Friday, October 6, 2017

A Beautiful Hindu Wedding

It was my first time getting invited to attend a real & proper Indian Wedding! I was so excited and went prepared with my wife's mini DSLR camera, hoping to snap some pretty photos. It was a very memorable night for me to witness a South Indian Wedding that was conducted with full scale ceremonies steeped in the ancient traditions of Hindusim complete with all the prayers & rituals, one blessings after another. It was so colourful and merry with all the beats of drums & trumpets blowing throughout the night.

I took over hundreds of photos and selected the better ones to bind them into a thick photo album. I presented it to the bridal couple a few days later, which moved the newly wed to tears! They didn't expect to get this surprise of a complete album of photos. They were not even aware that I was practicing my photography skills. Obviously, they both were thrilled to see how they looked and how the whole wedding ceremony was conducted with the excited faces of the 500 guests. They had hired professional photographers and videographer who would only revert their photos in 2-3 months time!!! That's the typical long wait.
Enjoy the photos wokay and special credits go to my wife who helped me to take some shots with her latest mobile phone. Surprisingly, her mobile phones took better photos instead! You can invite me to your wedding and I would happily snap photos for free. 
I am actually waiting for the "Bunga Kantan Wedding" of our Princess Blogger which would probably take place at Ritz Cartlton Hotel and all bloggers would be invited. You could attend by wearing formal wears & Japanese slippers too!

Here comes the bride at 7.00pm sharp.

 The bride's car decorations.

The groom's car decorations.

The radiant and dashing bride Nithi.
She is my office colleague from the Account's department. 

The bride alighted from the car looking very
calm and graceful in her resplendent bridal
costume with all the shiny pure gold jewelries 
sparkling from head to toe!

All the ladies from the groom's entourage
were all dressed in their finest vibrant colours
and carried over 20 trays of gifts that each carried
the auspicious meanings, wishes & blessings.

This is the dashing groom Rajah smiling cheekily.
It was the first time I saw his face as he always
hid inside his heavily tinted car outside my office.

The wait was like forever for the anxious
groom who was so restless.

The hall was so beautifully and tastefully decorated
that I had to do a quick Bollywood Dance before the
bridal couple arrived inside.

The deity's statue with the artistic and colourful kolam. 

The deity statues stood on the podiums
with different musical instruments.

The dais for the bridal couple.

Here comes the macho looking groom Rajah. 

Blessings bestowed.

Here comes the blushing bride.

The bride's entourage was very long as they
all marched inside the banquet hall.
The exciting beats of drums & trumpets blaring
filled the air.

Beautiful decorations using fresh flowers and silky scallops.

The statue of a Goddess standing majestically.

The entire ceremony took over 2 hours and concluded
with the couple giving each other the symbolic garlands
to seal their marriage union till eternity.

 The bride looked on lovingly at her
new husband Rajah.

He placed a ring into her toes over the
granite mortar that my late mother used
to giling her sambal rempah pastes! LOLOL
This marriage will be hot & spicy??

The final ritual - Mr & Mrs Rajah.
May they be blessed with lots of good blessings,
good health and happiness till eternity.

The invited guests in the hall.

The Indian Buffet spread was so delicious with the best briyani
rice. I took 3 helpings that night with so much curries 
& mango chutneys.

They had games and singing too.
The participants had to compete the best
dressed spouse in sarees! I was very surprised
that it takes a long time to be beautifully wrapped
in the elaborate saree cloths! The wives had to
wrap their hubbies and sent us roaring in laughters.

The guests finished eating after 9.00pm but the
bridal couple could only eat after 10pm!



  1. Indeed the bride looks very sweet, congratulations to the lovely couple! Only one thing lacking.. that is.. the Bollywood dance by TM himself... I would love to see the video of the dance.. LOL...

    1. If I really had to perform a Bollywood dance, I would invite Claire to the floor to dance around the pillars.
      I forgot to make a video!

  2. I thought you'd attended Indian weddings a dozen times!
    So,, the kolam is used for decoration at any joyous functions? I thought it is only for Deepavali.

