Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wat Mai Suwankiri @ Tumpat in Kelantan

I visited this impressive Wat Mai Suwankiri which has many temple complexes in the same compound. This place is famous for its most unique Dragon Boat Temple and the tallest standing statue of Lord Buddha. I spent almost 2 hours walking alone the whole place while my tour guide waited patiently inside his car. My memories flooded back to my growing up years in Songkhla where my late grandfather's house still sits next to a huge Thai temple along Laemsai Road which is by the biggest lake in Thailand. The temple designs are so identical with the Thai motifs and carvings. I really missed my childhood days there.

The tallest statue stands prominently above the Wat Mai Suwankiri.

The view beside the many huge pillars with impressive carvings of the dragons.

The adjacent temple from the main building of Wat Mai Suwankiri.

 Yours truly, pretending to look cool on a very hot & scorching sunny day at 35C.

 The many impressive pillars with gold carvings inside the main prayer hall.

 The statue of Lord Buddha at the main prayer hall.

The prayer altar for the late King of Thailand -
HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej who was cremated
last week.
(If you wish to pronounce the correct way of the King's name -
Phoomi-phon A-yoon-det)

 The very realistic looking wax statue of a late monk
encased inside. He was so alive looking & I had goosebumps.

The magnificent looking Dragon Boat Temple inside the
compound of Wat Mai Suwankiri.

 The front view of the Dragon Boat Temple.

 The side view showing the long dragon coiling around the canal.

There is a water canal around the Dragon Boat temple.

The boat carries 2 beautiful parasols decked with ornaments.

 The prayer hall inside the Dragon Boat Temple.

There is a small building hidden far behind some trees.
I was surprised that it is a cremation place for coffins
during funerals.

The cremation site still uses the traditional charcoal furnace
which is very popular all over Thailand.



  1. Oh, looking at the pictures, I thought you were in Thailand.. :)

    1. Kelantan really looks like Thailand! Food, temples and polite people.....

  2. I also thought this post is about Thailand so I was wondering when you had time to go to Thailand when your kelantan and penang trips were back to back. A walk down memory lane for you though you haven't been there before but due to the similarities.

  3. i dun remember coming to this Wat at all...

  4. The temple sure look magnificent.

    Thank you Anay for sharing.

    You look happy there!

  5. The statue of the late monk really looked very realistic that I thought it was for real

  6. The wax figure is well done. It seems real. Such a talented sculptor *clap-clap*. This is a beautiful place, TM. I love the detailing on the building and structures. The whole area looks very peaceful too!

  7. The name of the temple already sounds so Thai! ;) You walked for 2 hours while your guide sat in the car waiting patiently....with the meter running....wakakakaka! :D

  8. the wax statue of the late monk really looks alive...I would have thought it is a real human until u mentioned it!

  9. If u didn't mention it's a wax statue, I thought it's a real monk...

  10. The temple is indeed impressive! I never knew about it until I see it here. Yeah, the wax figure of the monk is very life like. If you did not mention, I would have thought he was in the flesh!

  11. Hot and sunny and you are wearing black summore. I can imagine being toasted until hangus. Haha. But the temple is indeed very beautiful. I am in love with it.

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