Friday, May 31, 2019

My Visit To Taipei - 2019

It was a very impromptu trip that we made to visit Taipei. We had just returned from our United Kingdom trip during the Chinese New Year week when my wife suggested that we should attend again, the similar Tibetan Buddhism prayer session which was held in Jakarta. This time it was held in Taipei which was presided by the same Living Buddha who had blessed me to survive through the 2 tough years of no salary woes!

1. We have visited Taipei many times since the days we had to supply Chinese books to the MPH chain. I would advise all first time visitors to book hotels nearby the Taipei Main Station. There is a new direct train line from the Taoyuan Airport to this main station. The many budget or luxury hotels and night markets are all in that vicinity too. You save a lot of time!

Beside me are our 2 God Daughters from different parents. Someday I will show you my God Son who looks like China's top actor Huang Xiao Ming. I am serious!

 2. I was embarrassed that I had never visited all the famous landmarks in Taipei over the years. We were always rushing all over Taiwan from the north Keeliung Port to Taoyuan, Taipei, Tainan, Taichung until Kaoshiung in the south. This trip I told my wife I must step inside that famous Taipei 101 building. We extended our stay and enjoyed a few spots.

This photo was taken at the famous "Risotto" Dogs cafe chain in Taipei. It is so popular that you could see 4-5 Risotto cafes in one block of shops.

 3. Every Risotto Cafe has a friendly dog at the counter which would roam freely and even sleep under customer's tables.Woof!

4. I was trying to act funny with their Cloud Lamps! Bruce Lee is my wife's sworn God Brother who looked shocked.

5. Come rain or shine, lots of shoppers would crowd this Taipei's Ximending area which is very vibrant at night. It is more fun to walk here in large squares compared to HKG's Tshimshatsui or Nathan Road.

6. Bruce and I looked at the many sleazy advertisements. Both our wives took this photo! Oops!

 7. I love their advertisements and design concepts all over Taiwan. They were occupied by Japanese troops for a long time which left their cultural influence there.

8. This is Bruce's cute daughter, looking at the world go by. We were taking a train to North of Taipei.

9. We visited the interesting old town at Tamsui Fisherman's Wharf which sits at the confluence of the Taiwan Strait and the Tamsui River. You just hop onto the train and head towards Tamsui at North of Taipei.

10. My wife and I.

11. There are many interesting shops around Mackay Street in the Tamsui area. I sent postcards from the post office there too.

12. Dr. George Leslie Mackay was the most famous doctor in the Taiwanese history who served many patients besides having pulled over 20,000 teeth! Muahahaha.... Please google and read his long contributions by yourself.

 13. My God Daughter is currently pursuing her studies in Movie Making at one Taipei's prestigious university. I told her that her happy-shy looks would land her big roles as an actress instead.

 14. Many things are very cheap in Taiwan like these branded shoes costing under RM100. Shopping in Korea was a real pain to my wallet and ass.

 15. This is the Tibetan Buddhist Prayer sessions which I have always attended around Asia. This powerful Living Buddha has actually saved my life once when I was being possessed by a fierce animal spirit through a Taoist medium in Penang for a few years. That was the reasons I decided to start this blog 10 years ago to create awareness that the whole spiritual world is real and alive in the 8 dimensions that overlaps each other. I do not preach any religions but would advise everyone to have a good religion and respect the spiritual world which outnumbers us humans by many folds. Please don't be a Free Thinker!

16. At night fall, we all headed to the posh Taipei's Financial District to see the big beautiful buildings and Taipei 101 tower.

 17. Finally! I managed to visit this Taipei 101.

 18. This is the showroom selling the famous TESLA cars! That's my latest dream cars.

19. We ate at the famous 24 hours Ichiran Japanese Ramen restaurant at downtown Taipei.

20. The whole Ichiran restaurant was unique inside as you need to sit at individual cubicles. The ramen was fantastic!



  1. Being funny seems to run in your family. Your wife's god brother is as hilarious as you in photos (he might have outdid you in some of them...hehe!). That 'cloud' picture is priceless! Were you on cloud nine? Don't let the lamp cloud your judgement! So, what did you eat?...cloudy with a chance of meatballs! Ok, ok, enough with the cloud puns already. :D :D

    Risotto Dog Risotto the name of the dog or they serve risotto here? ;)

    1. I agree that her God Brother is always a comedian in photos and real life. He took my wife to temple to pray as sworn siblings and wrote me a paper that he would be my slave for this life! How sweet! That's how close he could be.

      That cafe has many outlets with same name as Risotto Cafe all over Taipei. I don't recall what's in their fusion menu but the food was very delicious. They have 3-4 similar cafes in one block of shops along the same street with different dogs looking out from the upstairs windows onto the streets below. All their cafes are on the 1st floor. Please visit yeah....

  2. Ohhhh Taiwan also got Ichiran.

    1. Their outlet is quite big and located in strategic location.

  3. The cloud lamp is indeed very funny. Creative one. I also been to Taiwan quite few times but after reading your post, I found out many places I haven't been too like Mackay Street in the Tamsui area.

  4. Taipei trips are so fun! I can see from your photos that both your wife and you had so much fun with your friends. Have you written about the details of your possession here on this blog? Was the Taoist medium evil?

  5. Looks like a very fun trip! Can sense that you and your wife enjoyed this trip very much. When I went Taipei in 2013, I discovered that Taiwanese love dogs a lot and they even have dog in their restaurant.

  6. Your photo of the Taipei 101 looks very lovely!

  7. That cloud lamp antic is so you hah..hah... I'm glad you had a very fun and happy trip. You know, besides the funnies, I enjoy your scary stories too.

  8. finally you have got a glimpse of Teipei 101..impressive.

  9. Wah!

    Anay traveling non-stop, it seems!

  10. At a glimpse, I thought Bruce was you... both of you look alike, even his wife and your wife also have some familiarity! Perhaps that is why all of you have a great bonding! Nice pictures, TM.. makes me wanna go Taiwan once again!!

  11. Thanks for convenient now to travel from the airport.... make me want to go again.!

  12. Thanks for convenient now to travel from the airport.... make me want to go again.!

  13. the picture of u and ur wife is so cute with ur wife holding a cute umbrella while u were sipping the drink.

  14. Aw, what a cool trip! I love Ichiran ramen too. Did you buy some home?

  15. This really looks amazing! I love the vibe of this post, now i wanna go to Taiwan too!

  16. Good that you finally visit the famous landmark. Look lovely with the light at night.

  17. Are those clouds cotton candy? Lol

  18. Taipei beautiful. you had a great tour. Fantastic
    Sara recent posted
    Mehndi Deigns 2019

  19. Taiwan definitely one of the country that I would like to revisit and revisit again! Love the friendly people and yummy food.

  20. Seems like a pretty fun trip to Taipei. I wish to travel there someday for the street food! HAHA


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