    1. I think you got mistaken that I was actually the best man for 13 Chinese weddings! This Kolam is part of any auspicious Indian festive.

  3. I wish you had donned an Indian costume to get into the festivities, then your Bollywood dance photo would be perfect! ;) I also wished that your wife participated in the saree wrapping competition and wrapped you in one...hehe!

    P/S: I also don't mind attending the Bunga Kantan Wedding in Ritz Carlton wearing my selipar Jepun...wakakakaka! :D

    1. I wish that I had an Indian Doti attire that night. Well, next time I would get ready and dance!

      I think the Bunga Kantan Wedding might never happen since the groom could not bend his knees anymore.

  4. Wah lucky you TM!
    I have never attend an Indian wedding before, only Chinese and Malay, looks like you guys had lots of fun!

    Congrats to the newly wed!

    1. I also wish that you would be attend an Indian Wedding in future. It was so "lau Juak" and fun.

  5. I always love those Indian ladies with their sharp noses, big eyes and sexy lips

    Congrats to the couple

    Happy weekend to you too

    1. I agree that those Indians have very nice facial features for the ladies. The men have lots of chest hairs! Wah!!!

  6. Congrats to the newly wed...

    U should have wore Indian costume as what Claire do the Bollywood dance and show us the video...

    Happy weekend...

    1. I will wear the Indian outfit with turban to the next Indian wedding. You wear saree too wokay!

  7. Anay, you are always a gem to those who know you. Anyone who was invited would go to the dinner like a VIP guest, Waiting to be served with good food and drinks, enjoying the performance and chit chatting only. You was so different, attending the wedding dinner with a thoughtful mission, snapping all the beautiful moments into album and presenting the album as a surprise. You are such a wonderful person, anay. Nice genture, Anay.

    1. Oh no, I am not a gem at all. Many people have been nice to me, so I need to be nicer to others. Wait till your 2 Princesses get married and Anay will be armed with a camera too.

  8. Wow! You truly captured best shots and the couple should be blissful checking their first-hand out album. The dais and decorations of the halls resembles the Ganesh pandals (stage used to put for the Ganesh idols during Ganesh Chaturthi festival) in Mumbai. So beautiful in dazzling light and colors! Wives wrap husbands in sari sounds fun... My best wishes to the couple

    1. Thank you for sharing me with so much info to highlight about the Ganesh Idols and celebrations in Mumbai.

  9. This is so nice of you, to take pictures and present an album to the newly wed. Nicely taken pictures I must say. Such a beautiful wedding.

    1. Yes the wedding was beautiful like an event for celebrities!

  10. These are lovely pictures. So sweet of you to give the newlyweds an album of photos you took on their special day. When it comes to gifts, you really touch hearts, TM.

    1. I have been showered with many good pressies all my life. I should make others happy sometimes though in small gestures.

  11. Dear, I'm in love with your blog posts and photos! We can be good blog friends ^_^ I'm following you on GFC #112, how about to follow me back, I would be glad? ♥

  12. hah..hah...You ah! This is a very colorful and lively wedding. I have not been to any Indian wedding as yet. It was very thoughtful of you to present the happy couple with your DIY wedding album. You will do one for me too, right? LOL!

    1. Yes we are waiting for your garden wedding where Adam & Eve would tie nuptials amidst the potted Hibiscus and Bunga Kantan flowers.

  13. Wah the bride must be so touched that her GM be her free photographer!

    1. I think the groom was more touched and stunned in disbelief.

  14. It would be nice to see you in saree!

  15. Hi TM,
    Thanks for showing us the wedding of your colleague =)


  16. I attended an Indian wedding before and they really take decoration of the hall seriously, very grand and beautifully decorated indeed.
    PS: I saw my hubby's office in one of your photo :P

    1. Now I love to attend Indian Weddings as I love their food!!!!!

      So your hubby works here. He must be the one who couriered the loots to me! How nice.

  17. great photos capturing the colour and the culture and the pure happiness of everyone involved! my favourite is the pic of the final ritual :)

    1. Thanks for your nice compliments. I am still learning to shoot professional photos like yours.


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