Monday, May 28, 2018

Happy Wesak Day @ The Starling Mall

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We visited The Starling Mall again yesterday for our quick lunch at the popular Food court which is now getting crowded with shoppers. The stalls sell tasty food (halal & non halal) at reasonable prices and the modern ambiance with high ventilated ceilings is certainly a very refreshing place to laze and relax after your meals.

We adjourned to see the Buddhist Association's food fair which was held on the 5th floor. I got 2 tickets to watch & support their Hong Jie Jie Drama "Hot Hot Is Missing"I had no idea what this drama was all about.

I was indeed surprised to see the whole venue was packed with hive of activities where so many people were selling and buying many charitable items besides offering flowers, lights and prayers to the Lord Buddha at the altars, in conjunction with the Wesak Day celebrations. It was like a packed supermarket having big sales.

It was interesting to see Durian desserts, organic produce, cakes, bags, household detergents, herbal supplements and many types of food & drinks being sold. Everyone was doing a roaring and noisy business. 

 Musical & Dance Performance of Hong Jie Jie Drama "Hot Hot Is Missing"

We had a pleasant surprise to see my actor friend Fai Chen, all made up in a fancy costume on stage. It was my first time seeing him act in a live perfomance where he played the fatherly role. He really could sing and dance so well in that meaningful drama to entertain the many kids and adult spectators.

I really applauded the whole cast of performers who did a very wonderful and entertaining show. I did not expect it to be so entertaining as their make shift stage was so small yet they could all dance and prance happily on the whole stage. In the end, this drama got very teary when the young daughter really cried real tears on stage and pleaded with her father Fai Chen. Both sang very sad songs in duet with their mournful tone that made all the adult ladies wept so openly. My darling wife who had a very sad & abusive childhood upbringing wiped away buckets of tears too.

Later I had to ask Fai Chen about this wonderful drama's background and was told that it was directed by Mr. Mon Lim and produced by a former famous 98.8 radio DJ.

Happy Wesak Day To All My Readers & Friends!


  1. Happy Wesak Day, TM! Oh, I did not know about the food fair. Glad that you and your wife had a nice time there and even managed to catch the drama. I tend to cry at sad movies, so chances are I might sob buckets if I were there.

  2. Happy Wesak! My childhood memories - bathing baby Buddha (got bring the flower water home also), eating vegetarian food at the temple.

  3. The Starling Mall, makes me think of Ah Hong Chee, please wefie with her if you do bump into her there and share with us the wefie...

  4. Happy Wesak to you, TM. I'm always tempted to buy when I see potted plants but I know if I bring them home, it'll be the death of them. >_<

  5. That’s a very small stage for them to perform, but glad they made wonder and moved all with tears. Fai Chen’s action and expressions looks much entertaining and fun… beautiful capture on the celebration.

  6. Wow. That looked fun.

    What did you eat? What did you buy? :D

  7. We also have a Buddhist Fair near the MRT but no food were sold, just selling and offering of flowers, lights and prayers and free distribution of Buddhist Books.

    Happy Wesak Day to you too!

  8. Happy wesak day to you and your wife!

  9. They also sell some Buddhist merchandise.

  10. Happy Wesak Day to you and your missus. It looked like you had a lot of fun esp getting to catch your friend's live musical performance.

  11. I haven't been to Starling Mall .Must check it out some day since you recommend it many times.

  12. bravo to the performers for entertaining all of you and touching your hearts - i guess that's what artists aspire to do, to reach out to you through their work and make you feel strong emotions - and they succeeded memorably here! :)

  13. My friend just told me that day that Kompassion in the food court serves pretty good Siew Yoke Tom Yum and grilled pork, maybe you can try it out next time. (or you've already tried?) ^__^

  14. This seems to be a pretty busy day!


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