San, Yong Sow Yong
Back (L-R): Theresa Tan, Foo Wei Hoong, Eleanor Cheah.

They deservedly won a Gold medal for this event.

This was another pairing event by Koon San & Foo Wei Hoong.
They won Gold medals too!

The brilliant performance by young participants
that wowed the audience.

One photo for the close up family album of the "Fantastic 8".
Front(L-R): David Bao (Founder/Instructor) Foo Wei Hoong, Michael Liew,
Chong Koon San.
Back (L-R): Li Yen, Eleanor Cheah, Yong Sow Yong, Alice Chan, Lee Poh Yien, Theresa Tan

2 lovely darlings posing with their Gold medals & laughing
away till no eyes! Congrats to Micheal & his wife Alice.

This is my darling wife with 4 Gold medals!
Well done! Pat on her head. 

Congratulations to my darling wifey.
My wife was doing a striking pose with her 4 Gold medals.
I wonder how many people could still stretch their legs
from East to West? I cannot even touch my toes. Kikikiki

A big Congratulations to all the happy participants of this 
"Fantastic 8" from Hua Ying Wushu & Tai Chi Academy. 
Everyone went home happily with 27 Gold, 1 Silver & 
1 Bronze medals.



  1. That's a very impressive result, congratulations to the team and thank you for making Malaysian proud!

    1. I am sure they had shown the spirit of Malaysia Boleh. Hope they will continue to participate in more tournaments.

  2. Wow.. Looks like everyone is very happy from beginning till the end... Indeed a very grand and a memorable experience for all especially for your wife, she is really very impressive.. Legs from east to west? I think I will break into half!! LOL....

    1. Yes everyone came and gone home very happily. All their hard work had paid off. We need to exercise daily as we age each day.

  3. Congrats to everyone.
    Sure is an impressive medal tally.

    And glad to know you're safe and sound here already.

    1. I agree that it was an impressive medal tally and I should photographed all the shiny medals together. I am so glad to be home when the Typhoon struck.

  4. Congrats to the team and your super wifey! Wah, I am so impressed she can do the splits!

    1. Her legs are made of rubber and flexi like a squid. She could split since she was very young. Hope she could do so when she reaches 80.

  5. yay for everyone who participated and gave it their best! and glad to hear you all are safe too and that things went smoothly! :)

    1. Everything went smoothly and I am thankful that my prayers for safety was answered..

  6. Congrats to all of them! Well done to your wife! Have you ever thought about taking up Tai Chi? After sweating so much, you must have shed off a few pounds unless you have been stuffing your face at the same time with delicious HK food. Lucky all of you are back before the storm struck HK.

    1. I am keen to take up yoga or violent sports like Muay Thai instead. It is just a subjective interest even though Tai Chi is the best form of healthy exercise.
      I really enjoyed all the Hong Kong food and desserts. They have the best Chinese food in the world.

      I watched TV last night and realised the damages in Macau is far worst than HKG. They were not prepared and even their infrastructure are not ready to brave such a big disaster.

  7. Wow! That’s absolutely great and talented team to participate… 27 gold isn’t an easy achievement and my congratulation to your wife. Looks simply cool and colourful event and you took excellent photos.

    1. You bet. It was not easy to collect 27 Gold medals and the panel of judges were strict and unbiased. Thr team deserved the victory for their hardwork. I enjoyed watching the event but could not watch every single match.

  8. Congrats to your wife.
    10K steps when out traveling is not a lot lo...

    1. My wife says thank you.
      Try walking 10k steps under the blazing sun and scorching heat. You will melt into piss. LOLOL.
      I had no problem walking 20k steps in Japan when the weather was cold. It was a bliss.

  9. Congrats to your talented wifey, yes I read about the storm that struck HK, lucky that you all came back safely.

    1. Thanks for your wishes and glad the weather was very hot instead of stormy with Typhoon.

  10. What an experience... participating in such an international event.
    I still vividly remember the scorching heat in July during my last trip to HK in July 2012.

    1. I was excited to be there even though I was not participating as I could watch the Wushu Tournament at international level. I had no idea how this group of Fantastic 8 would stand amongst the other great participants. The results were unbelievable and we are the best among the best. More to come.
      I recalled that I have always landed or transited in HKG between September and February.

  11. omg, u changed ur blog layout again! Waaa, congratz to Twilight Woman . hahahahaha~ u can't bully ur wife, she will beat u and win. hahahaha

    1. Hey, we change underwear everyday so the blog layout also need to change every week. How often you change your underwear??
      I never dare to bully my wife la. I always purr like a cat at home.

  12. Well done the Fantastic 8, congrats to Letchumy for bagging herself 4 golds. Fulamak! She is amazing. She can do well in all she wants to do. One talented lady, I salute her. Anay, you hide yourself behind the scene, you are applauded for your supportive and undivided care to your lovely wife. Bravo to you too!

    1. Thank you for all your compliments and wishes. I agree that she could do wonders and even move the mountains!! I am more amazed with her academic achievements and wonder how her brain wires are aligned cos I feel so stupid beside her. Wakakakak
      You have a mighty capable hubby Jino who is the best hubby and papa on this planet. I always salute him and give him a gold medal too.

  13. Congrats to the Fantastic 8 of which your wifey is a member :) So, while your wife was busy getting gold medals, you were busy entertaining the younger participants...don't teach them naughty things ya, TM....hehehe! :D

    1. Thanks for your compliments. You were almost right that I verbally bullied the kids as they were so cheeky and sat on all the participants' clothes and belongings without any qualms.

  14. Congratulations to your wife. I'm so amazed at her perfect split. I'm just like you, cant touch my toes even though I am super short. Haha.

    So cute the children pretending to understand your Mandarin. LoL.

    Nearly died of heat? That is scary. Don't cover up too much la. Wear singlet and sexy shorts to walk around :P

    1. You are not super short! You are a really smart blogger and mummy too! I am too tall and better not wear singlets & shorts on the streets as it might distract the motorists to cause a massive pile ups. hihihi

  15. Congratulations to you and your wife. It's nice for you that you came back safely.
    Japanese proverb would say "God does not give two gifts to one person."
    The proverb is not true in your country. Because your wife has multi talents.

    1. Thank you very much Saito-San. I agree that my wife has many talents esp her brilliance in the fields of academic which she has won government scholarships for her first class honours results. I am also proud of her achievements in her social, sports & charitable activities too. I am still learning from her each day.

  16. congrats to ur wife! it was indeed very hot in HK....I got tanner from all those walkings...

    1. Thanks for your wishes. I believe you would think twice in future when you want to travel in Summer. The last disaster was during my trip to Beijing in 2002 and swore that I would avoid their blazing heat.

  17. Amazing feat! Congrats, Tan! Did I tell you my son was in Wushu too when he was in secondary sch? Hahaha!

    1. Thank you Shirley. What did your son play in the Wushu? My wife is into Tai Chi, Sword and Sabre. Your son should continue this healthy activity.

  18. Congrats to your wife and the rest of the team! They are so talented. Thanks to you, I get a glimpse of how exciting 'wushu' is. I will make sure I add "Watch Wushu live" on my bucket list.


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