Thursday, November 9, 2017

Hutan Lipur Rainforest @ Terengganu


I made a trip to this famous rainforest & waterfalls at
Hulu Besut in Terengganu. It is about 60 km from Kota Bharu
which took less than 2 hours drive through
kampung & winding roads.

Look! That was the first Petai Tree I had seen.
It is so mighty tall and steady with a monkey sitting
up there while few guys sat below.

Monkey See, Monkey Do.
That was amazing how the master talked to
his pet monkey like a father and guided the
monkey to pluck petai from branch to branch.
Monkey was so obedient & not tied up.
It could nod its head saying Yes & No!

A bountiful harvest of Petai stalks.

The monkey gave us free Petai.
Yours truly loves to eat Sambal Petai Prawns!
When our urine smells, that means the petai has cleaned
up the walls of our dirty bladder. Our bladder smells
stinky and not the green petai.

I started my trekking into the thick forest with my driver
who became my trekking guide.

Jom! Follow me into the Hutan Simpanan Kekal
Negeri Terengganu.

The trees are old and very tall with fresh smelling plants.

This place is famous for its 5 tiers of waterfalls.

The rapids of clean water was crystal clear & chilly.

Bridge to heavens!

The water would swell and flood during rain season.

The scary notice board gave out warning that
33 persons have drowned & died in the water.

They have several neat chalets with private balconies
& air conditions.

The price is cheap and you can sleep with all the snakes,
wild boars, squirrels and tigers roaming at night.

My faithful guide is my friend now.
I learnt so much about the lifestyle
of East Coasts in 2 days.

  He is a GRAB driver, My Guide and My Friend now....

Call Him Today: +6-019-4756308
(Mr. Rosaifuddin)



  1. Anay so untung!!!!!

    Can go enjoy nature and nature gave him petai! LOL

  2. I loves this place, only worry is wet weather, then cannot go liao...

  3. interesting exploration of the east coast!

  4. Sounds like a wonderful and exciting place to visit. Yes, the trees are tall and I don’t remember seeing petai trees and pods before... but monkeys helping plucking pods should be amazing to watch. I love visiting rainforest and have been through one long back. Wish the rainforests are preserved anywhere exists.

  5. Monkeys are very intelligent animals

  6. Wah, your friend is multi-talented...driver, guide and foodie...can guide you to the best places and food! ^.^ No petai for me please! :P

  7. Never know Petai tree is so tall, no wonder the price is not cheap ler, it's not easy to harvest.

  8. You made me realize that I hardly know much of Terengganu's attractions! I only know Kampung Cina and the place where I live. I must be more adventurous on the next hometown trip!

  9. Petai there and Kl ones are very much different leh. taste different too

  10. Oh, the petai tree is so tall! So did you bring many bunches of petai home to eat?

  11. Wow. I havent seen a petai tree bfore. How is the price there? Must be cheaper than in KL. BTw, can one enter the forest without a proper guide?

  12. That's one really tall petai tree! I have never seen one in my life but i love to eat petai especially sambal udang masak petai! :D

  13. I've never seen a petai tree before. It's amazing how smart the monkey is. I did not know regarding the urine smell and petai function.

    The notice regarding the drowning and death is indeed scary.

  14. What a great guide. He really took you to experience the best of Terengganu! I am loving the scenery. So peaceful. I haven't seen a petai tree. To be able to witness it being picked by a monkey is a memorable experience.

  15. I've not tried Petai, but judging from its name, it's a NO NO for me. Hahaha!

  16. Seems like a nice place to go walk walk see see!

    Petai, my in laws' favorite la!
    Me, so so only, really cannot tahan the smell when we go toilet after eating, hoho!!

  17. Did you bring those petai back for Letchumy to cook sambal udang petai? My favorite la!

  18. I've never been to this part of the country yet, like its so far to drive there and too expensive to fly there LOL


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