Tuesday, March 24, 2020

MCO Lifestyle at Home

This Movement Control Order period has grounded me at home until I had mild depressions. Luckily my depression was just a few hours because I am someone who does marketing jobs and need to be outside. My lovely wife cooked and cooked until we ran out of gas! So I drove the car to the farthest into Section 17 to self collect my new gas tank from the supplier. Just a 30 minutes drive could discard all the blues in my head and I managed to do some self reflect. I pitied all the prisoners who are being locked up for years and those patients who are bed ridden for years too. My head started reeling at this Covid-19 pandemic which is a karmic matter, all created by humans for humans. Does it make sense?

Let me share a bit of the food we ate at home besides some takeaways. I am very free like a bird but my wife has got tons of work to be done for her office, the Ministry of Education and her social Toastmasters group. She still found time to cook hot and delicious food for me everyday.

I went to the nearby supermarket to buy some groceries twice. They have good control of the crowd of shoppers.

I would highly recommend you all to buy this Salt Fish Pickles which is made by the famous Rozells Family in Penang. It is selling for just RM15.10 and I have bought countless bottles for myself and relatives in Singapore and Hong Kong. They all loved the fragrance and spiciness that goes very well with just plain rice. I would scoop and eat directly sometimes besides adding into noodles or fried rice. Yummy to heavens! 

I also went to the wet market in my area which is touted to be the cleanest and most expensive in the country. I think it is an over exaggerated statement as we can always find both cheap and expensive apples in one hypermarket whereas this wet market chose to sell the expensive and organic range to cater for the popular demands.

We had spaghetti carbonara at home. All the meat and mushrooms were beneath. Oops!

My wife cooked Bak Kut Teh for one dinner. It was her first successful attempt.

She also made the Japanese Gyoza dumplings and I helped to fold them like a disaster. The fillings were tasty and good.

She also fried long beans with chicken meat and big tiger prawns.

She also made ABC soup which tasted very nice with rich flavours of anchovies and cut vegetables.

I enjoyed her Roast Chicken which was being well marinated for many hours. The meat was tender with crispy skin.

I also bought some costly egg tarts as my comfort snacks. Now selling at RM4.90 a piece at its shrunken size with the promotions of Buy 5 Free 1. 

Finally, I found time to read some books about the famous Bodhisattva DiZang Wang and his great vows. I thought he was a legendary deity in heavens but I was stunned to discover that he was a Prince from Korea who spent his years in meditation at the Mount Jiuhua in Anhui, China. He was buried inside a Stupa at the mountain's temple in China. You can read back my visits to the very beautiful Mount Jiuhua in Anhui, China - Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 |

Millions of Chinese and Japanese pray to him diligently as this Bodhisattva takes care of the deceased souls and those inside the hell. One printer gave me hundred of copies of these 4 books with the hope that I would place them around all the temples in the country. I still have many copies in my hand as it will take me months to finish distributing to various temples. If you are interested to read any copy, please email me your address and I will send to you FOC. My email is: twilightzone518@gmail.com

Stay At Home. Stay Safe. Read Blogs!



  1. wah….ur wife is Master Chef! I m drooling at the BKT! long time no eat pork liao...so hard to find these days!

  2. Your wife's cooking is fiercer than mine! It looks like we have to stay home for another while until 14-04-2020. I hope you will not be too depressed. I am all right so far since I am the stay at home type. But I do worry as it affects my income. In trying to be positive, I believe this is a time for us to reflect, to take stock of things which we have taken for granted. And also to revisit our hobbies or tasks that were left unfinished. I must clean my fridge!

  3. She's fattening you up. Haha. Bahagia!

  4. Your wife cook delicious food. I bet you have a happy stomach since you married her. I hope MCO will be over soon as I need to repair ceiling fan and the weather is killing me everyday. Stay safe and keep blogging!

  5. Wah, your wife can cook many things! ;) I have something in common with her...we both like to use metal plates at home. Were you in charge of decorating the dishes for the photo taking? Hehe! Someone put grapes next to the carbonara dish...and arranged the pineapples in the roast chicken dish! :D You're so lucky...no need to work....and no need to cook!

  6. Ohh, I am amazed by your food! Your wife is amazing, TM and so are you. Hang in there and this will be over soon. Imagine those who are battling this virus from the hospital bed stuck in a small room for weeks.

  7. you must be gaining weight at home as your wife cooks so many delicious meals. the wet market is ttdi wet market?

  8. Yeah you must be gaining weight bro. I know I am. Ha :D

  9. I have been using Electric stove for 8 years bro and I think it is really awesome :D

  10. Your wife is a wonderful cook. She is a great woman to juggle between work and cooking.

    I did go out to buy food and grocery. Tried to make it fast and go home. My kids had been staying at home since school holiday. They looks okay but I am getting restless. Need to find something to do to pass time. Sigh. You take care and stay safe.

  11. Your wife is a wonderful cook. An awesome woman to juggle between work and cooking.

    I started to get restless now, stuck qt home although I did go out to buy food and grocery. My kids havent gone out since school holiday. They dont mind at all. Lol.

    Stay safe and take care.

  12. It's definitely a tough time for all of us but I believe if we do our part, we can win the war!
    Why need to own collect your gas? No delivery provided?

  13. You have a multi-talented wife. By looking at all the food photos you shared it makes me drooling.

    Stay safe and stay healthy too.

  14. bkt ftw!!! well done to your wifey!! :'D lucky man. i wish there were more blogs to read tbh! where do you find blogs to read?


MCO Lifestyle at Home

This Movement Control Order period has grounded me at home until I had mild depressions. Luckily my depression was just a few hours because...