Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Green Potted Plants

It has been a trend and craze nowadays to see many displays of fake potted plants at the shops and restaurants. They look cool and nice to liven up any dull corners to look chic & trendy. It got me interested as my wife had a recent makeover at home to inject some new life at home. I think she threw away 1 ton of rubbish and old books. My only part was to think of adding potted plants to brighten up the place. I do not want to worry about watering plants when we go on travels.

I have been shopping for fake plants over the last 2 weeks. Honestly, I had a terrible fright to see the prices of nice plants at SSF and IKEA where they easily cost over RM50 per stalk!! Good things don't come cheap! I being a Penang born kiam-siap clan sure had to find innovative ways. This TOMEI shop is located at Jalan Masjid India in KL! Yes, I was there on Sunday with all the crowded Banglas, Indons and foreign workers jostling and rubbing each other's sweaty bodies! Wakakaka It was fun dei.

Take a peek at my green potted plants lining on the top of my wife's book shelves. 

I found that that the cheapest porcelain pots in town are definitely from DAISO which costs only RM5.90 each. They come in several pastel colours too. Other places are selling from RM9.90 up to RM18.00 which sounds like robbery to me!


I went to SSF, Daiso, IKEA and a "2 Ringgit Shop"! The above are from SSF (RM9.90 Eucalyptus) Tomei (RM6.90 Lavender) and Two Ringgit Shop (RM2.12 each stalk /Unnamed plants)

Dua Ringgit Shop  (Daiso Pot RM5.90 & Dua Ringgit Plant RM2.12 )
Ikea (Ikea Pot RM9.90 & Ikea Plant RM14.90)
These 2 pots are inside my bathroom now.

Sui boh? Cantek boh? Give me your vote please!



  1. you do not want to worry about watering plants but now with fake plants you will have to worry about cleaning the fake plants unless you plan to throw them away when they get dirty and are covered with dust.

  2. Manyak cantik your plants arrangement if I pretend that they are real plants. I have a thing against fake plants just because they are made from plastics which are not biodegradable. Just one of my pet peeves.

  3. Hey TM, I macam u la.. look for fake ones cos I dont have green fingers, only hungry ones that look for food only! LOL... Ok, thanks for your tips, I will go Daiso and 2RM shop next on the list!

  4. I always feel that plants brighten up the home. I have tried putting money plant and some other indoor plants in my living room but due to lack of light, they did not do well. Fake plants are very practical and only need dusting. And they won't die LOL! But I still prefer real ones. Very nice those fake plants that you bought. Chin chia sui!

  5. I like to shop at Daiso for crockery too (sometimes can get nice ones on the cheap). I agree...any green plants in the home brings the place to life and, of course, real plants are better but if we don't have green fingers or the time, than fake ones will have to do. My home is filled with fake plants too. Sui, sui but I think the Ikea ones are nicer. Is that an Ikea clock I see? ;)

  6. Hi! You have a nice hobby. I do not know DAISO is very famous in your country too. Mother nature is truely wonderful. I hope you meintein your hobby for a long time.

  7. You are very clever to choose white colour porcelain pots for your green plants, look very ZEN to me, nice!

    I had something similar as the one you had in Photo #2 (The far right one) but wind blows, it falls and the pot breaks and soil came out, so I had threw it away

  8. Sui! Very pleasing to look at. I love the neatness.

    Aiyo, my favourite shops la tu - Daiso, SSF, 2 ringgit, Ikea... DIY, New Market. Those shelves are from Ikea, right?

  9. I like real plants, but I do not have green fingers,same as Phong Hong, I also prefer real flowers to fake flowers...

  10. Definitely looking good and cheerful!

  11. Awesome sharing! I love shopping at Daiso too, can find many treasures....

  12. Anay, you are damn good. I must give you many likes. I like the two pots that you place inside your bathroom and those round shape plant.

    But then, I suddenly recall that your thambee SK also very pandai using fake plant as gift and decor. You must be inspired by your thambee la!

    1. Then, I should keep my purple orchid that I treasure the most last time as my baking background. Because Anay also laughed at my purple orchid, so I threw away already, now I regret. I should have courier it to Anay to decorate Anay's coffee table.

  13. With those, anyone also have a green thumb!

  14. Cantik! Very soothing to the eyes. Very 'green fingers' you have there. Haha.

    I grow money plants indoors. They are very sturdy plants and won't die out unless you neglect them for more than a week lah.

  15. I like gardening but I think I'm not a good gardener as not all can survive ~>_<~ I bought fake flowers and plant too, for my photo shooting purpose :P

  16. These look really good! I've seen really nice ones at daiso, kaison and a few other shops that are quite cheap


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