Thursday, October 26, 2017

Attractions In Kelantan

Hip Hip Hooray! I am back from the East Coasts of Malaysia. I truly enjoyed my trip going sightseeing to so many exotic places in just 2 days covering 2 beautiful states - Kelantan & Terengganu. So I managed to reduce my bucket list for having visited all the 13 states of Malaysia, at last. Have you visited all the states in Malaysia???

There are over 25 temples in Kelantan itself but I managed to visit the 3 famous ones. I love the environment and the very friendly folks who are warm with big smiles everywhere. Their local food like Laksam, Nasi Kerabu, Nasi Soup Ayam Bakar and famous Roti Titab with thick black Kopi-O was heavenly. I will be sharing all the exciting photos of my temple visits, beaches and yummy food around Kelantan & Terengganu.

I waited for 3 long hours after my wife had flown off to catch the 5.00pm flight. It was my maiden try on this airline which gave me a terrible fright. The aircraft was so noisy and shaky until all the nuts & screws started to squeak all the way. I had never prayed so hard on board any planes - Namo, Namo, Namo, Namo until I fell asleep on my seat. The plane was full and the air con was blowing air from hair dryers until my forehead was wet. Many people had to use the manual cards to fan themselves. The return flight was a bliss as the aircraft was silent with its air con blowing cold air. Just perfect.

It was my first time using the services of a GRAB car from the airport. My wife texted me from KB to download this Grab's apps to my phone to get better deals. I was eating my lunch at Subang airport and promptly installed the apps. I tested it & suddenly I heard a lady's voice telling me that her car was outside the airport in Kota Bharu's Sultan Ismail Petra Airport!! Goodness! Stupid me quickly apologised to her and hung up. Wakakakaka I arrived the Renaissance Hotel which looked the grandest in town.

This hotel has a nice lobby to welcome guests with all its grandeur and luxury decors. The staff in attendance are all very polite, helpful and friendly too. This hotel is under the management of the Marriot Hotels chain and has all the facilities that live up to its name with quality services. However all the majority of the guests' reviews pointed out at their very dated finishing and blah blah blah.. Who cares, I stayed there for 3 glorious nights FREE! Our room was very huge with a King Sized bed suitable for my elephant size and comes with daily breakfasts too!

I woke up early to see the quiet streets below on a Sunday morning. It was their working day for the Muslim states which enjoy Fridays & Saturdays off instead. My wife had left the hotel to conduct her training elsewhere. This was our WORKation trip where "Wife works, Husband plays". My head was still debating where I should visit as they have several interesting old Royal Palaces and Museums that might interest me. Suddenly my twisted mind decided to visit the famous temples around Tumpat's district instead. They have over 25 temples there! The local government is very lenient and respects all the different faiths! Some rival political goons have been painting scary images about their government which is so untrue.

I simply hailed one GRAB car and I think God sent this particular driver to fetch me. I am so thankful that he agreed to come as Tumpat is quite far away and I would definitely have problems to get any GRAB cars around that remote kampungs around Tumpat. This young driver Mr. Rosaifuddin agreed to fetch me from temple to temple by just following the normal GRAB fares. He waited for me so patiently as I took my sweet time to explore the whole temple grounds to snap many photos. He was so kind, so I had to be nice too!


It was my dream come true to visit this Wat Phothivihan which I have been seeing over media photos since I was small. It is located at Kampung Jambu in Tumpat which is approx 21 km from Kota Bharu which costs RM22.00 by GRAB a single journey.

This famous statue of the reclining Buddha is the longest in Southeast Asia and measures at 40 metres long. I need to enlighten the readers about the common reference as The Sleeping Buddha which has created a misconception as the Lord Buddha was actually lying down on his final day when his soul entered into Nirvana. I remembered someone asked me "Why does the Buddha need to sleep?" I actually found the correct answer last November after seeing the Mogao Caves in Dunhuang, China. 

 This is the Dharma Wheel of Buddhism.

A close up photo of the Lord Buddha. You will be able to see many urns of ashes of the deceased persons behind the statue. I didn't walk behind there.

 The hall beside has the main statue of the Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara with 18 arms and flanked by the statue of Guan Yin Bohisattva on the left and the DiZang Wang Bodhisattva on the right.

They have an altar for devotees to conduct merit making with Candle Light Offerings. I lighted up 2 candle lamps for both my late parents. My heart missed them so much and I felt grateful to them for bringing me up very well.

There are many instances in our life when we get carried away by our emotions. I often reminded myself to take the Middle Paths and discard all the greed and anger feelings that would harm my well being. All the Buddhist monks live by the Ten Precepts.

 When I share my happiness with everyone, my heart feels lighter.


This is Mr. Rosaifuddin who so kindly showed me around Kelantan and Terengganu for 2 days. He went extra miles to proudly show me all the interesting sights and history of the 2 states. Just give him a call for the most reliable tour around the 2 states as he is very patient and knowledgeable. He is a GRAB driver, My Guide and My Friend now....

