Tuesday, July 9, 2019

WORKation @ Kelantan

I will be visiting Kelantan again this Friday. My wife has to conduct training for lecturers at a famous university in Kota Bahru which she had previously taught them last year. I was so glad that I followed her there last year and managed to fulfill my bucket list to cover all the 13 States in Malaysia. Have you completed visiting all the 13 States in Malaysia? Kelantan and Terengganu are very interesting states with abundance of greenery and unspoilt forests.

This trip will be slightly longer and that's 8 days in Kelantan. I have covered all the tourist spots alone and temples on my previous trip. I hired a Grab driver and paid him few hundred ringgits to chauffeur me to all the many famous temples from Kelantan until the hot springs in Terengganu! That Malay Grab driver has become my good friend now and he is looking forward to meet me again. He has stopped driving Grab car but he still wants to maintain our friendship by fetching me around. How nice!

What should I do during the daytime? So I have to plan something while "Wife Goes To Work & Hubby Goes To Play".....

 I bought a brand new luggage online and it costs me only RM105 for a huge 28 inches size. I decided on getting the softer poly-fabric material after reading Libby's Blog which prompted me to discard the choice of hard shell luggage again. I have lost count throwing them away after my trips to Japan, UK and Korea. All cracked like eggs and broke my heart. Let me test this new luggage after my return trip to see its durability and wear & tear.

I will bring along my cycling helmet and boxing gloves to Kelantan!



  1. Enjoy yourself! Who are you going to box there?

  2. Wow, Anay will be cycling and boxing!
    Muay Thai also?

  3. Have a great holiday in Kelantan! I haven't even been there yet. You are going cycling there and then have a Muay Thai session? Enjoy!

  4. I can see why you stuck with your job (even when they didn't pay you your salaries) coz you can just up and leave (at anytime) with your wife on a WORKation (she..WORK, you staycation!). You have more LEAVE days than WORK days than anyone I know...hahaha! :D Anyway...enjoy yourself & catching up with your friend...who is no longer a Grab driver but will still be driving you around...hehe! ;)

  5. enjoy your workation with your wife.and remember to share your photos.

  6. I wonder what will you do with that helmet and gloves, LOL

  7. Cool! I’ve yet to visit Kelantan.
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  8. Have to jump jump jump on the luggage before buying hard case.

  9. Thanks for the special mention of my blog, lol.

    What will you be doing with your cycling helmet and boxing gloves?

    Enjoy your workation with your wifey and have a safe trip!

    Looking forward to your travel post.

  10. Wow... 8 days in Kelantan eh. The last time I went was for my best friend's wedding... the food there omg, so cheap! My friend's family in law eat out every single day!~

  11. Good luck with your new luggage.

  12. Nice!! 8 days in Kelantan. Agreed on the hard shell luggages. I am sticking to the poly fabric although I have few hard shell luggages. All free gifts with purchases.

  13. Replies
    1. Kelantan so near to Thailand wor... not going to hop over for a visit?

  14. Enjoy Anay! So nice that you always accompany wife to everywhere she works. Hahahaha! You make so many men jealous.

  15. Hi! Your wife working and you are playing.Surely you are the happiest man in the world. I hope you can use your laggage for a long time. I went North Italy for 10 days.Sorry, not to visit you soon.


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