Call Him Today: +6-019-4756308
(Mr. Rosaifuddin)



  1. Wow, TM! You beat me flat lah. I have never been to Kelantan. LOL! Thanks for the tour of the temples. There, you have seen with your own eyes that the state government is very fair. Even when Terengganu was under PAS, they allowed the Chinese to continue to set up stalls in Kg Cina to sell chap fan and food that contain oink2. I am waiting to see what you did in Terengganu!

    1. Ha-Ha! So hard to believe that a Terengganu Princess Hong had never been to Kelantan! Sure boh?? You love to pull my legs.
      I am glad that I found some beautiful truths with my own eyes and not get fooled by the politicians.
      I will blog about your home state soon!

  2. that's not bodhisattva Avalokiteswara, it's bodhisattva Cundi

    1. This Bodhisattva probably has few manifestations and names. I just copied the name written on websites. Thanks for highlighting anyway and I will do the necessary and check the correct name soon.

  3. Wah, you call for a grab car but end up with a personal tour guide and friend instead! ;) You make friends very easily. You think you're lucky that you met him, I think he's just as lucky to have met you too.

    1. Yes you are right. One Grab call and I found this driver & friend. He himself made the first move to treat me like a friend and I appreciate his time & knowledge shared. He took me to an ancient temple at his own accord not knowing that I have been reading up a lot about the powerful female deity inside. My jaws actually dropped in disbelief as I thought that one needs to go to Taiwan to see this rare deity.
      Hope you have visited all the 13 states.

  4. Coincidentally, I just posted about temple visit also, I guess we have the same interests, temple visiting, will be waiting for your food posts too, yum yum

    1. I knew all along that you have a kind Buddhist heart and naturally temple visits would interest you too. Hope you will visit both Kelantan and Terengganu someday besides all the resort islands.

  5. I've yet to visit these 2 cities. You're travelling a lot lately, Tan.

    1. You kidding me. I cannot compare with your hectic travels like a celebrity. It is good to visit new places to broaden our mind as I have visited China and Japan too many times in a short time. Cukup la.....

  6. what a lot of experience! I have been to a few states only. So what is the correct answer that you found in Mogao Caves?

    1. I didn't purposely cover all the 11 states but the last 2 - Yes!! Now I feel proud of myself and feel complete to understand our country better.
      At the Mogao Caves were drawings of The Lord Buddha lying down and surrounded by his followers, monks and followers as he ascended to Nirvana. That drawing was over thousand years ago but elsewhere the temples don't illustrate the same way.

  7. TM, I enjoyed this post. Kelantan looks like a beautiful place to visit. I have yet to step foot in this state and Perlis. Can't wait to read about the rest of your adventure in Kelantan. I will keep this guy in mind should we plan a trip up north!

    1. Hope you will make an effort to visit both Kelantan and Perlis soon. Perlis might be too tiny but you can pass through when going to South Thailand via Padang Besar.
      Kelantan is always famous for its delicious food, food and food.

  8. Wow. Your photos remind me of my Kelantan-Trengganu self-drive trip in 2008. Did you try the Chiangmai-Bangkok Restaurant in Tumpat? They serve delicious Thai food.

  9. Hi TM,

    Another interesting post as usual.
    Myself, spouse and a toddler made an adhoc daytrip to KotaBahru on a Sunday, driving 8 hours using Grik and came back on the same evening using masuk workshop the next
    If to visit Kelantan again, will contact the nice guy.

    Regards, Norick

  10. Hi! Nice trip for you and your wife. The buddhit statues and each facial expression are very different from our country's ones.

  11. Hot air blowing in airplane sounds really torturing >_<
    PS: You are so nice to promote the driver in your blog, he must be receiving many new orders!

  12. Must show Anay's post to my non-Malay friends who didn't want to travel to east coast because they scared got nothing to do or eat.

    Anay, please do more posts, ya!

  13. 25? That's 24 more than Brunei!

  14. I done visited all the states in Malaysia including the 3 federal territories. I'm missing and craving for the Roti Titab, the best bread I ever had. So funny about your first Grab experience. One of my friends also experienced that before whereby she accidentally clicked to book the Grab in KL but she herself was in KK. Hahahaha

  15. Pity that Grab driver that you tested while you were still in Subang. Check your ratings. Surely she gave you 1 star only. I've only recently downloaded Uber and Grab in my phone. I first used Uber in Melaka. I downloaded Grab to be used in Singapore but ended up not using any as the place we stayed in provided free shuttle bus.

  16. Thanks for sharing... I have never been to Kelantan before and it seemed to have a lot of Thai influence. You are so free staycation everytime!

  17. shiokla u....already begin cuti-cuti malaysia and soon will be another cuti cuti outside malaysia! jelesnyer...

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